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The Great Canadian Blog Bash: This Proud Latina is Proud to be Canadian! #TGCBB

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I am an extremely proud Latina.

I was raised with Hispanic and Salvadorian morals and values.

A more old-school, traditional and perhaps what some may consider an out-dated way of living.

I speak Spanish fluently and I am proud of it–I am proud of where I came from and I hold onto my roots.

But, you know what?


Canada is a beautiful country, it is a fair country and it truly is a land of opportunity.

I am blessed that my destiny led me here and for the great sacrifice my parents made in order to give my siblings, myself  and our future generations a better life.

I mean, how hard can that be?

Can you imagine picking up, leaving everyone you love, everything you’ve ever known and go to an unknown country where you didn’t speak the language or understand their ways?

Just leaving it all.

Pictured above is the day we left El Salvador, my sister will probably kill me for posting this picture but, I love it.

It’s the day we flew on a plane for the first time and the day we would first set foot on Canadian soil. Our Aunts sent us off with a Teddy for the plane ride and the most Canadian sweaters they could find and prepared us for the wintry cold we would soon face.

We came here in June.


Bless their hearts.

Well, I am forever grateful to my parents for this and I’m grateful and proud to be Canadian.

Canada has taught me that if I so have the desire, I CAN be whatever I want to be. Canada has ways to help you do it. This place is safe, you aren’t fighting for your life the second you walk out your door, you’re not dodging gangs, you’re not ducking at bullets or looking above for dropping bombs.

You never go hungry because of the generosity that exists in this country, you have choices and you have FREEDOM.

I appreciate Canada’s health care system, though everything has flaws–I am beyond blessed (we all are)  to have the what we have here. It saves lives, I don’t know how many people around the world die because they can’t afford to see a doctor or lose their homes to cover their medical bills.

We are blessed.

It was tough first starting out here, my family and I had to learn English. I was that kid that didn’t speak a stitch of English in your class. Hehe, that is why I have much patience and understanding for those just starting to learn English.

Because I, too, was one of them when I came here.

My parents had to work jobs that they never thought they would and do it without speaking a word of English.

The human spirit is so resilient.

I also will never forget  the beautiful experience to see the first sight of snow, the feel of it, the way it fell and the way that the people of Canada made our first Christmas here one that I will remember til my mind is no more.

So many memories of spending days out in the country in Chatham, enjoying the parks, going to Mitchell’s Bay and having so much fun. I also remember learning how to ice skate and so many things that I would otherwise never have experienced.

I’m very proud to have teamed up with 4 other fabulous, Canadian bloggers to help promote and support our Canadian companies we know and love and small home-grown companies that are amazing and deserve to be recognized too!

I’m so very happy to celebrate Canada’s Birthday, my home, my country.

I love my family.

I can’t thank my parents enough for what they have given me and my own family. That I can give the girls so much. Though I sometimes wonder how different life would have been, I am content with how it turned out. I have an amazing man in my life and two gorgeous little girls.

Windsor may not be perfect, heck Canada isn’t…

But, it’s home.

What do you LOVE about Canada?

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Happy Entering, til then–cheers m’deres!



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