Wishing You All a Blessed and Happy New Year! #HappyNewYear

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Happy New Year!

Greetings from sunny Florida!

I want to thank-you all for your continued readership, friendship and support. This New Year’s Eve is very much special since Hubby and I are recommitting ourselves to one another and we are doing it in the most magical place on Earth tonight, Disney. It’s something that is beyond my wildest dreams and it’s becoming a reality.

It’s been a pretty crazy year that has made us evaluate the most important things in life and what really matters the most.

One of many being you guys!

This year, I was able to meet even more amazing people, embark on amazing journeys and reconnect with some of my most favorite people and bloggers. I was honored to have been an Ambassador to so many amazing brands and companies, so many that I have come to call friends. Also, honored to have been an Ambassador and speaker at ShesConnected 2012 which helped me share something I am very passionate about.

One of the main reasons that I keep this blog is for my readers, I appreciate every single one of you, whether you are a frequent visitor or commenter or a silent friend. You guys make it so worthwhile.

I promise to keep bringing you all content that you will hopefully enjoy!

Wishing you all the best in this coming year, another year full of stories, laughter, interaction and lots of great goodies coming your way. On a personal level, I hope that all the bad things that may have happened in 2012 washes away with the coming year and that you are able to look ahead and keep forging towards better things and better times. Even when things seem hopeless, there is always hope.

Let’s enjoy the end of a year and the beginning of a new one! 

Cheers m’deres!



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Nancy Polanco is author and editor of Whispered Inspirations. A doting mom to two girls and a very proud wife. She is a freelance multimedia Journalist that is passionate about all things media. She enjoys writing product and service reviews and offering giveaways. She loves sharing recipes, tips and tutorials about travel, fashion and beauty and much more.

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