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One of the lovely things about the holidays is receiving a lot of gift cards that you may never really use, while the thought is there and I’m sure very appreciated, it’s always nice to get exactly what you want.

Enter CardSwap.

Never heard of them?

CardSwap is Canada’s largest online gift card marketplace, dedicated to providing Canadian’s with the safest and most convenient method to unlock value from the over $1.0 billion trapped in unredeemed gift cards each year. Swap an unused gift card for cash and spend the money however you want!

CardSwap has already helped thousands of Canadians unlock over $1M of value trapped in their gift cards. We have received widespread acclaim from the media for providing this valuable service for Canadians, including coverage on CTV, Global, CBC, the Globe and Mail, National Post, and even a recent feature on Dragon’s Den.

Gift Cards Rock!

Some people hate gift cards because they lack personalization but, me on the other hand–I love them!

Even if they aren’t cards that I’d normally use, I almost always find a way to use them. This is where CardSwap comes to play because now, you can take those unwanted cards and sell them for up to 92% cash back.

It’s super easy, join, you add your card Gift Card information, get an offer from CardSwap, accept it and send your cards in a FREE pre-paid shipping label and in 48 hours within validating your cards–you get a cheque in the mail!

Love shopping like me?

Well, buying gift cards for yourself or loved ones is super easy with CardSwap too and it’s not only rewarding in gifting but, it’s also rewarding when you buy cards because you earn Swap Points with each purchase!

Swap points are redeemable for gift cards to your favourite merchants or cash back via PayPal. Once you reach 1, 000 Swap Points you can start redeeming, if you order a gift card it usually arrives within a week and as always for buying and selling cards, there’s FREE shipping!

You can buy gift cards to all your favorite stores in denominations from $25-$200 and even at a discount rate from 1% to %40 off. CardSwap was gracious enough to allow me to splurge a bit and purchase some gift cards to test out the website.

First of all, the site is very easy to navigate and I love how they have a filtering option because since cards are constantly being sold or bought, you can filter you gift card search to “Available Cards” and you’re good to go.

I’m a happy shopper.

I bought a Cineplex card and an Amazon certificate, the Amazon gift code arrived in my email within 2 hours and I was ready to SHOP!

Shopping I did and bought Christmas gifts for my girls. The Cineplex is for a trip to the movies for the whole family and that is still pending until a movie comes out that they want to see!

I’m super happy with how easy it is to use and that offers Interac payments which is absolutely amazing for those of you who don’t like using credit cards.

I will defintiely use this service again and definitely recommend it for your gift giving this Holiday season, this can be used for the ladies, men and children in your life.

Even for yourself.

The gift cards range from Home Depot and Canadian Tire down to Starbucks and Gas Cards. There is something for everyone and they keep changing as they are in transit or being sold.

It’s genius.

With my purchase, I earned Swap Points and well, as great as it is giving during the holidays–it’s nice to get a little back! If you join CardSwap between now and November 23, you get a $5 BONUS=500 Swag Points!



Time to Win!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

What would you buy at

We are going to enjoy our Gift Card from Cineplex for a date night or movies night out with the girls. Popcorn and goodies and all. My Gift Card arrived in my mail box in 2 days, guys, that’s really awesome!

Remember, January is the perfect time to come back to CardSwap or sign up and sell those unwanted cards that you may get during the holidays! You know that you get them, why not sell them to get a card that you’ll really love or cold, hard cash?

Do you ever received any totally appropriated gift cards as a gift, ones that you’ll never use?

I think the one that I got was for a car and auto place but, it was still very much appreciated. CardSwap would have been perfect for this!

Do share yours, til next time–cheers m’deres and Happy Entering!

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Holiday Gift Guide

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  1. I think I would buy the Marks gift card

  2. I would buy a Tim's card because I spend money there almost every day and then I'd be getting paid to buy coffee! ;)
    My recent post Celebrate at Mandarin {#LoveMandarinBuffet}

  3. I would buy a Walmart Gift Card because we go there so much and they have such a wide variety of different things :)
    My recent post Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups & Pumpkin Pie Recipe!

  4. Card Swap is pure brilliance. I like browsing over there all the time, and pounce when I see one I want.

  5. I have to choose just one? I love Cardswap! It's a great site!
    My recent post Telus for #WeDay

  6. I would pick wayspa – I nice treat for myself!
    My recent post Food for Friday – Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter

  7. I would get an Esso gas card.

  8. I'd pick Chapters Indigo.

  9. A Timmies card. I would use it everyday on teh way to work for my morning cup of tea.

  10. I would buy Roots
    My recent post Do you like Ostriches?

  11. I would buy an Old Navy card.

  12. Lori Bazan says:

    I would choose Original Joes….I love this restaurant!

  13. I'd love to get a Shopper's Drug Mart gift card.

  14. I would get a Home Depot Card

  15. Megan Parsons says:

    I would choose the Michael's craft store!

  16. I would pick the The Keg <3 a good night out

  17. I would get a Chapters card!

  18. mrsbubsmith says:

    i'd get a winner card. or RW&Co
    My recent post Still obsessed with Watercolors

  19. I would buy Shoppers Drug Mart GC

  20. or Canadian Tire

  21. edmontonjb says:

    I would get cineplex or tim hortons

    rafflecopter name – JONNIE
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  22. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Angela Mitchell says:

    I'd like a Chapters card.

  24. I would choose the Keg.

  25. I would choose a Gas Gift Card if available. If not likely shoppers drug mart.

    Thanks for the great giveaway
    My recent post Win A 3 Night Trip To #Paris France ~ CANADA only

  26. nicolthepickle says:

    I would go for Amazon.

  27. Jennifer L. says:

    I'd choose a Chapters gift card.

  28. I would like a ROOTS gift card if I won.

  29. i would get an amazon card

  30. Colleen Cole says:

    WaySpa would be my choice!

  31. I would choose a Bon Apetite GC and treat my family to dinner out!

  32. Tim Hortons! It'd be a tough choice to narrow down between all the great cards though

  33. Darrah Bailey says:

    Shoppers Drug Mart :)

  34. I'd probably get the always useful Walmart card.

  35. Chapters Indigo…bokkworm here! :)

  36. Canadian Tire!


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