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My Master Suite in Windsor Hills: Luxury, Comfort and Privacy! #globalresorts

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Comfort in Windsor Hills!

As many of you know, we spent the second week of January in Kissimmee, Florida–in a Global Resort Home! 2512 Archfeld Blvd. in Windsor Hills was magnificent, you already had a small tour through a bit of the house and the common living areas where you spend most of your time together as a family.

Let me show you our master suite!

With 2 king bedrooms, 2 queen bedrooms and 2 twin bedrooms–we had plenty of rooms to choose from. Since we had just renewed our commitment to one another at Disney, our family decided we should have the King Suite or what is considered the Owner’s Suite and it was absolutely marvelous!


Let’s Take a Walk!



Fit For a King and… a Queen!

This was our bedroom for the week, it was a king size bed, with a gorgeous cherry wood frame, two night tables and a full drawer with a TV. The bed was so comfortable and big enough to spend down time with the girls, cuddling and watching TV and definitely comfy enough to rest up after days at the park, shopping or the beaches! I’m not gonna lie but, the bed was so soft–I wanted to take it home with me!


Set the Mood!

We definitely put use to the drawers with our clothes for the week and it made for easy storage when doing laundry. And the decor is so lovely, there were candles everywhere! So, when it comes to privacy and pure relaxation, it’s abundant in this king room suite.

With having so much space in the house, the girls were not always in each other’s space and had the house to roam with a house full of family. It was great to unwind and just relax and to be able to do it in our own room! I caught up on my fair share of reality TV on this baby, shh!


Shower with a View!

There was nothing like coming home from a long day at Clearwater Beach and to take a nice, warm shower in this Ensuite bathroom. In the shower there is a small window at the top and during an early morning shower, I literally saw a gorgeous hot-air balloon go by! Man, it was gorgeous but, a total pleasant surprise!

Not only did I get a view through the hopper window but, by the soaking tub, the window lets in so much natural light. During the day, no artificial lights are needed.


Every Girl’s Dream Bathroom!

Another awesome feature is that there are double sinks, for Him and Her. This alone saved so much time and made getting ready super easy! I love my Hubby but, I so do not love sharing a washroom. I take longer in getting ready and poor Hubby most times sacrifices his time so that we are out and about in time for the day. We both did what we had to do and getting ready was easy peasy.

The washroom was located as soon as you walk in to the left with a private door, so if you needed to use the toilet, it was extremely private. Also, to the right there was a HUGE walk-in closet.


Soak, baby.

One of my most favorite parts of our master suite was the soaking tub. After I had taken a nice warm shower, I filled the tub and soaked while I read on my Kobo. Let me tell you, this was absolutely divine. Nothing like quiet, a warm bubbly bath and a good book!

Now let me tell you, this was one of MY most favorite parts of the house but, my girls had an eye out for it too. They had a good time having bubble baths and my eldest loved our shower because of the glass doors. I just loved the functionality of it whether it was just as a couple or with kids–it works.



Let’s Head Outside!



Perfect Temperature. Every Time.

Now the one of the best parts of vacation in Florida, is the weather. The weather is warm enough to go swimming whether it’s Spring, Summer, Fall and yes, even Winter! We had our very own pool at 2512 Archfeld Blvd. that we put so much use into.

Day or evening, the water stayed at the perfect temperature. The hot tub was AMAZING and since you controlled the temperature, the kids could enjoy it before it got too hot. It was the perfect remedy for sore muscles to come home and jump in the hot tub.


We Didn’t Want to Leave!

What was great about having the pool in the back yard is the accessibility and ease. I loved that it was covered, it still let the sunshine through but, kept grass, creepy crawlies and little lizards out! The pool area was also one of my favorite spots to eat breakfast and lunch as it was nice to hear the water flowing and the birds chirping early in the day.

What I loved about my stay in this home is definitely the space, the girls didn’t feel so cooped in or confined as they often do in hotels. Also, saving money daily by making most of our meals in the kitchen was a plus. It was super clean and well maintained.


One thing I would have loved to have was a BBQ. We had planned to have a cook out for our family reunion but, we only noticed that they rent them out for an amazing price halfway through our trip. So, that’s on our must-do list the next time we stay with Global Resort Homes. For more information about booking your next vacation spot, visit Global Resort Homes, here.

In my final post, tomorrow, I will show you guys the rest of the house and why it’s absolutely great for groups–rain or shine! So stay tuned to see what I mean!

When you choose your vacation accommodations, what is important to you?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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Note: Whispered Inspirations received 7 days accommodation in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was provided. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please refer to Whispered Inspirations terms, here.


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