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Kingdom Strollers: Functionality. Comfort and Saving Money… In Style! The City Elite Double Stroller Rocks!

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Kingdom Strollers Is the Way to Go!

As many of you know, we traveled to Florida in the beginning of January this year and though we took in the sights of the state, we of course took in the renowned theme parks of Disney.

As with any vacation, I do my research before I go and I was super excited and delighted to be able to try out Kingdom Strollers for my entire week-long stay at Wilderness Lodge in Disney!

Never heard of Kingdom Strollers?

Well, wait no more!

Here are the details, they are an Orlando-based company that provides quality, rugged and super-functional strollers to use while you are in the amusement parks. The best part? They will deliver your stroller prior to your arrival and will pick it up the day you check out.

If you are to rent strollers from Disney, you cannot take them out of the parks and to your resort or to travel to and from the parks. Not to mention the fee that you would pay daily far exceeds the fee of Kingdom Strollers.

Our stroller was already waiting for us when we checked in and we were super happy to see it when our Disney attendant rolled it out!


Choose Your Stroller.

The process of choosing a stroller is simple. Kingdom Strollers has a description of each stroller, the weight and height requirements and the specifications of each stroller. We chose the City Elite Double Stroller for both of the girls. As you saw pictured above, both of the girls took advantage of this great stroller because it’s weight capacity was 100 pounds and good for children up to 50″ tall.

Since the girls are under that restriction  this was the perfect stroller for us. Optional accessories include rain covers and cooler bags, which we decided to get both! The cooler bag came in handy for breakfast bars, yogurt and water bottles. Car seat adapters are available for this model if you need it.

Choosing is simple. You just click on the stroller of your choice and the form is there to fill out for all your needs. You can even add water to your order. This is where you can label your stroller with your family name so that you will always spot it in the park’s stroller parking!


Plenty of Space.

One of the things that we needed is plenty of space to carry what we needed at the parks. Since we were park hopping and out at the parks all day, we needed room to carry all the baby things that Mimi needed, water bottles and small snacks, change of clothes and my camera of course! As you can see, the City Elite has plenty of space and that’s with the cooler bag and rain cover in there.



What I loved about the City Elite is that it was a BEAST. I also loved that you can control how the wheels work and the super strong and efficient brake. That comes in handy when you are at the parks with all the hills and what not. Most importantly, the brake comes in handy in the buses going to and from parks. Also, ALL Kingdom Strollers have a parent console, which was perfect for stowing away our cell phones, Disney maps and our Disney Resort refillable mugs!



The City Elite has covers that have deep protection from the sun and Florida rain drizzles. The girls would nestle underneath when it got too hot or when it would drizzle softly. The covers have magnetic flaps so that I can always take a peek in there to see if Mimi was sleeping or for an impromptu game of Peek-a-Boo.


The covers also have a mesh window on the sides that you can access by pulling a flap to let some cool air in. They are strong and the wind has nothing on them compared to other strollers that I’ve used where they were flimsy and the wind could topple them. They also provided a bit of separation for the girls towards the evenings and when they were both tired and ready to head home.


See it in ACTION!



What Did We Think Overall?



We Loved It!

The best parts of renting from Kingdom Strollers was the ability of not having to worry about a thing. Opposed to paying $31.00/day at Disney and not being able to take the strollers out of the parks is a huge plus!

Compare the prices, they speak for themselves. For a  1-3 night rental it is $55.00 Total, 4-7 night rental it is $75.00 Total, 8-10 night rental it is $95.00 Total, 11-14 night rental it is $115.00 Total.

For our stay it was $75.00 which is a savings of almost $150 in the duration of our vacation at Disney World!


Let’s Be Real.

The comfort of this stroller was unparalleled in comparison to the hard, plastic ones that are offered at the theme parks. The only downside I would say would be the immense size of this beauty, this handy brake came in super handy in the buses.

It folds in half and even then it was pretty large to be in the buses with, some people had a problem with it and we had a few angry stares but, it didn’t bother me none. I also loved seeing many Kingdom Stroller brethren in the buses when I saw the bright orange label and a personalized family name on it.

Made me chuckle.

Aside from the bit of work on and off the shuttles, this stroller is so absolutely worth it! There’s no way that I could have carried both of the girls home after a long day at the parks and having it in our room was perfect.

I highly, highly recommend that you use Kingdom Strollers. I will be using Kingdom Strollers on my next visit simply because of the savings and quality. They were on time in delivery, the stroller was in excellent condition and CLEAN, there was plenty of space and I could comfortably push both of my girls in it.

All this while saving money, lots of it.

Make sure to stop on by to their website and book your stroller for your next trip to Orlando, here. For more updates you can visit Kingdom Strollers on Facebook too! If you don’t need a stroller, they also rent out cribs!

Have you ever considered using a stroller rental service while at Disney World or other theme parks in Florida?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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Note: I received a 7 day rental in exchange of my honest opinion. No other compensation was received and all thoughts and opinion are my own and not influenced in any way. Please refer to Whispered Inspirations terms.


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