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Give the Gift of Reading with I See Me: Personalized Storybooks, Ornaments & More! Perfect Gift for The Holiday Season. #ISeeMeBooks

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I See Me.

I think there is something special about personalization. In fact, I know that kids absolutely love to see or hear their names. So, what if you are able to give them books and even music that has their name as the star? To be honest, I don’t think that feeling ever goes away for some of us adults. I love giving and receiving gifts that are personalized and when I had the chance to try a few products from I See Me, I was stoked!


Perfect Christmas Gifts.

We all know the story of the 12 Days of Christmas, the song is truly a Christmas favorite. The book’s take on it is a fun interpretation of the song and you’ll be happy to see that there is counting and seek and find fun throughout its pages. But, best of all, you’ll find all your family’s names inside. 



Amazing Quality.

I am going to be 100% honest. I was truly blown away with the quality of this book. It is as if these were printed for production and could be bought on the shelves of your favorite book stores. The pages are glossy, thick and the colors are vibrant. The animations are super cute and relatable and can I tell you how amazing it is to see all of our names throughout all 28 pages.

The process is incredibly easy. All you need to do is input one to twelve different names of family members. We added Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and even our dogs. You can even include your family’s last name in the title. to make it even more special, add a photo and a personalized dedication. When you get yours, you’ll see how it easily and instantly it becomes a holiday keepsake that will be read for years to come. 


Michaela’s Sing-Along Book.

The look on her face when she heard her name on the CD was priceless, not to mention when she recognized her name throughout the book. She was also very happy that she had her very own CD with her name on it. When we listened to the CD, her face lit up when she would hear the mention of her name. It really is a magical thing. 


Something They’ll Recognize.

You’ll recognize a lot of songs like Baa Baa Black Sheep and the Wheels on the Bus among the 12 tracks on the CD and MP3 digital download. The book features all the lyrics from these popular playtime songs, all personalized with your Mimi’s name! It’s great to keep her busy in the car while we run errands and she can learn and have fun! She even puts it on and reads in her room!



A Familiar Hero.

If you are giving it as a gift, you can include a custom dedication and a photo to make the book even more special. What makes it stand out to me is that you can enjoy singing the songs together at bedtime, playtime or when you’re “on the go” in the car! Kids love being the stars of their very own stories, so just imagine their delight when they discover that their new storybook has a very familiar hero. Plus, it helps them to learn the skill of reading, letter recognition and more.


Memorable Keepsakes. 

Aside from amazing books, I See Me has an array of other fabulous products. They have lunch boxes, puzzles, coloring books, placemats, stickers, growth charts and ornaments.  One of the things we collect are ornaments from wherever we travel or events we attend. We try to get a yearly one for the girls as well and since I See Me has really cute personalized ones, it was only natural to add them to our collection. 



I love having picture ornaments because you can look back through the years every single year and see the ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree. The Winter Sleigh ornaments that I chose are beautiful. It features their name, photo and year given. They are 2-sided and feature beautiful personalized images in a 3″ silver plated ring. Ornaments come with a red satin ribbon for hanging. 

Enter to Win This Giveaway


Ready to WIN?

One lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will WIN a Personalized Storybook from I See Me. This contest opens on December 10th and closes on December 20th, 2015. Open to US/Canada.
For more information, you can head over to I See Me and take a look at all of their selection. Check out there Christmas selection, here.

Plus, if you order by December 16th for delivery before Christmas within the continental US. Select “Guaranteed Christmas Delivery” at check-out. You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

Do your kids love personalized gifts?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!













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