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Wordless/Wordful Wednesday: Blueberry Picking and Baking Blueberry Pie!

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One of the best part of summer is Blueberry picking season!

This past weekend, we packed up some snacks, lots of water and our sunscreen and hats and headed off for some blueberry picking. We went to one of our many local blueberry farms and it was a blast! It was really hot out there but, we were prepared!

The girls had so much fun and both decided that they wanted to make a blueberry pie and keep some to snack on. They were excited that they’d soon be eating a pie that was made from the berries they picked themselves!

It was a blast!

I was afraid that Mimi would try to put them in her mouth but, she picked them and put them in the bucket with her Daddy! We all had fun, went home and had a delicious supper and I set off to make the girls their very own blueberry cake, watch out for the recipe tomorrow! Whether you are craving blueberries or go blueberry picking yourself this summer.

Nothing says summer like blueberry pie!

Anyway, it’s the small things like these that I will forever remember and keep in my heart for always!

Hope you’ve all had a great week so far, have you gone blueberry picking this summer?

Til next time, cheers m’deres!

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Nancy Polanco is author and editor of Whispered Inspirations. A doting mom to two girls and a very proud wife. She is a freelance Multimedia Journalist that is passionate about all things media. She enjoys writing about family travel, couples travel, sharing recipes, giveaways, product finds and service reviews.


  1. Gingermommy says:

    I have never been blueberry picking, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry, yes lol

  2. Beautiful pictures!! I love berry picking…so much fun with the kids :)

  3. I love berry picking, I picked my own blueberries this summer too!
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  4. Soooo jealous! I wish that we had blueberries here! We do have Saskatoons though and they make a spectacular pie!
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  5. The kids are so cute and it looks like a lot of fun, glad it worked out. Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see your recipe!

  6. Beautifull! I love blueberries and it looks like it made for a wonderful day!
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  7. CanadianDadBlog says:

    I think fruit picking is the only activity we didn't do this year. We love blueberries though and Daddy loves anything that ends in the word Pie!
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  8. I remember picking blueberries & strawberries when I was a child 😀
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  9. Your kiddos are adorable! looks like so much fun!

  10. I agree with you, it is these moments in time which are so precious. The every day activities are what mean the most, and just spending time together a a family.

  11. I have NEVER been blueberry picking before – strawberries and raspberries yes, but never blueberries.
    Looks like you guys had a great time!
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  12. I have never been blueberry picking…only strawberry
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  13. Oh my gosh! Your kids are soooooooooo cute!!!
    We do a lot of blueberry and raspberry picking over here. I do a lot of preserving and baking as well. Love, love, love this post!
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  14. omy gosh hun I absolutely love the photos, you are so talented with the camera really capturing the day. The kids look like they had a blast!
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  15. great thing to do as a family… blueberry picking!


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