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DuPont Cares: A Call for Common Food Security Metrics

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C/O Mike Wells

Every night, nearly 1 billion people go to bed hungry.

That number alone is horrifying.

DuPont understands the global need that is shared for food security worldwide.

DuPont CEO, Ellen Kullman, believes that food security metrics are key to increasing global food security.

“We’ve always known that what gets measured, gets done.”

Enter the Global Food Security Index that was launched on July 10th. It focuses on three core issues that as a whole, we share.

These are Affordability, Availability and Quality and Safety.

The index addresses the underlying issues in 105 countries and points to areas that desperately need improvement. One common thing every country shares, regardless of language or race is food security. Everyone deserves to have safe, diverse, wholesome and affordable food available.

The Index  is a call to action, so that governing authorities can provide quality and safe food to consumers and to move rhetoric into reality. To make more informed decisions and feed our growing populations. You can see how your country fares amongst the rest of the world by taking a look at the Global Food Security Index, here. I checked Canada and it was pretty much what I expected.

Leo Abruzzese, Economist Intelligence Unit Global Forecasting Director said, “The Global Food Security Index measures levels of food security by answering a central
question: how can consumers in each country easily access sufficient amounts of safe, high-quality and affordable food?” 


The Publically Available Tools that Aid in Food Security:

Allows Countries and World Leaders To:

  • Analysis of key findings.
  • Definition of 25 global indicators that measure specific aspects of food affordability, accessibility, availability, nutritional value and safety.
  • An interactive heat map of overall scores and detail of category results.
  • Adjustable weightings to allow for scenario planning.
  • The ability to compare multiple countries simultaneously and adjust rankings by indicators.
  • A country details page that allows a food-security drill down into individual economies.
  • A unique feature will be added to capture the impact of changing food prices on each country’s ability
  • to address food security.

DuPont cares and this is absolutely commendable, if we all come together and increase awareness we can be steps closer to food security. I think you can ignore issues like these and hope they go away, it’s great to know that there are people out their calling for action.

For more information, you can visit DuPont, here. Or follow the conversation on Twitter by following #foodsecurity.

We can all make change.

Cheers m’deres,

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