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7 Days of Spring Cleaning with Goodwill EKL: Declutter, Downsize, Donate & Get Your Home Spring Ready! #7DaysOfSpringCleaning

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7 Days of Spring Cleaning with Goodwill EKL!

Yes, it’s that time of year already.

Well, the weather is starting to warm up, the sun is beginning to shine and pushing away all of the grey that came with winter. Spring signifies new beginnings, rebirth, growth and purity and a time where we shed our skin and begin anew. What better time to start getting your home ready for the warmer months than some good ole fashioned Spring Cleaning?

The best way to begin your Spring Cleaning is to tackle one room in their house each day for one week. Goodwill has a fun challenge that will get your house Spring ready all while helping YOUR community.

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7 Days of Spring Cleaning!

I’ve already started my Spring cleaning but, we started with the larger parts of our house that needed attention and we’ve had our carpets and ducts cleaned. We have also went through our storage and have donated gently used items that we haven’t used in a long time but, are still in great condition to Goodwill.

I will be participating in the 7 Days of Spring Cleaning with Goodwill challenge by taking on one room a day and will be decluttering and getting our home spic and span while we do it. You can check out Goodwill’s Facebook page for more information and to keep up with their latest promos and most needed items.

Day 1 – Clear Your Closet Clutter:

If you haven’t worn those jeans, jerseys or jeggings lately, chances are you won’t. My rule is if you haven’t used it in 6 months, you don’t need it. Seize the opportunity to donate to Goodwill.

Day 2 – Tackle the Kitchen:

Just 20 minutes spent going through your cabinets can make a world of difference for people in your neighborhood.

Day 3 – Spread the Holiday Cheer:

Are you holding on to boxes of holiday decorations? Spread cheer by donating your Holiday and Halloween decorations to Goodwill. They will light up someone else’s home for sure!

Day 4 – Downsize Your Toys:

Not sure what to do with your used electronics? Bring them to Goodwill and they’ll find a happy home! Plus, that means waaaay less clutter in your home.

Day 5 – Clear Your Office:

If your office is filled with extra pens or pencils or things that you probably will never use, go through them and give your neighbors a fresh start. They are sure to be put to good use elsewhere and your office will be Martha Stewart neat afterwards. And, we all want that, right?

Day 6 – Provide Quality Entertainment:

If your house is bursting with unused DVD’s or games that you or your kids don’t use anymore, bring them to Goodwill and spread the love. Plus, helloooo shelf space, where have you been?

Day 7 – Downsize Your Bookshelf:

If you’re guilty of having your old college or university text books in your bookshelf and a whole bunch of other titles collecting dust, go through them and find the ones that you will probably never read again (I’m looking at you Advanced Sociology) and donate them to someone who will read them.

Goodwill Lifecycle


There is a great need within our community. Our most needed items are clothes, household items and electronics. Have you always wanted to help but, didn’t know how?

Well, now you can help and all you have to do is look through your home, declutter, downsize and donate to your nearest Goodwill location and you can make a world of difference. Not to mention, you will benefit from the knowledge you are giving someone a fresh start, you’re helping the planet by allowing your items to be re-loved and that your home is much neater too.

Don’t forget! Goodwill® has a Bookstore at 298 Lauzon Rd. in Windsor. Help someone start a new chapter in their life by donating your gently used books! Conveniently, there is a Goodwill Attended Donation Centre right at this location!

Goodwill’s mission is to change lives through the power of work. When you donate, someone works and together we can change lives of individuals and families right here in Windsor. Plus, the donations you make in Windsor directly support job creation and training in the Windsor community.

Make sure to follow along each day this week for a reminder on getting in on the 7 Days of Spring Cleaning! I hope that you can all join me to make a difference.

Have you started your Spring Cleaning yet and do you donate when you do?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!




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