My Skin Routine: How to Have Clear and Fresh Skin All Year Long with Neutrogena! #FreshSkin

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Cold weather and Fresh Skin?

Yes, it’s possible!

Autumn and winter are the busiest months in our household, from birthdays, anniversaries and the holidays–it’s hectic!

I’ve been blessed with skin that is pretty clear and requires little to no maintenance, I find the less I use the better. Usually, I keep my skin fresh and clear by using natural, home made remedies that both exfoliate and hydrate. I don’t usually wear heavy foundations or make-up and usually opt for an SPF to smooth out imperfections.

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Wear a Mask!

Normally, I make delicious smelling, organic masks that not only exfoliate my skin but, keep it moisturized and for the most part–clear. You can see one of my most popular masks, here.

I do these weekly, so even with the active months of fall and winter, I still find time to do this once a week. I make my masks fairly quickly and dampen my face with warm water and leave it on until it hardens.

I wash it off and I’m good to go.

But, as lovely as these masks are, I do get times in my life where high stress, certain foods and perhaps, quite frankly–hormones make me break out. It’s frustrating and when I do break out, I trust Neutrogena with my skin. I’ve even used the cleanser to clean out my piercings which work magnificently.

The masks however, are perfect for a weekly routine and to prep your skin for Neutrogena! I love the wipes to remove make-up and to remove excess dirt from the day even when I don’t wear make-up.

What I love about Neutrogena is that they offer many options for every type of skin, they even have natural options which I absolutely adore!

MicroClear® Technology!

Often times, serious acne solutions can have an unappealing, almost ―medicinal‖ smell, preventing acne sufferers from cleansing their face twice a day, as recommended for real results. Neutrogena® Pink Grapefruit Line features products that powerfully treat and help prevent breakouts and blackheads while delivering a refreshing blast of 100% naturally derived grapefruit extract and vitamin C.

Neutrogena® Pink Grapefruit Line cuenta con productos que tratan y ayudan a prevenir los brotes del acné poderosamente, mientras que al mismo tiempo ofrecen una explosión refrescante de vitamina C y extracto de toronja de origen 100% natural.

Banishing breakouts while offering users a sensational experience, Neutrogena unveils the latest addition to the Neutrogena® Pink Grapefruit Line — Neutrogena® Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes Pink Grapefruit for Acne-Prone Skin. These soft, pre-moistened wipes are great for on-the-go use, sweeping away pore clogging dirt and oil in one simple step—leaving your face looking refreshed and smelling amazing!

Stay Fresh!

All of the products have MicroClear® beads that exfoliate the skin and the wipes will not dry out your face, which is perfect for me because I find the dryer my skin gets–the more oil my face produces and I break out!

No sólo los productos dejan la piel sintiéndose limpia, suave y fresca, sino que tampoco la reseca- verdaderamente facilitando la tarea de la limpieza del rostro.

I think that even with the small amount of time you always find a bit of time to keep your face looking it’s best, after all, it’s what makes every first impression wherever you go!

Starting your morning out with the Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub will help clean and moisturize your face for the day and then cleaning your face with the Neutrogena® Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes Pink Grapefruit for Acne-Prone Skin when you get home from your busy day to prep your skin for Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Cream Cleanser is the perfect routine to maintain #FreshSkin all-year long!

Make sure you add the natural masks once a week and use Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser when you have break outs! To learn more about Neutrogena, you can follow the conversation this November 14th, 2012 for the #FreshSkin Twitter Party!

How do you keep your face moisturized and fresh during the busiest months in your life?

Let me know, til next time–cheers m’deres!

This contest has been compensated and is in collaboration with Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers Connect. All thoughts and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way. Please see disclosure.

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  1. great review….I used Neutrogena when I was in high school….I don't remember why I stopped though.

  2. I certainly need help with skin concerns. No matter what I try I always seem to break out. Thank you for the suggestions!

  3. I make sure to use a good cleanser and always moisturize my skin and use sunscreen. I've been lucky too with no real skin issues other than the maybe once a month zit…and it's not even every month. I find only when I'm really stressed that I get a blemish or two. This said, I do love Neutrogena products and Pink Grapefruit is one of my fav scents!
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  4. I need to get back into the face cleansing routine. Since have kids I have only been using water and moisturizer and have noticed I am breaking out a lot more and my skin is blotchy and uneven :(. Thanks for the suggestions – will definitely be on the look out for Pink Grapefruit Neutrogena products (love anything that smells like grapefruit!)
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  5. Definitely need to start doing masks again. I used to do it once a week on Sundays. It could be something fun to start with my girls too.
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  6. Pink grapefruit sounds so fresh and fragrant. I must take a look for it next time I am out shopping. {Very cute in the mask, too}
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  7. Opi nail supply says:

    Indeed, an amazing defenition of Neutrogena beauty products!! I'm being using this brand products since long time and for fresh and healthy skin tone Neutrogena products are quite helpful. Thanks.

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