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I Am Taking Part in the Philips Beauty Blogger Challenge! #PhilipsDareToBare

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The Philips Beauty Blogger Challenge!

I think I was about 12 or 13 when I first started shaving. It was under the advice of my older sister and while I wasn’t overly hairy, they were definitely there. I used to play a lot of sports and I had noticed them and was starting to get a bit self-conscious about them. Luckily, I shared my woes to my sister and since she’s a few years older than I am–she knew what to do! So, after coming home from a practice and showering, my sister sat down with me on the edge of the tub and she showed me the ropes. After moisturizing and the result of smooth, smooth legs. I was hooked and felt much better!

But, lo and behold!

A few days later, there they were again. Little pickies. And it was then and there that I realized, hey–this is a lifetime job! Over the years I have tried many methods to get rid of the pesky hairs, from waxing, all different types of razors and the horror of an experience that I had with depilatory creams. Not only do they smell bad but, they can really be a mess if you don’t use them properly and I found that the end result was spotty.


I’m Taking the Challenge!

I am going to embark in a journey that I have considered for a while. Now that I am older, I much prefer methods that don’t require a daily upkeep and for that reason, I have considered getting electrolysis. But, thanks to Philips and their Beautly Blogger Challenge, I can use the Philips SatinSoft Epilator. It promises the same results at a fraction of the cost. I will be using the Philips Bikini Genie as well to avoid the pain of waxing with precision results.

I am intrigued.

So, for the next 30 days, I will be using these two products and then I will let you all know how they worked out! I am anxious to see how it works and while I have a pretty high tolerance pain, I am curious as to how it feels and best of all–the results!


What is Female Depiliation?

Epilators have rapidly rotating discs that trap hairs and pull them out by the roots. This may be initially uncomfortable, but the results are semi-permanent as some hairs never grow back. To make epilating more comfortable, gentle tweezing discs remove hairs as short as 0.5 mm without pulling the skin. The innovative Philips textured discs of the epilators remove even the shortest hairs in the gentlest way. The texture reinforces the sturdiness of the discs, ensures more efficient hair catching, and allows soft, close contact with the skin around each hair to prevent pulling. Hypoallergenic materials ensure optimal hygiene.


Say Goodbye to Expensive & Painful Waxing…

And hello to the perfect bikini trim at home or even on the go! I’m excited to try the Philips Bikini Genie and this will come in super handy since I am travelling in the next 2 months and will definitely be on the beach! I will be using this on our Florida beach vacations and I think this is the perfect test because I will be on the road!


Here We Go!

Well, I will let you all know how it goes and the results of course. I’m excited in taking part in this challenge and look forward to it! If you want more information about Female Depilation and on these or other Philips products, you can like them on Facebook, here. Or follow @PhilipsPR for the latest news!

What methods of depilation have you used in the past?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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