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Kinder Surprise Monsters University: Spreading the Kinder Moments and Becoming Scarers with The Whole Monsters Gang! #KinderMom

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Kinder Surprise Monsters University!
You read that right.

What is more exciting than Kinder Surprise chocolate than Kinder Surprise chocolate AND Monsters University? As soon as they arrived my girls were stoked and cheering!

Just recently we watched Monsters University in theatres and before we watched it, we had a refresher with Monsters Inc. The girls absolutely love the characters and in the words of my toddler, “I want to be a SCARER.” Mimi comes right up to your nose and makes it look like there is only one big eyeball and says she she is Mike Wazowski. What follows is a HUGE roar.

Both of my girls watched Monsters Inc. at a young age, I think that it truly helped quell the fears of monsters in the closet. My oldest didn’t watch it until she was older and she always had the fear of monsters. At one point, she thought that there was a monster in her closet, let’s hope it wasn’t Randall! But, I turned to Monsters Inc. and she thought it was neat and kind of understood the “scaring process”. My toddler watched it early and is definitely NOT afraid of monsters.

Unveiling the Eggs!

Gabby absolutely loves Kinder Canada and in the video above, she lists why she does and she shows us the magic and wonder of the surprise of each egg.

She goes on to share that for the first time EVER that specially-marked Kinder® Surprise® packages are guaranteed to contain 100% licensed toys. Three out of three ain’t bad! So, get ready for your kids to go nuts with monster fever as they add monsters Mike and Sully to their list of playmates. You can see the whole collection, here.


Have Fun!

Mimi and Gabs shared the Kinder Love and shared eggs with their Aunt and Uncle, Grandparents and neighbors! They still managed to get 8 out of 12 toys!

Make sure you head on over to Kinder Canada’s Facebook page and check out the entire collection and all the other collections that you can collect. You and your kids will love Kinder Surprise Monster University!

Are your kids afraid of monsters or do they LOVE them like my kids do?

Let me know, til next time–cheers m’deres!


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Note: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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