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Holiday Inn Express & Suites: Check-In With Our Family Into Our King Bed Suite with Living Room in the @HIExpress! #travel

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Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Holiday Inn Express & Suites.

You saw all of the amenities that the Holiday Inn Express & Suites offers in my last post and now it’s time to check-in! The amazing people behind the Holiday Inn Express & Suites graciously provided us with a night’s stay at their North Fremont property.

We were given a King Bed Suite with a guest living room that can sleep up to 5. We were travelling with our whole family, including grandparents which ended up being 6 but, one is a teeny one.  The room was absolutely beautiful, spacious and clean!

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Open Sesame.

The hotel has 3 floors and we were given a room on the second floor. We were given two keys an they have tap technology where you don’t have to slide or stick the card in. You just simply tap the card and you are in!

Another great thing about our room location was that the ice machine and vending machine was just around the corner and if we needed ice, which we did–it wasn’t far to get!


Feeling Welcome.

We walked into this nice little note from housekeeping and you could definitely tell that they have been there. The room was the perfect temperature and the crib and bed that we had requested were already in the room.

Clean. Modern and CLEAN.

One of the most important things to me when I choose a hotel to stay in is their star rating. I am an avid review reader and this location on North Fremont has a star rating of 4.6.

Walking through the hallway to get up to our room on the second floor the hotel smells clean. I know that sounds odd but, nothing like a turn-off of a stinky hotel, right?


The Bathroom.

I don’t know about you but, whenever I stay in a hotel, I check out the bathroom first. After all, it’s the place you shower, get ready and use the most.

The bathroom is spacious and has plenty of towels, a hair dryer and an amazing shower. Another small but, oh so functional feature was the bath mat that hung over the tub, ready to be used. I don’t like getting the floors wet when I step out and putting that down helps avoid slippery floors!


Forgot Something?

No worries, I was so anxious to take a shower that I didn’t want to dig into luggage to find my toiletries. The Holiday Inn Express & Suites had delicious smelling soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner from Bath and Body Works.

Not to mention make-up remover wipes to get you started into the world of clean. If you need any other type of toiletries, such as shaving cream, razors, tooth paste or toothbrushes, you can call the front desk.



The shower was absolutely amazing, after having spent two days at a water park in Sandusky, I so needed a nice long, hot shower!

I used their Bath and Body Works toiletries and the bottles are larger than most hotels. I have long hair and it was plenty, most times I have to use the whole bottle to myself. This time I didn’t have to ask for more and both the girls used what was left after me.

The tub was clean and that my friends,  I couldn’t ask for anything more!


Fully Stocked.

We had plenty of towels and after or family of four were so fresh and so clean, we needed more towels. We simply called down and the attendants brought us fresh, clean towels to restock and for my parents to use to shower.

Did I mention we all took showers that night and not one person complained of not having enough hot water. The porcelain throne was pretty basic but, did it’s job well.


Our King Bed.

The bed was nice and high and super soft. What my Hubby fell in love with was the pillows. You each get an option of Soft or Firm pillows. He loved them so much that he looked at who made them. Turns out they are from the Holiday Inn Express & Suites.

I much loved the soft pillows and the sheets?

Oh my God, you know when you do the laundry and wash your sheets? That intoxicating smell of clean sheets is what we smelled as soon as we pulled the sheets over us. Pure heaven.


Our Room.

We had plenty of room for our family of four in our room. The girls went back and forth to see their grandparents and when it was time for lights out, we just closed the door.

Hubby and I enjoyed this bed that we so very much miss and watched TV. The cable channels were stellar and they had much more selection in comparison to other hotels. We laid back, cuddled and watched our favorite shows after the kids had gone to sleep.


Functional for 6 People.

The couch is actually a Queen size pull-out bed that my parents decided to take. My mom couldn’t wait to settle down for the night because the sheets were so yummy smelling. Hehe, maybe I get it from her.

My parents slept soundly and felt perfectly rested and were the first ones to go downstairs for breakfast the next morning. They also watched their favorite shows before bed and praised the channels available and the blessing of the coffee maker!


Televisions for All.

The living room/bedroom has it’s own TV and computer desk. Right next to the desk is a small kitchenette. What I loved the best is that we can watch our different programs and be in two completely separate rooms in one suite.


Have Work to Do?

You can make a cup of coffee and sit down with your laptop and use either the complimentary high speed internet or the wired one if you so deem fit.

The WiFi was not spotty and really reliable which made me a very happy camper. I was able to check my email and do my work the same way I do at home and that is a major plus!


Useful Kitchenette.

We made use of the nice size fridge, full microwave, coffee and tea maker and plenty of disposable cups, plates and utensils too.

We drove about 5 minutes down the road to a Wal-Mart Super Center and we decided to bring home some snacks, yogurt, fruit and frozen dinners. It was nice to just relax for the night and not have to eat out at a restaurant.

Something quick and simple that we can enjoy while relaxing in our rooms watching TV. That is relaxation at it’s finest and everyone enjoyed it.



After a very restful night’s sleep and the ability to really sleep-in–was glorious!

Check out was at noon and they served their world-famous Holiday Inn warm breakfast until 9:30 A.M. Since check-out was late, I was able to hop onto my laptop and do some work before we left.

I would definitely recommend the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in North Fremont, Ohio. When I am in Ohio again, I’d love to stay here again because it is so well-kept and the service was great. You can really tell that the staff cares about the property.

Anyway, I mentioned a world-famous breakfast, right?

I’ll be posting about it very soon, stay tuned!

What do you look for when you stay away from home?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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