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Baby Keba Clothing: Green, 100% Organic and Born to Hug! #HolidayGiftGuide

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Baby Keba Organic Clothes

Born to Hug!

Baby Keba’s 100% Organic Pima Cotton products are absolutely divine. If you aren’t familiar with this brand, you should be! This company was born from Makeba Gies and her dream to design baby clothing and accessories that are durable yet incredibly ultra soft to the touch. She set out to create a collection of  year-round baby essentials that is both healthy for newborns as well as the environment.

I was sent a Girl’s Ruffled Dress that is the perfect pink and super deliciously soft to the touch. I was able to “dress”  it up for the fall season and make it into a fall dress with cute tights and chocolate suede boots.

Baby Keba Organic Clothes


The dress came in a super chic box that showcased the gorgeous garment inside. It actually came in a box that was stuffed in cute purple tissue paper and it was great to see that Baby Keba pays attention to detail!

The dress is a perfect balance of delicate girlishness. This dress is adorable, 100% Pima Organic Cotton, made in Peru and 100% G.O.T.S (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified. It’s also machine washable which is an absolute plus! This dress retails for $48.00 which is a great price for such an adorable dress that’s organic too!

With Baby Keba, you can find Newborn booties, hats, blankets, toddler clothes for boys and girls and even maternity clothes! You can check out all Baby Keba products, here.

Baby Keba Organic Clothes


Versatile. Soft and Pretty in Pink.


My little Bean is, well, little…

But, this dress fit her just fine, I’m happy that she can use it throughout the fall with a cute cardigan and tights and when winter hits and passes, she will be able to use it again in the spring. The material is stretchy but, not stretchy that it loses shape. It has no tags so my daughter loved that, she doesn’t like tags on the back of her neck and this being tag less–she loved!

For my frugalistas!

You can easily transform this dress into a shirt as your little one gets older and taller. Since my little one is tiny, she can definitely get a lot of use out of this and the great thing about investing in organic cotton is the guarantee that they will last and you can definitely maximize it’s use! Baby Keba clothing is amazing and I’ve washed it and it still looks amazing!

Old World Methods, New World Style!

Baby Keba’s 100% Organic Pima cotton is carefully cultivated using traditional, Old World methods that have been passed on for generations throughout the US, Peru, Australia and other locations around the world.

You can actually SEE the quality of the cotton just by looking at it and then when you touch it, you can definitely see the difference.

So, if you’re looking to gift the special little ones in your life with something that is not only gorgeous, soft to the touch, never losing it’s liveliness and absolute quality–choose Baby Keba Clothing.  The finest clothing and accessories at an affordable price.


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You can check out Baby Keba on their site and look through all the lovely, organic and green products they offer. Follow @babykeba on Twitter and like them on FB, here.

Do you invest in organic cotton?

Let me know, til next time–cheers m’deres!

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  1. Organic Cotton is so lovely! I love the little dress on your adorable bean. Such a little sweet heart:)

    If I was choosing something from the site I would go with the welcome home set. Everything you need!

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    Oh gosh I love that dress and my little one, who refuses to wear anything but dresses at the moment, would love it too!

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    The clothes are so cute it makes me want to have another baby! Love the pastels.
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    Love the Toddler riffled top & bottoms -wish they had more toddler pcs!!!(HollyC) Thanks for the chance….

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