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6 Ways to Prevent Head Lice.

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Last week, I received a letter from Gabriella’s school stating that there have been reports of head lice at school.

My heart sank.

My stomach wrenched and as I read through the entire letter, I slowly started to freak out while bile erupted in my throat (okay, maybe not that last part) but, the pics I researched after definitely caused nausea. It really gave me a swift kick in the rear end. It was an exact realization that head lice is a part of early school life and quite frankly, it scares the heck out of me.

I can say that I’ve been lucky enough to have never had lice in my life and have never actually seen a live one.

And I thank my lucky stars for that.

Well, I went through my entire school career without it and remember nervously sitting there while an attendant patiently prodded my hair with a gloved hand that brandied a wooden apparatus. Thankfully, always getting a clear.


Well, I’m a huge advocate for prevention and awareness. Yes, even when it comes to pests, if you missed my post on bedbugs, you can find it here. I believe prevention can aid in avoiding many a headache, especially when it comes to illnesses AND parasites. I’m going to share with you my tips on what I’ve been doing to so far, keep my home head lice free.



1. Do Your Research.

First and foremost, do your research. If you’ve been lucky enough to have never confronted this pest yet like me, Google pictures of head lice and nits. I sure as heck did, but brace yourself because they are not pretty. Become familiar with what you will be looking out for. For a reference, lice pictured next to a match are smaller than the tip. Lice need warmth and heat to thrive and once they have a source or host they will begin to lay eggs or “nits”. Once those eggs hatch they are even smaller. Lice get their nourishment off of human blood and be prepared because it will be a long battle to get rid of them.


2. Be Vigilant.

Once you know what you are looking for be meticulous and persistent on checking your child’s hair at least once a week. They may not like it but, I’m sure they would like those critters in their hair much less. I go as far as quickly checking my eldest’s hair everyday quickly in the morning as I do her hair. Make sure to check the back of the head and behind the ears. It is said to be a favorite hiding spot for these buggers. I usually look out for anything out of the norm and during the winter months, the scalp tends to be dryer and may cause flakes. Make sure that those “flakes” really are a result of dry scalp by pulling it down the shaft of the hair. If it is a flake, it will come off but, if it’s a nit–it won’t budge. Know the symptoms. If you notice that your child is continuously scratching their head or back of the neck, make sure to check for lice.

Look for tell-tale signs of lice, which are an itchy scalp, red spots on scalp or any rash-like bumps on the back of the neck. Also, watch out for nits, they are the eggs that are laid on the hair shaft and are pictured above. If you do find these, it is a sign of infestation and you will have to treat your child’s hair. It is also advised that you quarantine everything your child has had contact with and disinfect it appropriately.


3. Sharing Isn’t Always Caring.

Make sure you teach your children to avoid sharing hats or sweaters etc. Teach them that some things just aren’t meant to be shared. To store their coats in their own locker/cubby instead of piling it with other kids’ belongings. Lice can live on the belongings of a host for a couple of days.  Tell them that lice cannot jump on them but, transfer from direct head to head to contact with kids who have lice. Advise them to keep their heads away from other people, simply said. Kids will be kids and they shouldn’t live in fear but, if you know your child’s school has a lice outbreak, make sure to remind them to steer clear until the school gives a green light.

wash-brushes3. Sterilize.

Clean all objects that your child uses on a regular basis. This is usually normal protocol for us moms anyway. Including sheets, pillow cases, combs, hair brushes, hats etc. If your child has sleepovers or attends one, make sure he/she has their own sleeping bag and pillow and when they come home, bag them and wash them at your earliest convenience. Like I said, this is what you’d most likely do anyways.


4. Put Tea Tree Oil in Your Shampoo Or Buy It.

I think one of the most inexpensive ways to deter lice is to buy Tea Tree Oil and but 5-6 drops into your shampoo bottle. This is good for the whole family. It doesn’t smell bad and once you dry your hair the smell is very minimal. There’s something about it that lice really don’t like. I happily use it with the hope that if my kids come home with lice, they may not want to make my head their new home.


