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Want to Know the KEY to Her Heart? Keyport Makes It Easy to Get Her the PERFECT Gift This Holiday Season! #HolidayGiftGuide

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Think you know the KEY to hear heart? 

This holiday season, make that special gadget-coveting lady in your life squeal in joy when you gift her with this amazing gadget.

If you don’t know what a Keyport is, well, you are totally missing out. It has got to be one of the most innovative and life changing ways to carry one of the most essential tools that you need to live your every day life.

Your keys.

Keyport was founded in 2005, they are dedicated to creating a more compact, convenient, and stylish alternative to the traditional keychain. Keyport’s introductory offering, the Keyport Slide V.01, streamlines the most important everyday personal items we carry and consolidates them into a device that allows the user to access any one with just the slide of a thumb.

The Keyport infuses this traditionally utilitarian function with the opportunity to display one’s personal style.

Keyport is Tough AND Fashionable!

As you can see, the Keyport  is absolutely FABULOUS. You can custom make it however you please, there are so many different colors and options to choose and you can make your Keyport perfect for you.

There are 6 ports per Keyport, that means 6 different options–whether you have one car, multiple or none, you have choices!

You can use each port for house keys, utility lock keys, car keys, an LED flashlight, a USB Flash Drive, a bottle opener or a bar code insert. You can see all the color options, accessories, inserts and more, here.


Isn’t she a beaut?

I chose a Keyport Slide in the Spectrum color, it changes color depending on the way the light hits it. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I am in love. To top off it off and to make it ME, I added personalized Swarovski crystal nodes in Pink Rose and Fuschia.

Be warned that the gorgeous crystal nodes like any crystal has sharp edges.

The inserts that I chose where a bright LED flashlight, an 8GB USB Flash Drive, 2 car keys and my house keys of course! All those keys in a beautiful Keyport Slide, I am one happy gal.

If you have more keys, the Keyport is compatible with a quick-release lanyard and you can carry more that way. Or you can use the Spinner Cap and add a hook for more keys. If you have less than 6 and don’t want inserts, it’s completely okay and you can use your Keyport just the same. Though the weight and look may be different, it’s still functional.

Considering that my Hubby pretty much claimed ownership to our first Keyport, I am happy to let my inner fashionista let loose and this Keyport is ALL MINE!

Keyport Spectrum

I’m Keyport Happy!

I am so in love with my Keyport that my sister, Susana, did my nails in a Keyport Spectrum theme, each one of my nails are a small Keyport Slide–adorned in Swarovski crystal nodes! (You can see more of my sister’s nail art, here.)

Some Keyport Fashionista Tips:

  • Interchange your nodes periodically depending on your mood or style which is an inexpensive way to stay glam. (Nodes sets start at $1.99 and up)
  • Match your purses or clutches to your Keyport, this is totally a cute accessory to add to your purse and a perfect tool for fashionistas on-the-go. Can we say LED Flashlight or a bottle opener for nights out?
  • Add cute heart or key shaped hooks to your quick-release lanyard or spinner cap to change it up.
  • Have a Keyport that goes with everything? Interchange bracelets, necklaces or chains on your Spinner Cap to suit every style.
  • Into nail art? Keyport inspired ideas are endless. (A bit extreme? Not for nail artists! For example, check out my nails below!)

The Spinner Cap is an extra $9.99 but, let me tell you–it’s worth every penny!

You can use it to attach FOB’s like chains, bracelets or a ring. That way you can either clip it to your purse’s D-ring or at the end of your clutch. Perfect to clip to your inside our outside pocket–the possibilities are endless.

All I know is the Keyport and the Spinner Cap together eliminates the problem we all face as busy women on-the-go, which is digging for our keys at the bottom of our purses. All the while, they scratch up your phone screen, sunglasses and glasses cases.

Keyport Slide

Why a Keyport?
  • Functional – Keyport products are compatible with the vast majority of standard keys
  • Organized – Keyport keys are labeled for ease of identification, and initial setup eliminates carrying keys which are no longer useful to the owner
  • Safe – Keyport products have no sharp edges, and keys no longer have the potential to slice, cut, or stab the user while in pocket
  • Accessible – Keys can be accessed without looking or searching through each individual key to find the right one and can be easily engaged with only one hand
  • Durable – Keyport products are constructed with high-grade materials such as top of the line polycarbonate and stainless steel, making them resilient and lightweight
  • Flexible – Keyport products can be used by a broad spectrum of consumers of all ages and abilities
  • Recoverable – Keyport devices include a serial number which allows found devices to be reunited with their owners via Keyport Lost & Found


Check it Out!


Keyport Keychain

You know you want one, huh?

Well, you can start your Keyport at $39 and the cost depends entirely on customization. You can go from just the basics to a totally blinged out, fashion forward accessory.

It is an investment that pays out.

The Keyport is long lasting, durable, can stand the harsh winter cold and the smoldering summer heat. It withstands the tiny fingers of little ones and the tumbles along the way.

Our first Keyport is a testament to that.

Not to mention that the slide and nodes move so smoothly, they don’t get stuck they don’t get loose. It works perfectly. The LED light is really bright and great for the night time, the USB Flash Drive works as soon as you plug it in, us business mamas NEED this feature.

It has been over a year and our Keyport is still perfect, I fell in love back then and I am still in love. You can see how to order a Keyport in my video, here. The store has changed a bit but, it’s still the same process of taking pictures and sending them in to Keyport so that they can get your keys out to you. The team behind Keyport are always willing to help and you will always have help if you need it, they are amazing.

Wanna be blown away?

Watch this.


Order Yours Today–Get it in time for the Holidays!


So, whether you make a gorgeous Keyport for yourself or make one for your teenage kids, loving Hubby or partner–it’s a gift perfect for anyone.

It turns heads because everywhere I go, people do a double take and ask me–“What is that???”  They are shocked and amazed to realize that they are all my keys in one solid and sturdy (not to mention FA-BU-LOUS!)  compact key chain.

For more information, visit Keyport Inc. and for more current updates please like Keyport on Facebook and follow @theKeyport on Twitter. You can see the Keyport Slide in action on Keyport’s YouTube.

They are an amazing bunch and always willing to talk gadgets and Keyports of course!

Are you a fashion-gadgetista like myself?
Do you enjoy gifts that are not only practical but, stylish too?

Let me know, till next time–cheers m’deres!



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