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Do You Know Your Cancer IQ? Learn Your Cancer Risk and How You Can Lower It.

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Do You Know Your Cancer IQ?

Cancer continues to be one of the world’s leading causes of death. Sometimes it can be a silent killer, while other times it can display various symptoms. 76,000 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in Ontario and approximately 28,500 Ontarians died from cancer. Of those diagnoses, 3,250 were melanoma and 2,450 were kidney cancer. Do you know your cancer IQ?

Knowing your cancer risks and learning how to lower it can definitely help you in the long run. Whether its via prevention or intervention, by assessing your risk–you have a fighting chance!

It is a disease that has affected my family on both my mother and father’s sides. While some have fought and are in remission, others didn’t catch it on time and lost the battle.

World Cancer Day just passed on February 4th of this year. It also marks the first anniversary of My CancerIQ.ca. A website that helps you to complete cancer risk assessments, get your personalized action plans and share and discuss these plans with your families and healthcare providers. My CancerIQ can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet or desktop.


Get Assessed.

Cancer Care Ontario has introducing two new cancers to its online cancer risk assessment tool. In addition to breast, cervical, colorectal and lung cancer, Ontarians can go to MyCancerIQ.ca to assess their risk for kidney cancer and melanoma. At the end of each assessment, you receive a personalized risk assessment and action plan with tips and resources based on your individual risk factors.

Having a tool that is accessible is extremely benefiical. So much so that in 2015, 146,000 Ontarians used My CancerIQ to learn about how to lower their risk. Research has long shown that as many as half of cancers can be prevcented if you eliminate known risk factors.


Lower Your Risk.

I enjoy the sun as much as the next person but, in order to reduce the risk of melanoma, you have to be careful to enjoy the sun safely. Use hats and sunglasses to shield the sun, find the cool shade and most definitely try to avoid tanning equipment. Checking and examining your skin regularly and knowing what to look out for is also beneficial. Remember, the risk of melanoma can be year-long with the sun reflecting off water and sand, but ice, concrete and snow. 

A great way to keep your kidneys healthy and to avoid the risk of kidney cancer, make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight, keep your blood pressure in check and avoid smoking.


Get Informed.

For more information about the risk factors of melanoma and kidney cancer, check out MyCancerIQ.ca and find out how much you know and learn about how you can lower your risk. Life is all about learning and being informed, make sure to use this useful resource.

How much do you know about your risks?

Let me know, til then-cheers m’deres!





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