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First I Was Afraid, I Was Petrified… #DentalDread

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Then the nitrous oxide starting taking a bit of effect.
Then the dental dread set in. 

As I sat there in the dreaded dentist’s chair, awaiting one of the most terrifying procedures that I thought I would have to endure. I sat there and talked myself into not jumping out of the chair and getting out there. Did you know that 1 in 10 people would rather swim with sharks than be sitting in a dentist’s chair?

I don’t blame them.

I took a deep breath of nitrous and looked up at the bright white lights that all dentist offices seem to have. Not to mention, that awful television hanging off the wall displaying a screen saver displaying the logo of “DVD Video” slowly bouncing around. The bouncing started getting a bit trippy with the help of the gas. I figured, hey, I endured childbirth. I think… I mean, I hope I can take this. Did you know 15% of people would rather have an awkward run in with their ex than to endure this?

Getting my wisdom teeth out shouldn’t be so bad, should it? Will it? I don’t know what it is, maybe the fact that all my baby teeth had to be removed at the dentist’s. For the life of me, those little buggers wouldn’t come off on their own. Pliers, string, dozens of apples, chewing gum–nothing would help. It was 6 years ago when I had to get my wisdom teeth out and before that it had been about 15 years since I’ve had any major procedure at the dentist.

Back to that vivid and woeful day; and about 9 stinging shots to my gums later, I was fully numbed. My right side was acting up and didn’t want to freeze. He poked and prodded inside my mouth with his tools and I still felt it. The good doctor went onto to inject 5 more shots into my gums and I was finally good to go. I had built up the anxiety about it all. Soon enough, I felt that all too familiar pressure, pull and tug. Then I heard that infamous sound of tearing as the tooth was pulled out. One after the other!

Just like that.

I got stitched up, gauzed up and given a little time to regain my center. Then, I was set loose. I left feeling a bit woozy and a bit foolish to be honest. I expected a lot worse, but I am happy it went well. While I had no bruising, I did have swelling and pain. I did, however, leave with a lot of numbness that lasted hours. All of those pinches of needles led to feeling wonky for the rest of the day! I wish I had known back then that there are options like Septodont to reduce freezing time.

Dental Dread Infographic - 2.11.2016

Over 50% of Canadians Have Dental Dread.

Knowing that I am not alone is comforting and that we have options out there to help us lessen freezing time and get back to feeling normal faster. Next time you are scheduled for a procedure that requires the needle, fear your dentist no more! Ask them about your options and consider Septodont. It reduces lingering soft-tissue anesthesia after your procedure. 

Well, I survived getting my wisdom teeth taken out but, it wasn’t without pain and wonkiness. I am due to go to my dentist this coming month and while I am anxious, I know that if I do have to have procedure done–I will be able to lessen my freezing time!

How do you feel after a procedure?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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