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The Real Canadian Superstore: The Loblaws One-Stop Shop That Has Everything! #cbias

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The Real Canadian Superstore Loblaws

The Real Canadian Superstore Rocks!


It has everything!

Well, the girls were running low on their favorite fruits and I know they would be missing them for breakfast in the morning. This week, I had the opportunity to visit and shop at one of our local grocery stores, The Real Canadian Superstore, which is under the same banner as Loblaws.

Before I headed out with my little shopping partner, I called Hubby and asked him if he needed anything while I was out on our grocery run. I made my list and Gabby and I were headed out the door for a little shopping!

The Real Canadian Superstore Loblaws

Super Neat!

Our Superstore has pretty much everything you can think of and they’ve recently finished a complete renovation. Everything is completely revamped and reorganized.

And when I say that they have everything, I mean everything.

Whether you are shopping for Christmas dinner for 8, weekly meals or simple items that you may need during the week–they have it.

If you are in a rush and can’t cook, you can always stop by their warm deli for lots of choices in meals that is ready to eat. You can even get fresh pizza, chicken parmigiana or sushi to go!

The Real Canadian Superstore Loblaws

All in One Place.

Not to mention that there is an all-women’s gym, a cooking school, PC Financial, a pharmacy, an Optician and a Doctor’s office. The departments in the store are super fabulous too, there’s a huge produce section, seafood section, warm deli, bakery, deli and all you can think of in food. They even cater to those who love natural foods like we do and when you want to make a one-stop trip, Superstore is the way to go.

There’s also a  Home and Kitchen section that is quite extensive, a Baby and Kids, Men’s and Women’s apparel (Joe Fresh, of course) departments. They also have a large books and toys section and for my beauty and fashion lovers, an amazing beauty department. You can see my entire shop and all the Superstore goodies over on Google+, here.

The Real Canadian Superstore Loblaws

A Treat Run!

So, Hubby had a friend coming over Friday night and he asked me to grab a few snacks that they could enjoy while playing some games. I bought almost every guy’s favorites, which are soda, chips and pizza and well, I got President’s Choice Sticky Toffee for ME.

Who am I kidding?

I am a sucker for President’s Choice desserts!

All of which are super delicious (total treat food) but, also were ALL on SALE.


Fresh and Delicious.

In fact, all I saw during my shopping trip were sales and the yellow tabs EVERYWHERE were unmistakable  Even the fruit was on sale and you can’t go wrong with organic produce. The bananas were 0.77 cents/lb for organic.

What I love when I walk into the produce section is you can SEE that the produce is fresh, they make it appetizing by the presentation. It’s always consistent and by that I mean that I’ve walked into other stores where the produce is all over the place and it really makes me want to walk the other way.  This is never the case at the Real Canadian Superstore!

The Real Canadian Superstore Loblaws

Follow The Stars.

While my shopping trip wasn’t exactly healthful this time, I am happy to discover something new. At least, it is new to me. It is their star ratings of food. For nutritious choices, all you have to do is reach for the stars all throughout the store.

All that blue signage?

That’s the star ratings and it’s a really neat way to encourage and help people make healthy choices.

The Real Canadian Superstore Loblaws


What I loved about walking through the produce for the girls’ fruits was that they had little recommendations with their prices. I love how though it’s small notes, it’s nice to see what you can pair the fruit with or a new way to eat it.

It makes for a refreshing outlook on otherwise repetitive dishes or foods.


The Fruits of Our Labor


The Real Canadian Superstore Loblaws

Fresh Food From the Shelf to Your Table.

When we headed home, as soon as we got there, Gabby asked for a yogurt parfait for her night snack. With fresh berries, bananas and granola–it was hard to say no! She enjoyed a snack that was packed with vitamins and protein!

The Real Canadian Superstore Loblaws

It’s 80/20 baby!

Eating healthy 80% of our time and 20% allowing for treats.

While Gabby enjoyed her healthy snack, Hubby indulged in his favorites with his buddy. They had a great time snacking on pizza and chips and playing Need for Speed. While we promote healthy choices in our home, we allow treats and snacks in moderation.

What I love about the Real Canadian Superstore is that it really does  have everything and it can cater to any home at any time. Whether it’s for having company, the holidays or special occasions, watching the big game or just everyday meals.

Anyway, I like the flexibility of a grocery store where I can buy fruits, treats, everyday necessities and buy myself a pair of boots!

Which I did!

There was a pair of rain boots on SALE for $9.94 and with the wet weather we have been having lately, they are perfect. Here in Windsor, we’ve had more rain than snow and it was a total steal that I couldn’t pass up!

So, be sure to stop on by to Google+ to see my entire shop and the all of the awesome departments that I visited, here.

If you want current updates on all that is Loblaws, you can follow @LoblawsON on Twitter and like them on Facebook, here.

Do you shop at your local Loblaws or Superstore and what department do you like most?

Let me know, til next time–cheers m’deres!


Note: I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® #CBias #SocialFabric. All thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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