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Infant Ear Piercing: 7 Helpful Aftercare Tips.

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A Baby with Pierced Ears?

Oh My!

I love the mixed opinions that I receive when I’m out in public and random people stop and gush at a little baby, my little Mimi.

They go on and say really nice things and I reciprocate with a polite thank-you and a genuine smile of appreciation and then sometimes, not always, I get the “Oh my, her ears are pierced! Don’t you think she’s a little young? But, don’t they look cute!?”

Or something of the sort, it doesn’t bother me at all though. It’s perfectly understandable why people feel the way they do and why each individual makes their own personal choices and that of their children.

Regardless, I am aware that she is very young and that piercings hold no other purpose but for aesthetic value, that is why I make it my duty and responsibility to care for my girls’ piercings so they never get infected or cause them any aggravation nor hindrance.

So, why do it so early?

Simply because although baby feels pain initially, because they DO. I’ve heard people say that babies don’t feel pain which is extremely ridiculous. They are human beings too! It’s a pain that is temporary and one they will soon forget.

I figure that it would be worse doing so when they are older and are able to remember, vocalize and react to the pain to the point of refusal. We’ve all seen those little girls that end up with only one pierced ear because they couldn’t go through with the second. Not to mention that they pick at their piercings thus transferring germs and ultimately infecting the piercing site.

Well, those are two reasons, though it breaks my heart seeing the pain.

I rather her forget the pain in my arms where I can comfort her.

My Experience Piercing Mimi’s Ears at 2 Months Old:

We set off to the boutique to get 2 month-old Mimi’s ears pierced.

Dara and I nervously began to look through the 14K gold earrings and finally decided on some Princess Cuts for Mimi’s first earrings. They were small, dainty and very cute. We were brought over to a stool and the young lady started mapping out where the piercing site would be with a washable marker. She then asked for my approval of the location she had placed. She asked Dara to put one arm across her little chest, keep her in a sitting position and the other hand on the top of her head and across her forehead.

Now it was time for the moment of truth. Poor Dara was the volunteer to hold Mimi and I was the one that had to painfully watch her and try to comfort her when the time arose. I don’t know which one of us had it worse.

So, one by one the gloved lady set up the piercing gun and in less than a second the first was through. She cried but, very minimally. I think the pressure of being held down was more frightening to her then the actual piercing. The second was done just as quick and the next thing I knew, she was in my arms and I was comforting her.

I rocked her for a good while and once she was she was still and calm we left the boutique. I put her back into her stroller and she began exploring her surroundings, getting lost in the busy and noisy bustle around her. In doing so, she completely forgot the ordeal that I had just put her through and she was looking darn cute while she was at it.

And that was it.

Both of my girls did great during their piercings. Gabs never had a problem with infection and even 7 years later (I pierced her ears at 6 weeks), still enjoys wearing all different types of earrings. They both never fidgeted either by touching them or swatting at their ears because they were unaware of their presence.

Tips for Infant Ear Piercing:

It is also extremely important to do your homework before piercing baby’s ears. Find a clean, reputable & certified place to get the piercings done. If you’re not comfortable, have your pediatrician do it the old-fashioned way, like I had mine done, with a needle & thread.


Infant Ear Piercing: 7 Helpful Aftercare Tips.

1. Think Ahead.

Give your baby the recommended dosage of baby Acetaminophen that your doctor has prescribed to your baby before your appointment. I consulted Michaela’s pediatrician prior to piercing her ears due to her age. The Acetaminophen is used for pain relief and is completely optional.

2. Know Your History, Do Your Homework.

I recommend that you double-check with the business you choose, even if you buy 14k gold earrings be prepared to confirm that you are getting Gold Earring Backs. Some businesses by default will leave nickel-based backings on the earrings and your baby may get a reaction that is similar to an infection. Some people have a sensitivity or allergy to nickel. It is also very important to avoid piercings if you have a family history of keloids, they are hereditary and piercings are not recommended.

3. Be Prepared to Disinfect.

You will need ear antiseptic. Most piercing places will offer it to you. The price for antiseptic is quite affordable, they range from $5-$12 for farily large bottles. Make sure you buy it and use it!

4. Sometimes, Alcohol is NOT an option!

After baby’s ears have been pierced, some people will choose alcohol for means of cleaning the piercings. From past experience, (I have a lot of piercings), I wouldn’t recommend it because it tends to dry out the piercing and may lead to infection. First and foremost, with me being a slight germaphobe, I highly–HIGHLY recommend that you wash your hands with an antibacterial soap to avoid transfer of any pathogens that may be on your hands to baby’s ears. That’s a given anyway, germaphobe or not.

5. Sterile=Clean.

You will need two q-tips. One for each ear to avoid any contamination from one ear to the other. I use one end of the q-tip for the top lobe and the other end for the back of the lobe, again, to avoid contamination. I carefully push up the earring to clean around it on the top of the lobe and push down to clean around the earring on the bottom lobe.

6. Rinse Out Those Babies!

While you clean baby’s ears, you need to rotate the earrings at least once a day, every day. I turn them clock-wise a few times and then counter clock-wise a few more times. I also place a drop of antiseptic on the top of the piercing as I turn them, making absolute sure that I do NOT touch the tip of the bottle to baby’s ears at any time to avoid any contamination. I do this so that the antiseptic can go right through the piercing, thus disinfecting it and cleaning it throughly. This is an antiseptic spray that is popular to use.

7. Keep Turning for 3 Weeks!

You need to turn baby’s earrings at least once a day so that they do not begin to heal over the earring which can be really painful. I find that rotating the earrings for the first 3 weeks is beneficial. (To me, essential.) Cleaning the piercings twice a day, everyday for the first 6-8 weeks is a must. I’d also wait about the same amount of time to change the earrings as well. I’m sure you don’t want to do all that work and have them close up on you or get infected!

So, that’s the jist of it, good luck in any decision that you may choose. Whether it is to pierce or not to pierce, how do you feel about it? Let me know, Lord knows I hear a lot of opinions, but I welcome them! 😛

Did you pierce your daughter’s ears?

Let me know!

Til then, cheers m’deres!









Disclaimer: As always, if you’re ever unsure about anything, consult your physician. These are just tips based on my experiences that I enjoy sharing with other moms. I am not a physician and it isn’t my intention to give medical advice. Use at your own discretion and always seek professional medical help.

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