If you want to really avoid and prevent lice naturally, try using shampoo that contain coconut oil and olive oil. They have fatty acids that break down the exoskeletons of the lice and kill them. You can also try shampoos and conditioners that contain tea tree oil, menthol or eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, and rosemary oil. They don’t like the smell and are less likely to stick around. There are many shampoos on the market for both children and adults and there are many to choose from. They also make conditioners, de-tangler sprays and styling gels. Zippity Doos and other brands make natural shampoos and conditioners that won’t hurt your kids.


5. Spray It.

One of the things that I have used in hopes of preventing head lice to enter our home is lice preventing spray. I stock piled ZippityDoo’s spray that you can spray on back packs and clothes. This same line also sells hair spray and gel that prevents lice and is all-natural. I only recommend this brand because I use it and it’s worked for us. If you can’t find this brand in particular, I know that there are many brands out there sell similar products.Once you choose a brand, you can get the spray to at least protect their bags and coats so that lice doesn’t hitch a ride into your home.


6. Enjoy Life.

Just know that with school-aged children. This is VERY common, there is a stigma behind head lice and with good reason. They are gross. But, just know that head lice doesn’t choose “dirty” people. Lice doesn’t discriminate and actually prefer clean hair. If your child comes home with it, don’t fret, you can get rid of them.

Most importantly, LIVE your life and be happy! It doesn’t take me very long to do these tips and have become a part of our daily routine but, it doesn’t take over our lives. It may happen or it may never happen but, the more you know the better!

Since I received the newsletter from the school about other kids having lice, I have been using the recommended shampoo called ZippityDoos that is an all-natural, mild shampoo safe to use everyday on children’s hair. It is made with natural ingredients, including Lemongrass, Rosemary, Geranium Extracts, Tea Tree Oil, Ginger and Lavender which helps keep those suckers away. It’s pediatrician approved. I’ve since run out and have been using Rosemary oil in our shampoos.

We’ve used the shampoo and it has helped in preventing lice but, I’ve also followed the 6 Ways to Prevent Head Lice tips as well. If all else fails, there’s many other options you can use to get rid of  lice if you aren’t able to prevent them.

But, I will continue to try to prevent from having to deal with it and you can too!

Lets not even give them the chance.
How do you prevent lice?

Let me know, til then, cheers m’deres!

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  1. Nicole in the Boy Ho says:

    Ewwww. Lice. I'm happy to say we haven't had any lice run-ins yet *crosses fingers, knocks wood*

  2. LOL, I'm with you on that! It's pretty common between the ages of 4-10 I read, oh Lawdy!

  3. OMG, thanks so much for this article.

    I hope NEVER ever. I am scared thinking about it.

  4. Haha! The pictures creep me out!

  5. Ewwwwww!

  6. Kelly @ City Mom says:

    OMG Nancy…I've got shivers…and not the good kind.

    Thanks so much for this info and the product recc. I think I'm going to get some too.

    I am like you & made it through my school days without an infestation & I don't think I'd handle it very well if Little S came home with Lice!

  7. Yikes. That made me itch just reading it.

    Thanks for the info though.

  8. Kevin, I know! The whole time I felt all itchy and squirmy! It's funny how it's psychological! No problem, hope it's useful in some way! Keep those buggers away! 馃槢

  9. Oh Kelly, it creeps me out. I really hope she can make it through like we did and not get them. That's why, I'm willing to do anything in my power to avoid them, but I don't want to her hurt in any way by doing so.

  10. Multi-Testing Mommy says:

    I've found you from the Canadian Blog Hop! So glad to have found you–seems like we are 2 peas in a pod, you and me :) I'm a germ-a-phobe too!

    I have been using http://www.fairytaleshaircare.com/ in my daughter's hair since she started Kindergarten!

    Great post 馃槈

    • Germaphobe indeed! That's great, seems like they are similar brands! Anything to keep those suckers away I say!

    • Was using that product and my son got it twice in less than 2 months

      • WhispersInspire says:

        Sorry to hear that, my experience with the shampoo has been really good and as well as the prevention steps that I take to make sure that my girls don\’t get it. I\’m sorry to hear that it didn\’t work for you.

