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Be Entertained with the Game Rooms at Champions Gate & Relax at the Champions Gate Oasis Clubhouse–NOW OPEN! #globalresorts

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Game Rooms at Champions Gate.

During our stay at 1464 Moon Valley Dr. we made the most of the game room and it was absolutely spectacular. A high-end pool table, foosball and air hockey table. Can you say absolutely amazing? The game rooms are a perfect addition to the whole vacation home experience. When you are relaxing after a long day at the parks or if there happens to be a passing storm, you have a room completely dedicated to fun.



Throw Matches!

This vacation was more about exploring new places and new things, not necessarily the big parks and we were home early on the evenings. We would organize matches at each table, have snacks and refreshments and just enjoy each other’s company. We didn’t go out every day either so we wanted to enjoy the vacation home.



What was great was that the room is always there for times like these. Times were you want to unwind, times the weather doesn’t co-operate or if you just want to play. What’s even better is that this game room is just for YOU. You don’t have to share with anyone for the whole week! I love the vintage table set that you can enjoy refreshments while you waited your turn.


Take a Pit Stop.

In between playing, you can take a breather if you’re tired or tired of getting beat by a 10 year-old game prodigy. That’s the beauty of it. You can make a snack in the full kitchen or make a smoothie and head out for a dip in the pool to catch rays. 

It Is On!

If you want to talk about getting the most out of a game room, you have to check out Gabs from AlwaysGabby.com. She was the reigning champion on most nights and as you can see she’s ever so gracious at winning. She enjoyed the air hockey table the most and you had to be really good to beat her. 

You can do a walk-through of the entire property of 1464 Moon Valley Dr. and see how great it is for a couple to enjoy the Master Suite in a Global Resort Home too. 

A True Oasis.

Like most of the Global Home Resort communities, they have an absolutely lavish resort that is open to everyone staying in the community. During our stay, the Oasis Clubhouse was not open but, it is NOW OPEN! Check out how amazing it is! 

More About Oasis Clubhouse at Champions Gate:

Welcome to The Oasis Club, the spectacular new clubhouse at Champions Gate Resort. Now open, the 12 acre Oasis Club offers a Tiki Bar, Spa, a children’s slash zone, a full service Restaurant, Sand Volleyball courts, a Lazy River, private cabana’s, a fitness and children center, movie theatre – a truly unique offering from Orlando’s premier resort destination. The Oasis Club will also feature poolside service and daily planned activities for the whole family. There’s also plenty of golf nearby.

For more information, you can visit Global Resort Homes and plan your next vacation getaway. You can be sure that you’ll be in the lap of luxury with all the comfort of home and more!

What do you do on rainy days when you’re on vacation?

Let me know, til then-cheers m’deres!



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