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The Philips OneBlade: Gift the Blade that Does it All!

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The Philips OneBlade: Gift the Blade that Does it All!

Philips OneBlade.

There’s nothing more attractive than a man who takes care of his skin and facial hair. Whether he rocks a beard, goatee or prefers a clean-shaven face–he needs a tool that will help him achieve any look. The Philips OneBlade is a hybrid styler that can trim, shave and create clean lines on any length of hair.

With the holiday season in full-force, finding the perfect gift that is affordable and practical is always a goal that we all try to achieve. I know that I do, I like giving thoughtful gifts that keep on giving. Now, getting gift ideas for men or gift ideas for husbands who have it all can be tough but not with the Philips OneBlade.

It is a styler that the man in your life will love since it’s versatile, easy to use and great at what it does. It simply does it all!

The Philips OneBlade: Gift the Blade that Does it All!

Get Your Style On!

Darasak is typically Asian and his hair isn’t as thick but, he prefers to wear his facial wear in a goatee. He also likes to be clean-shaven too so he alternates between those two looks. He is always in search of a tool that can help him trim and shave his facial hair and line-up his side burns and the Philips OneBlade does it all. 

The Deets:
  • OneBlade to trim, edge, shave
  • Designed to cut hair not skin
  • 3 x click-on stubble combs
  • Rechargeable, wet & dry use

The unique OneBlade shaving technology integrates a fast-moving cutter (200x per second) with a dual protection system – giving you an efficient comfortable shave on longer hairs. OneBlade does not shave too close – so your skin stays comfortable. Trim your beard to a precision stubble length with one of the included 3 stubble combs. 1mm for a 5 o’clock, 3mm for a tight trim, and 5mm for a long stubble.

The Philips OneBlade: Gift the Blade that Does it All!

The Philips OneBlade: Gift the Blade that Does it All!

The Philips OneBlade: Gift the Blade that Does it All!

The Philips OneBlade: Gift the Blade that Does it All!


Darasak loved that it was super easy to use and cut his shaving time in half because he didn’t have to use shaving cream and didn’t need to have a trimmer to line up. So, it eliminated the need to use two separate tools. Clean-up is simple, all you have to do is rinse the Philips OneBlade and the sink opposed to banging the razor on the side of the sink and then having to clean up the hairy shaving cream.

Mind you, this is Darasak’s preference, since the OneBlade is water-resistant, you can still use shaving cream.

The OneBlade leaves a smooth finish but without the skin irritation, razor bumps or burns or in-grown hairs. This is one of the results that he felt was superior and most important to any man, no matter the length of their hair. 

It is easy to maneuver and it isn’t big, clunky or hard to use. The shape allows for a sturdy grip all while being lightweight. With a rechargeable battery and a charge that lasts 45 minutes, you know that you will have a couple uses before having to charge.

The Philips OneBlade: Gift the Blade that Does it All!


Another thing that he loved was that the blades last up to 4 months. They never clog, pull or nick. It’s an all-in-one tool and as aforementioned, it eliminates the need for multiple tools. So, hello counter space! Even though the Philips OneBlade was released just a few months ago, it’s already changing the game.

The Philips OneBlade: Gift the Blade that Does it All!

Grab and Go!

While it makes an excellent tool at home, it just as good when you travel. It has a protective case for the razor head and since it is lightweight and a nice compact size, it’s easy to pack in luggage or gym bag. That way, they can keep up their beard and facial hair routine, wherever they go! Darasak is already planning to take his on our trip down south for our upcoming vacation.

He decided to trim his goatee then decided to go baby face and just shave it all off! He’s feeling like a boss after a nice close shave, no shaving cream and saved time! He highly recommends this trimmer, it will really change the way you or the man in your life shaves!

The Philips OneBlade: Gift the Blade that Does it All!Get One!

If you’re looking for a great gift to give to the man in your life this year, consider the Philips OneBlade. Makes a perfect stocking stuffer or even an upgrade for them or even for you!

The Philips OneBlade retails from $44.99 with replacement blades starting at $19.99. You can purchase a Philips One Blade at Canadian Tire, Walmart, BestBuy, Loblaws, London Drugs, Jean Coutu and on Amazon. For more information, check out Philips OneBlade’s website.

What do you look for in a shaver?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!










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