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Gourmet Grilling with the T-fal OptiGrill: Try an Original Posang Peppa Guac Burger! #recipe

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Gourmet Grilling with the T-Fal OptiGrill.
Yes folks, it’s a thing.

Well, I’ve been known to BBQ in the dead of winter, we are Canadian after all. But, this year, we have had so much snow that we had to store our BBQ. Imagine our disappointment. Luckily, the lovely people behind T-Fal asked me to review their OptiGrill. I was stoked to give it a try because grilling is our preferred method of cooking and to be able to do it year-round is optimal. 


Sensors to Grill.
Yes, you read that right!

According to T-Fal, only the T-fal OptiGrill has special sensors that automatically determine the thickness of your food and grill with precision at the ideal temperature for that unique cut of meat. The precision grilling technology also monitors the temperature of your food as it cooks. The Cooking Level Indicator will indicate when it has reached your ideal temperature: Yellow for Rare; Orange for Medium; Red for Well Done.



Easy and Simple.

One of the things that usually discourages me from using indoor grills is the clean-up. I’m not going to lie, it can get messy! The OptiGrill has Non-Stick plates and is dishwasher safe. That means, I can finish cooking and put it in my dishwasher and not have to worry about a big, gunky mess. I love how well-built and sturdy the design is. It comes with a durable drip pan that is easy to clean too.

More About the T-Fal OptiGrill:
  • No more defrosting! You can now cook straight from frozen.
  • Indoor Grilling at the comfort of your own home.
  • Non-stick surface & excess fat drip system for healthier meals.
  • Precision Grilling Technology for perfect temperature every time.
  • 3 Quick & Easy Steps to delicious meals.
  • Extra large grill plates enable easy meal prep for a family of 4!
  • Dishwasher-Safe & easy clean up appliance.




Let’s Get Grilling!

What I found out about the OptiGrill that has raised the bar substantially in the sense of superiority is that it has precision grilling. That means you will never over-cook or under-cook your food. You can cook meats, veggies, Panini’s, sausages, bacon and even fruit on your T-Fal OptiGrill! We decided to make our famous burgers on the OptiGrill and we were over the moon on how they turned out. Just as juicy and delicious as they do on a BBQ on a hot, summer day. Only difference is that it is the middle of winter and cooked indoors!

The PoSang Peppa Guac Bacon Cheeseburger
Serves 4
This is a delicious family creation. We are gourmet burger connoisseurs and we wanted a way to have the same taste at home. We put together our favorite ingredients and the PoSang Peppa Guac burger was born!
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Prep Time
30 min
Cook Time
25 min
Prep Time
30 min
Cook Time
25 min
For the Burger
  1. Extra-Lean Ground Beef
  2. 1/2 Onion
  3. 1 Egg
  4. 3 TBSP of Bread Crumbs
  5. 1 TSP of Paprika
  6. 1 TSP of Parsley
  7. 1 TSP of Onion Powder
  8. 1 TSP of Garlic Powder
  9. 1 TSP of Adobo
  10. Salt and Pepper to Taste
For Toppings
  1. 2 Avocados
  2. 1 Habanero Pepper
  3. 8 Pieces of Bacon
  4. 4 TBSP of Pepper Mayo
  5. 4 Slices of Pepper Jack Cheese
For Bun
  1. 2 TSP of Butter or Margarine
  2. 1 TSP of Parsley
For Cajun Fries
  1. 5 Potatoes
  2. 1 TSP of Cajun
  3. 1 TSP of Garlic Powder
  4. 1 TSP of Onion Powder
  5. 1 TSP of Parsley
  6. 1 TSP of Paprika
  7. 1 TBSP of Olive Oil
  8. Salt and Pepper to Taste
  9. Ketchup and Mustard Optional
Utensils Needed
  1. 1 T-Fal OptiGrill
  2. 1 T-Fal ActiFry
  3. 1 Knife
  4. 2 Butter Knives
  5. 3 Spoons (For Mayo, Guac and Garlic Butter)
  6. 1 Cutting Board
  7. 1 Pair of Tongs
  8. 4 Bowls for Mixing & Toppings
  9. 1 Non-Stick Frying Pan
  10. 1 Mortar and Pestle
For Cajun Fries
  1. Wash potatoes, julienne into fries.
  2. Add cajun, garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, paprika and salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Put into ActiFry bowl, add 1 TBSP of olive oil and set for 25 minutes.
For Burgers
  1. Chop onion, break egg, add bread crumbs, add paprika, parsley, onion powder, garlic powder, adobo and salt and pepper.
  2. Start kneading mixture with hands until full combined.
  3. Shape four patties.
  4. Add patties to OptiGrill and burger setting, remove from heat when your desired cooking setting has been reached. Either rare, medium or well-done. Mine are well-done.
For Bacon
  1. Take strips and place them on OptiGrill. I used the same burger setting and kept it open and flipped the bacon accordingly.
For Guacamole
  1. Cut avocados in half, remove pit, spoon out the avocado. Place in mortar, add chopped habanero pepper and salt and pepper to taste.
For Bun
  1. Combine parsley, garlic powder and margarine (or butter) in a bowl, mix until combined. Spread onto the top of the bun and on low heat place on non stick frying pan until golden.
  2. On bottom bun, spread 1 TBSP of pepper mayo, place burger patty on top. Place pepper jack cheese on top of patty and 2 slices of bacon on top of cheese.
  3. On the top bun, spread a TBSP of spicy guacamole.
  4. Add Ketchup or Mustard if so desired.
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The PoSang Peppa Guac Burger!

We made an all-beef savory patty, grilled bacon, pepper jack cheese, pepper mayo and spicy guacamole topped burger! On a garlic-butter, toasted, whole wheat bun. I also used my T-Fal ActiFry to make Cajun Fries to go with it.

Let’s put it this way, everyone gobbled this treat up without complaints! It’s a savory and spicy burger and my kids love spicy food, so for them–it’s a piece of cake! If you are not the spicy food connoisseur, you can opt for Colby jack cheese, regular mayo and original guacamole.



Ready to WIN?

One lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will WIN their very own T-Fal Opti-Grill. They’ll enjoy precision and gourmet grilling! This giveaway is open to CANADA only and opens on February 9th, 2015 and closes on February 24th, 2015.

For more information, you can visit T-Fal OptiGrill online or you can check out OptiGrill on FB. They are also on Twitter and you can send them a tweet, here

What would you grill on the OptiGrill?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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