  11. Multi-Testing Mommy says:

    Oh and P.S. where can you buy the products you've been using in Canada? I looked on their website, but couldn't find any places in Canada to purchase?

    • That is odd. I've found them when I shop over in Detroit. I'm literally a bridge away so I can buy it from the American suppliers. I will have a review and giveaway coming soon and will contact them for more information for us Canadians!

  12. Jodi Shaw says:

    Omg brings back memories. When I was a kid I got it three times! I had super long hair and used to spend the night at a friend's house who got it frequently until my mom banned me until her parents took care of business lol. Luckily my boys have super short hair and it's easy to check them. I do checks like at school every two weeks and we use a preventative shampoo from Lice Squad. Great post with great info!

    • I never had it as a kid, thankfully! But, that was probably luck. I use ZippityDoos for Gabs. I have two girls, if I had boys. I'd bust out the razor!

  13. Ugh. Lice! DD had it when she was 5- and had waist long hair. I swear by tea tree oil. A dot at the base of your neck. She hasn't had it since (thank goodness!)

    • They're yucky little buggers. I use ZippityDoos and haven't had a problem, this last Friday they had checks and Gabs came home lice-free. It contains tea tree oil too.

    • Hi I have 7 kids and I’m sacred to death of all bugs
      Expecially,the ones that are on my babies but ,I’ve learned
      That while u do ur kids hair rub baby oil or lotion in the hair
      Every morning befor school I promise it Works . I live in phx
      az and ther is a lot of lice problems in school here but
      They don’t make it on my kids I swear by baby oil lice hates it .

  14. awesome article and my poor head it itching just reading about it.

  15. All good reminders.

    We, unfortunately have had head lice. The first thing I did was coat my daughters hair in olive oil and a shower cap. (Lice breathe through their skin so we smothered live ones.) We left her like that for about half hour, while I ran to buy some tea tree oil (we were out).

    We added the tea tree oil to some basic kids shampoo and washed the oil out (that wasn't easy). Then each day for a few days we shampooed her hair again.

    We may have caught her early as we never had more bugs, but this method was much nicer than using RIT or NIX.

    After that, before she goes to school I either dab her behind the ears with tea tree oil or lavender oil. And we've been advised to pull her hair into braids and to use a small spritz of hairspray.

    Yucky times for sure! glad you guys didn't actually have it.

  16. I have had lice 4 times in 14 years. I don't know what I am doing or not doing to get it, but it sucks. I hate the shampoo and comb but it's not as bad as you would think. You only ugly the shampoo twice and you have a 2 week time period in the end. But I HATE getting it.

  17. Just a word to help those who have never seen what hair looks like with lice and or nits: those photos are no doubt accurate but are extreme from my experience. The nits do not always look so obvious. They can be much smaller and rather transparent looking, so check carefully. There may not be an obvious rash or terrible marks like those in the photos. There could be subtle smaller pink spots where biting occurs. Important to be familiar with all the ways they can appear and check vigilantly. Best of luck, and yes, teaching kids prevention habits is a great measure. I had very long hair and was horrified when I had an itch in class (middle school, horror of horrors) and when my fingernail came back there was a tiny critter on it. Longest day of my life. The shuddering and shame. Important to teach kids that they like clean hair and anyone can get them, so it's not shameful. But at certain ages, peer influence and concern over that can still prevail.

  18. I am currently battling this with my 7 year old daughter. She had head lice on Friday. I have to support what Malia said. My daughter had 28 bugs but no signs of those dark red bites. She had no giant nits. Instead, she still has the tiniest coffee colored specks that come out with work and a lice comb. We have used Lice Md. It is not a neurotoxin. We are using tea tree oil in a water bottle diluted with water to shake and spray on furniture and in the car. Each day our bedding goes straight into the dryer on high heat for longer than 20 minutes. I have bagged all of the stuffed animals for two weeks. I am straight ironing my daughter's hair after blow drying it. She is wearing buns and we are drying the backpack and any coats in the dryer as soon as she gets off the bus. Apparently lice can smell if a head has been a good host and they are likely to re-infest. We are using peppermint, rosemary, and tea tree oil product to disguise the scent for the critters. It IS Gross, but really not the worst thing I have been through. I have read over and over Comb, Comb, Comb, Comb!!!

