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Review & Giveaway: That’s Totally Toobulr!

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That’s what I’ll be saying ALL next year!

At this point, you may be wondering what exactly is a Toobulr, well–it’s a nifty “toob” that your kids can take home all their school work and artwork home from school.

All of it can come home intact, wrinkle-free and ready for your viewing pleasure!

This amazing invention was created by Narda Simpson, a mom and school teacher that saw the necessity for a neater way to send all the important work from school home.

If you are lucky enough to experience crumpled papers or moistened pieces of paper at the bottom of your child’s bag when their juice accidentally spills, then you know what I mean when I say that the Toobulr solves the “Crumpled Homework Epidemic” everywhere!

I don’t know how many times I’ve missed important notes from the teacher or just small little events happening around the school because they end up at the bottom of Gabs’ back pack. You know, underneath the gym shoes, agenda and who knows what else our kiddos decide to stuff in there.


Check out the Toobulr!


When I was offered to review this nifty contraption and I was stoked that even though summer is here, I was able to use it for the LAST day of school! I explained what it was to Gabs and I put it in the side pocket of her back pack and off she went.

I love the simplicity yet the practical use of the Toobulr, she wasn’t confused because it’s literally as easy as doing their homework, rolling it up and placing it in the Toobulr and bringing it home.


Something that all kids enjoy is to decorate and Toobulr accommodates their creativity! They have Stickers for them to personalize their Toobulr’s and also a Carabiner so that they can hook it up to their bags.

You can find the Toobulr and those accessories on their website, here.

She rolled up all her work and came home with her favorite pieces of work and they were wrinkle-free and in ONE piece! She also loved the pink of course and loved saying Toobulr! Her friends thought that it was soooooo awesome and they wanted one of their own.

The Toobulr is sturdy enough to hold as much as you can roll and the length doesn’t matter because you don’t have to close the lid if the papers don’t fit. You simply roll them up and put the Toobulr back into your bag.

Though, if you do close the lid, it is air-tight!

What I Love About Toobulr:

  • It’s made in Canada, coming from Calgary.
  • It’s BPA-free.
  • Made from all-recycled plastics.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Come in colors: Boho Blue, Primo Pink, Outrageous Orange and Groovy Green.

At this time, they are only available for purchase online. You can purchase one for $11.95 and believe me, you’ll love it.

I love that since Toobulr is a Canadian company, they keep it local. By doing this they are reducing their carbon footprint by using raw materials sourced locally thus reducing greenhouse gases.

This of course makes me happy!

They also use plastics from plastic milk jugs, plastic toys and bottles! All local from the recycling, production and final assembly is done in Calgary, Alberta.

You can find more information about them on their FB, here and on their Twitter, here.



You Ready to WIN one of your own?


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Entering!

Cheers m’deres!

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  1. Boho Blue

  2. A few blues & pink! Love the stickers too! Great idea!!!

  3. Definitely the pink!

  4. Groovy Green

    Anne Taylor

  5. ChristineMcN says:

    Primo Pink :)

  6. Pink

  7. binabug says:

    boho blue

  8. Jc Wooten says:

    PrimO Pink all the way!

  9. Outrageous Orange!

  10. Pink

  11. Pink

  12. I would like any toobular except pink. Blue or orange are both nice. Neat idea!

  13. B.Perez says:

    I would love the blue one!

  14. paul sharpe says:

    i kid would like boho blue

    • WhispersInspire says:

      ApproeWhispered Inspirationshttp://whisperedinspirations.comCanadian Moms Online Moderatorhttp://canadian-moms.ca

  15. canadianmommygiveaways says:

    I would pick Outrageous Orange!

  16. Alexandra Roach says:

    groovy green, cool!

  17. edmontonjb says:

    My son would like boho blue

    rafflecopter name – JONNIE

  18. Erica k says:

  20. I would get Boho Blue.
    rafflecopter name: Lisa k

  21. These are such a great idea. I like the orange.
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  23. SueSueper says:

    I like Groovy Green!!

  24. Boho blue

  25. Groovy green !

  26. Journeysof TheZoo says:

    I'd love Blue but it wouldn't be for my kids but my husband!
    Love that it's Made in Canada. Great giveaway!

    Besos, Sarah
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