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Be BRAVE Like Merida: A BRAVE Blu-Ray DVD Review!

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Brave Blu-Ray DVD Review

It’s a BRAVE on Blu-Ray DVD Review!

We were super excited to giveaway 4 copies of this 5-Disc Disney Pixar classic, BRAVE!

We were just as stoked to have the opportunity to this  favorite tale of a brave Princess that isn’t necessarily the traditional role of what a Princess should be. The Blu-Ray comes with 5 Discs. A regular DVD wtih Bonus Features, a Blu-Ray DVD, a 3D Blu-Ray DVD, a Digital Copy DVD and a Blu-Ray Bonus Features DVD.

The quality of the movie is undeniable and the animation of Disney and Pixar is unmistakable. I also love the fact that it comes with a Digital Copy because with my tech-savvy toddler who has owned my iPad, the digital copy is great for long car trips and keeping her entertained!

It’s an Amazing Tale!

What we loved about BRAVE is that it’s not a love story. While love stories are classic and beautiful, I love that even though 3 tribes are fighting for Merida’s hand, that Disney decided to focus on the most important mother/daughter relationship.

It’s a story about family.

About standing up for what you believe in and for thinking outside the box. It also shows the love of family that is evident from the beginning of the movie. The landscapes are breathtaking, the characters are beautiful!

It’s simply a visual dream!

I have a little Archer of my own!

As you can see, I have a little archer that much loved that the main character in BRAVE loved her bow and arrow as much as she loved hers. You can see this bow and arrow out throughout the whole movie and then afterwards a world of make believe takes over.

I love BRAVE because Merida kind of reminds me of my mother and I and the way I was growing up. I didn’t like the conventional, I didn’t like the traditional and didn’t like to be told the things that I MUST do.

But, just like Merida–everything always worked out for me in the end.

Plus, I love the Scottish accents, c’mon now!

As always, parental guidance!

With any film, you always have the last say! There’s a few reasons why some may not want their kids to see this film. For one, Merida and her mother start off with a tumultuous relationship. It’s a rebellious teenager rolling her eyes at her mom and screaming that life isn’t fair. If you have impressionable kiddies, you may see mirroring of this behaviour.

Also, the magic in this movie is a bit darker and spooky and little ones may be afraid of the witch and spells.

Another thing would be that the movie had a few scenes that you might find crude or not age-appropriate such as the way that one of the maids is dressed, she is very scantily clad for a lass! And in a one scene the gentlemen bare their bottoms, it’s all meant to be comedic but, it depends on how impressionable your kids are.

Bears play an active role in the movie and there are many scenes where they come onto the screen in a violent way, so it could be scarier for the little ones.

So what do we think?

I think this movie is a must-see, while both of my daughters have watched this movie, my littlest one is still too young to understand the crude parts but, still little enough to be scared at the scary parts. She just turns away and hugs mommy or roars back. Regardless, I think the lesson behind the movie is worth it and it makes for a great, funny, touching and thrilling film.

For our BRAVE Blu-Ray DVD review, we give it a thumbs-up!

This movie is thrilling, adventurous and another home run for Disney Pixar and definitely one for your collection, even if it’s for YOU.

Did you watch BRAVE yet?

What do you think?

Let me know, til next time–cheers m’deres!

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