  19. Unfortunately my daughter has had head lice twice….and she came home last week talking about a girl in her class that the kids are saying has head lice….i am terrified and have been picking at her and her hair like a monkey for the last few days! The first time she got it was in 2nd grade, she got it from their field day at school…they had a sponge race where the kids on a team had to hold a sponge together with their heads and carry it across the finish line…2 days later found a single louse in her hair that had laid about 10 eggs at that point. Since I found it early on got rid of it quickly…but that didn't keep me from cleaning everything in the house. She got again in 3rd grade from the locker mate she had…uuugghh!!! Again caught it early on and got rid of quickly!!! I am praying she doesn't get again cuz it is alot of work to clean everything!! We use tea tree shampoo on a regular basis and blow dry her hair after her showers…thanks for the tip on tea tree oil on back of neck will definitely do that especially for awhile since worried about it in her classroom!!! Just one last thing the eggs we found the first time in her hair were brown little seed pod looking things….they were not white or translucent…must be because caught so early on!!!

  20. I am dealing with it now.I have 2 daughters and a son. My girls are older (13 and 16). Its my 13 year old that has it and its frustrating as normally they dont get it at that age. I am using all the tricks and am OCD about it literally. I am going to use more of your ideas about the lavender and rosemary.

  21. Great article! My daughter's class (24 students) has an infestation and I just went to the store to get tea tree oil… 8 kids were sent home between Friday and today… Sent this link to school administration in the hopes parents get educated… Most of the parents of those 8 kids got rid of the bugs but nit the eggs!

  22. Hair dye also kills lice and breaks down the coating of the nits, but I wouldn’t recommend using it on kids! I’ve had it all through out my high school bc of my neighbor, so I’m a veteran. Nits aren’t always white or brown. They can be blonde, red or black. Especially if you dyed your hair but didn’t comb after.I have chest-length hair and its very curly and thick so combing is a pain, and my school has regular break outs.

    • Anonymous says:

      No it doesn't. Please don't rely on that as a method of lice treatment as you will only contribute to the continued spread.

      • WhispersInspire says:

        Hmm, what is that? I am not sure to what method you are referring to. As stated in Step 6, just live and enjoy life. You can do your best to avoid or prevent lice but it is NEVER 100% guaranteed. These are simple methods I have used to keep my daughter lice-free, that have worked for me. :) How do you propose to stop the spread?

  23. Sydney casey says:

    Thanks foe the help!!

  24. Thank you very much… Right now is the season… I'm gonna cross my fingers and hope these tips work..

  25. vanessa says:

    oh.im very tnkful dat i know how 2 prevent lice.

  26. PREVENTION..I have gone the extra step and when my child comes home from school her jacket and back pack go in the dryer for 30 min. Heat from a dryer or hair drier will also kill lice.I also use the spray to kill lice on my car seats weekly while there is an outbreak in the area. 4 times this year notes from school about lice and we have not got em yet.

    • WhispersInspire says:

      This is a great way to prevent lice. I am always checking too and taking preventative measures. :)

  27. Thanks for these useful tips try mouthwash mixed with water and spray in hair everyday as a preventative…it works(:

  28. Hi. Few years ago I had lice. I got rid of it and I have never had problems with it up to now. There is a girl in my class and I am sure that she has lice, because she is scraching her head all the time and when she separeted her hair in two in the back, I saw so many nits/eggs.
    I am so affraid, that I can get them again…. What should I do??


    • Go to a Walgreen's and buy Licefreee shampoo. Apply as normal shampoo lather and rinse. Then re-apply again and leave on for 3 minutes. Rinse. It is safe to use everyday but you can use once a week and still be okay. Or use when you think you have been in contact with an infected person.

