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Calling All Windsorites: Until Dec. 5, @TELUS Will Give $25 to Windsor’s John McGivney Children’s Centre! Use Smartphones for A Good Cause!

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Hey Windsorites!

For any of you that know me really well or simply just by following me, know that my phone is my lifeline. I use it for absolutely everything, whether it’s updating this site, shopping for that new pair of boots that I must have–down to paying my bills.

Which means I need a reliable network.


@TELUS is making it happen!

Most of you will be very happy to know that in our city of Windsor and now Leamington (as of today, November 13)  too, TELUS is offering a 4 G LTE wireless network which is lightning fast. You can now have faster downloading speeds on your mobile and tablets, folks.

This leads me to something incredibly important and that I think needs so much attention within our community. Until December 5, TELUS will contribute $25 on behalf of every new smartphone customer in Windsor to the John McGivney Children’s Centre – a primary children’s treatment centre responsible for supporting youth and children with disabilities and special needs.

TELUS will donate up to $70,000 for the Centre’s capital campaign, which supports all rehabilitative services, a section 68 school, preschool and various programs for children with special needs. All programs and services at the Centre have the fundamental goal of helping children with disabilities reach their full potential.


So, what better time to get that new phone you’ve been eyeing?

Especially with a lightning speed 4G LTE network behind you and the amazing cause that helps YOUR community, our city, Windsor?

Additionally, TELUS is putting customers first and embracing new ideas to make the TELUS experience better. By listening to customers, TELUS has not only eliminated activation fees, it has dramatically simplified its entire fee schedule.

This builds on a series of improvements where TELUS has also eliminated carrier 911 and system access fees on all its Clear and Simple rate plans, reduced bill shock with Flex Data Plans, Data Notifications and travel roaming packages, added Caller ID and Voicemail as standard on all TELUS rate plans, simplified device pricing with Anytime Upgrades and revolutionized mobility contracts by introducing a Device Balance instead of the dreaded contract termination fee.



Hello, Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I’m looking at a new Samsung Galaxy Tab and it’s looking mighty fine. You can see all the devices that are 4G LTE compatible and let me tell you, as a Samsung Galaxy S3 user, I’m telling you those phones are amazing!

The LG Optimus G  that is pictured above will make a great holiday gift for that special someone. They’ll be thanking you too, as they will save a little more on the device, since they won’t have to pay for those annoying activation fees that TELUS recently got rid of.

On top of that, TELUS has also introduced unlimited talk and family share plans for new and renewing customers, so keeping in touch with family and friends with the new LG Optimus G is more affordable than ever.

A Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5 GHz quad core processor, which provides PC-like performance in your palm. You can now browse faster, download HD content quicker and buffer less. Slowdowns and freezing are virtually non-existent on this device. You can check out the plans and 4G LTE coverage, here.


  • A 100 mA/h high density battery with increased capacity, and optimized power consumption to ensure that you get the longest possible life out of your phone.
  • A smarter camera that allows you to take photos using voice command and simultaneously capture video and pictures.
  • A customizable virtual keyboard that allows you to set the keyboard up exactly as you like it for a more comfortable and natural typing experience.
  • The LG Optimus G is available at TELUS for $129 on a 3 year term with a minimum monthly $50 plan.

So, if you’re looking for a great gift this Holiday season, whether it’s for yourself or a special someone–just know that you’ll be a happy camper and if you’re in Windsor, Ontario–you’ll be making a difference!

For more information and current updates, follow @TELUS on Twitter!

If you could please spread the word–I’d be forever grateful!

Til next time, cheers m’deres!

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