  29. I have to say..as a parent of all girls and living in an area very prone to lice because of the extreme heat .. we have had our share of lice battles. Currently we are fighting anofher but thankfully we caught it on time before it got worse. I have to tell you..the egg pictures up there are NOT what they look like at all. They camouflage very well with hair..and so do the darned little bugs. They are smaller..much smaller than those in the pic. They are about the size or smaller than a sesame seed. If anything they look like poppy seeds. We use mayo after shampooing with medicated stuff. The medicated shampoo dries the eggs… the mayo suffocates the bugs. Also having short hair is much easier. Sadly I just cut off about 6 inches off of my daughter…she had her hair down to the small of her back it is hard to deal witb but no impossible. For boys…easily taken care off by giving fhem a buzz cut.

    • WhispersInspire says:

      Thank-you for sharing! I believe they are much flatter as well. I guess I should find a better picture. Not having taken the picture myself, it\’s hard to find a good one. :) But, thanks for adding your input. It is much appreciated. As a parent it is something we will all face at one point or another. Mayo sounds like a great idea too. My daughter has long hair like that!

  30. My girls had it a few years ago. Both of my girls have very long hair and one is extremely curly. When we went to the drug store to buy the typical treatment the young girl at the counter laughed and said none of this stuff worked on her when she had it. She said that she had to use vasoline and Saran Wrap ( kept it on for 1/2 hour) so of course my husband went back to grab the biggest jar he could find……lets just say vasoline and hair are not a good combo. It took a whole other method to get that out but it did smother the little suckers. My Dr. Later said to use olive oil and Saran Wrap…ugh. We were very diligent about using the combs and going through their hair 2 x a day to get the nits. We also found that you can use vinegar and Saran Wrap to loosen the glue of the nits to get them out easier.
    Their schools policy was to keep them out of school until the nurse checked and could see that there were no visible nits. Found them on a Monday and they were back in school by Friday.
    My pride at first was a little bruised but I do not want parents to have to go through the same thing. I was not notified by their school, I called them and I also called the parents of a birthday party that they had been to the previous weekend……knowledge and prevention are key.
    I use tea tree oil in their shampoo (but it can dry out the skin on their scalp) as you stated in your article and will look for the products you mentioned
    Thank you for your article

  31. Maria @ Frugal Homesteading says:

    We just received notice of lice in several families at my children's small school; they actually cancelled today because of it (so parents will have time to check kids' heads and they have time to clean the environments).

    My children have never had lice, and I think that is in large part due to diet — a healthy body is actually a less hospitable host for parasites. I'm in the middle of writing a blog post about this to share what I've learned, so stay tuned.

  32. The BEST prevention is from Licefreee which you can get at almost every Walgreen's. It comes three ways; 1. a spray that smells of licorice and the louse dies instantly. 2. gel treatment and 3. preventive shampoo. I use the shampoo once a week unless I am told my granddaughter has nits…I run for the shower! I made it through 12 years of schooling lice free until I turned 20 and then again at 40(infested). I AM SO DONE! To use the shampoo apply about the same as normal shampoo and lather massaging the scalp. Rinse then apply shampoo again. Leave on for three minutes then rinse. The smell is a bit strong until your hair dries. I swear by this brand and would not use any other. GET THE SHAMPOO! I don't know about other areas but in my area it costs about $12 for a 4 oz. tube but IT IS WELL WORTH IT!

  33. lol … i seriously doubt diet has anything to do with lice. what evidence do you have to support that? i have never had lice but my daughter has and i eat way worse then she does.

    • WhispersInspire says:

      Hmm, I don\’t see anywhere in my article where I list that diet has anything to do with lice.

      • anonymous says:

        There was somebody that made a comment above stating that diet had something to do with getting lice. I believe that is rediculous, it has nothing to do with diet or hygiene, just bad luck and being around someone that has/had them.

    • WhispersInspire says:

      Hmm, I don\’t see anywhere in my article where I list that diet has anything to do with lice.

  34. Great tips, I must admit, just the pictures though were making my head itchy!

  35. in my head there is lot of lice. i don't know how avoid this all then i read this now i got some tips to avoid lice. they are so irritating me from every time. if i keep my hair in new hairstyle the lice will be seeing so i am so ashamed to any where .

  36. Is the prevention shampoo nd spray only available in America ect as in scotland and looking for prevention treatment for my 5 year old this is the 2nd time she had them so trying anything nd everything :-) ?

  37. I have had to deal with this horrid experience for now 4 years. The last bout was 2 summers ago and it took nearly 8 weeks to get rid of. I laundered till the cows came home, I tried Rid and mayo and olive oil and coconut oil and even listerine. I had saved money to take the kids to Universal Studios and had to use the funds to deal with this problem. I did over 15 loads of laundry which cost a fortune and up and down 2 flights of stairs over 2 days. Sheets towels, cloths, for 3. I spent a fortune on products. My hair was destroyed. and I had no one to help me with the infestation on my own head. Finally I thought I had beat this and school started and 2 weeks later we began the process all over again. This started in 1st grade then 2nd then 3rd and 4th. Yesterday I got an email from school that they were found in students again! I with drew my son from school. I am not made of money and can hardly afford to do laundry on a regular basis much less battle this problem. I work as a model and do commercials now and I would lose my job over this. A lice can jump 9" onto the next person. I have read everything there is to read about this. When my eldest daughter went to school we never had a problem in her first 5 years, this last 5 years has been over whelming. Anyone who says you can deal with this and under estimates the toll it takes makes me think I must be the only one who feels this is a huge problem.

  38. neta mills says:

    I want to print it but I can't

  39. You made me itchy. Thanks :) I have heard from many that Tea Tree Oil Products are amazing both for lice and not for lice.
    My recent post Photo Shoot Tips + Savings on Photo Books

    • WhispersInspire says:

      Talking about it always makes me itchy! LOL, sorry! Yes, tea tree oil is great for many things

  40. I didn't know that tea tree oil could help prevent lice! My shampoo has tea tree oil in it!
    My recent post Rabbit’s Carrot Cupcakes #recipe (Winnie the Pooh themed fun)

  41. Lice is so gross. I didn't know that you could prevent it with tea tree oil. Good to know!

  42. These at wall excellent tips! Looking every morning is really smart because by the time they’re scratching, it’s probably spread all over the house!

  43. I hope the lice stay away! I haven't had to deal with it, but know people who have and it sounds like a lot of work to get rid of lice.
    My recent post Blue Poppy Jewelry: Mother and Child Pendant | #Giveaway Ends 3/25 (US/Can)

  44. I hope the lice stay away! I haven't had to deal with it, but know people who have and it sounds like a lot of work to get rid of lice.
    My recent post Blue Poppy Jewelry: Mother and Child Pendant | #Giveaway Ends 3/25 (US/Can)

    • WhispersInspire says:

      Same here, ever since Gabby started school, I looked into ways to prevent them. The more natural, the better.

  45. We use shampoos and conditioners with ingredients like tea tree oil to repel live naturally. I love in fear of lice

  46. UGH I dread that letter! I use a lice prevention spray in my daughters hair and on her belongings and we use a shampoo for it too.

  47. Great tips. The mistake we made the first time those stinking buts showed up in our home was that we had mistaken the symptoms for dandruff (or the kids just not rinsing the shampoo out well.) Itch, itch, itch. It was horrible that first time but we've gotten the hang of it and keep the supplies stocked just in case.
    My recent post The Little Things that Make Us Smile

    • WhispersInspire says:

      Well, you never suspect those buggers! I always check her everyday and inconspicuously though, sorry to make you itchy! 馃槢

  48. keikilanij says:

    Ew. Gross! We had a lice outbreak when I was in elementary. It got so bad that they had the teachers check your head before they let you stay at school! Prevention is way better then treatment! Yikes

  49. candacederickx says:

    That letter home always makes me itchy. In fact, I'm itchy right now. Thankfully we've never had to deal with it, but bookmarking this post for some great prevention tips. *scratch scratch*

  50. Wow, thanks for all of this info! We someone skirted by w/o any lice yet.. .thank goodness. This is an awesome go-to guide.. thank you for sharing! I'll pass on to my friends w/ school age kiddos!
    My recent post Hot Savings: Get $3 off AVEENO® Hair and Skin Solutions & a Giveaway

  51. mamatomanyblessings says:

    this creeps me out, this has recently gone around in our Bible Study so thankful my kids and I did not get it. I use Fairy Tales products which repels lice.

  52. Oh, head lice is a terrible, terrible thing. When I was a teenager, I babysat a girl who had gotten head lice. She had a head full of very long, thick and unruly dark colored hair, and it took FOREVER for her to get rid of the head lice. Her mother had to treat her hair constantly and comb through it. Prevention is definitely key when dealing with head lice!
    My recent post 3-IN-1 Professional Skin Care System – Face, Body & Pumice

    • WhispersInspire says:

      It takes only a few minutes and though these tips are not proven, they have worked for me since 2009 when my DD started school.

  53. Ugh. I just got the letter home from school yesterday! Makes me panic every time we get it!
    My recent post 7 Tips To Help Your Child Calm Down

  54. So nasty!! I dread this! Going to check out that shampoo now!

  55. My daughter had lice when she was tiny. it was an absolutely HORRIBLE thing to go through!

    • WhispersInspire says:

      I can only imagine, we have been lucky and vigilant to not have gotten it yet. But, we still have a ways to go and have a new little one starting in the fall.

  56. tammileetips says:

    ugh, i am not a fan of dealing with lice. I worked at a summer camp in college and had to deal with it almost weekly.

  57. Luckily we haven't dealt with this but this is a great article!! I'm sharing this on pinterest!
    My recent post Spotlight Stories App For Android – Let Your Kids Explore The Wild!

  58. Luckily we haven't dealt with this but this is a great article!! I'm sharing this on pinterest!
    My recent post Spotlight Stories App For Android – Let Your Kids Explore The Wild!

  59. Luckily we haven't dealt with this but this is a great article!! I'm sharing this on pinterest!
    My recent post Spotlight Stories App For Android – Let Your Kids Explore The Wild!

  60. While my children have never had it yet *cough* I do remember getting it once as a child and sitting for what seemed like all night while my father combed through my hair picking out each and everyone. It is a vivid memory that I will not be soon forgetting.

  61. tiffany says:

    i am wondering where to get the zippity doo's products im not sure if they are sold in a store near me i have been dealing with lice for over 2 years on and off with my now 6 year old daughter ive tried the tea tree oil and it doesnt seem to work i have also tried the lice free spray that they sell and that doesnt work either

    • WhispersInspire says:

      I\’m not sure if they are sold anymore. I have a link above to an e-store that does. Good luck, sorry I couldn\’t be more help.

  62. Yeah we're going through this now. My 5 year old daughter got it at school and passed onto me. I caught it early and have done the special hot air treatment that is supposed to kill the eggs and any live ones and have been combing a couple of times a day now to get rid of everything. Along with washing laundry and drying in the hot dryer for ages. I have a spray that I use on my kids hair daily though – tea tree oil mostly with a couple of other things in it like lavender, peppermint. I have been using this for years so I have a really hard time with understanding how she still got it :( . I don't usually obsess over things but this has given me a serious case of OCD. Worst part is that now I don't want to get too close to anyone and give hugs and cuddles because I am so freaked out about this all.

  63. Paul Novak says:

    For those of you who have boys in little league baseball, check your son's hair frequently due to the sharing of batting helmets. I'm not sure what the best way might be to sterilize a batting helmet, perhaps someone has a proven method out there?

  64. Now that kids/teens take those group selfie shots with their phones, head like in middle and high schools are on the rise.

  65. Preschool Teacher says:

    Best treatment I have found is a spray called Lice something or other……Read the label to find out it is scented salt water. Simple add peppermint, tea tree and/or another essential oil to hot water and salt. Apply to hair, saturating everything. Wrap head in a towel for 15 minutes and then let air dry. Repeat the process with vinegar water. The salt water kills the lice and vinegar water helps release the "glue" in the nits.

    Prevention – add essential oils to your shampoo or conditioner.

  66. At least your schools notify you…..o always find out from my child that someone in class has it…..we have NEVER been notified….. And in one of my kids classes a few years back, 6 kids had it, but they never let parents know. :(

  67. alexanernberg says:

    Great tips for preventing head lice. I recall the times we had when our boys were in elementary and they were sent home with a letter on what to do when lice was discovered in their class. My very first reaction was shock. I couldn't believe this would ever be a problem in this day and age.

  68. Wow thank god u guys wrote this article lots of help if anyone gets lice in our family NO JINX'S

  69. yes lice is quite a nightmare! we enlisted the help of the Lice Squad when our family experienced it!

  70. There was an outbreak at my girls' school recently. Fortunately, they avoided it but I am going to start putting tea tree oil in their shampoo. Great tips.

  71. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Lots of useful advice and tips here. One of my daughter's (long curly hair!) caught lice at school. It was a real pain going through her hair daily with a nit comb to make sure we got them all. Poor kid, it must have been pretty painful for her, tears were rolling down her cheeks by the time we'd done. It seemed that it was always the same child who brought them into class and no one noticed until someone else caught them.

  72. Judy Cowan says:

    Thanks for the tips, thankfully it has not been something I have had to deal with yet.

  73. kathy downey says:

    I remember my mom telling me i picked up lice at school in grade one,that was many years ago but it still creeps me out when I hear talk of it.

  74. kathy downey says:

    Thanks for the preventative tips,i would much rather prevent than deal with them!

  75. Besides tea tree and rosemary I was told coconut oil isn’t liked either or get coconut essence shampoo and conditioner. Sauve has one cheap. Box dye is the quickest too. Get yours or your kids matching color. It’s not good for hair really but the nix isn’t either. Listerine trick works and hot oil treatment and flat ironing too. Good luck to anyone who gets it.

  76. Thank u for the tips now I can be calm and follow your tips

  77. I am dealing with this right now. It has been a month now. Not sure what I’m doing different than the people who seem to get rid of it in a few days.(good for them :) But I think it just has to do w how the cookie crumbles sometimes. Lol :) but my advice would be to call you Dr and do what they say. I didn’t know this right away and tried to figure it all out on my own through the internet but became overwhelmed w all the diff ways to try to treat and overcome the darn things. The eggs that I found on my daughters hair were dark. When I was looking before the fact I was looking for white stuff. To let you know apparently they can be all diff colors. But make sure you call your Dr. I didn’t know to do this until I came across it on Google. In my opinion it was the best advice I found. So if you think you have it, call your Dr. !!!!!

  78. My daughter 7yr, just got her first episode of having lice. Uugghh , mommy my head itches I ran over carefully went through her hair and found two louse, ran to the store bought her some stuff to rid it and after combing it found 5 more louse… for some reason no nits/eggs… Thank goodness!!!! But found this article looking for ways to keep her from getting it again…definitely gonna give this a try.. :)

  79. Ahhhh…Hi I'm a mom in Ireland….post traumatic stress..just after the Christmas holidays when my 9 year old gorgeous daughter was back to school..came home complaining of itchy scalp…..it was my worst nightmare. I'm the type who could handle a tarantula, but the dreaded almost invisible louse had me running for the hills for years. Yes…it finally hit……..I was so freaked….in fact 3 weeks on I'm still traumatised. I immeditately took her to the chemist…who verified nits (nape of neck)…..immediately treated her and all of us {thankfully it hadn't spread to the rest of us}. However, God love my little angel….she could see my angst! I fine combed her for weeks afterwards…a social problem for sure….thankfully I never saw a creepy crawly….but removed little nitty things…..I have to say though…it totally freaked me out…I pride myself on an uber clean home and bathe my children every night,,,,,,,am totally paranoid now….constantly thinking is there a bug in their homework!!!!! Help!!!!


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