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Do You Have a Smart Home? Technology is Helping Canadians Live an Easier & More Sustainable Life. #TeamTELUS

Live a More Sustainable Life. Do you have a smart home? Lessening our carbon footprint as a family is something that is very important to us. We practice reducing, reusing and recycling and try do our best everyday in and out of our home. I am passionate about taking care of our planet and I […]

Make Car Shopping a Breeze with Carmigo and Buy A Car On Your Own Terms.

Make Car Shopping a Breeze with Carmigo. Car shopping can definitely be stressful. We recently bought two cars and it was a long process and a tad nerve-wracking, actually it can be really nerve-wracking. I guess you can say that the most challenging part was finding the right dealership. While some are eager to sell […]

Mobile CyberCrime is On the Rise: Here’s Some Tips to #BeAppSafe!

CyberCrime is On the Rise! Smartphones are a part of our every day lives. In fact, most of us use them to do everything. That goes for paying bills, transferring funds and shopping–literally everything! In some cases critical to our jobs, apps can access and use an incredible amount of our personal information–without our knowledge […]

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch: Perfect for Young Photographers and Tech Savvy Kids! #toys

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch. The smartest watch for kids. Let’s face it. Our kids are growing up in the digital age and they are learning to become tech savvy at an early age. While Mimi can navigate both the Apple iOS and Android systems with a breeze, there is still content out there that I can’t […]

Facebook Messenger App: The Terms and Conditions. Will You Be Using It? #facebook

Facebook Messenger App. If you’re like me, you’re a daily Facebook user. While the frequent updates are frustrating, prevalent glitches and sometimes the feeling of not being heard sucks–Facebook is a free service. We can’t really complain, either we use it or we don’t. I love Facebook, although it’s a love/hate relationship. I love that […]

The NEW YP App is Here: Discover Local Businesses, Their Hours of Operation, CHEAP Gas and DEALS Galore! #NewYP

The NEW YP App is Here! That means, you have the power of discovery in your hands! Well, get ready to discover great deals and new businesses in your city! Yellow Pages just launched the new version of the YP app to make your shopping experience even better! You can download the YP app on Android and […]

Ten Tips for Traveling Smart with Your Smartphone from @TELUS. #tech

Ten Tips for Traveling Smart with Your Smartphone. The Polar Vortex has hit us hard and our winter has been harsher than ever. With March Break coming up, what better time to pack your suitcases and head down South to get away from the bitter cold. Simply because there is nothing like warm temperatures, white […]

Rise of Mobile Gaming Infographic. Are You Part of The Movement? #gaming

Mobile Gaming is On The Rise Infographic! No matter who you ask they will tell you Mobile Games are on the rise! Whether you play solitaire or roulette you will have noticed the advances in gaming quality and this looks set to soar, soar and soar. There’s just no letting up and thanks to Smartphone […]

Happy New Year 2014! May It Be Prosperous and Joyous! #HappyNewYear

Happy New Year! It’s 2014, can you believe it? Well, first and foremost, I want to thank every single one of you that support Whispered Inspirations. You are part of the family and when I say that, I mean it. I’ve always said that you can contact me at any time, whether it’s for a […]

BlackBerry Q5 Review: It’s Built to Keep You Moving. Enter to Win the BlackBerry Q5 from @TELUS! ARV of $425!

BlackBerry Q5. Built to Keep You Moving. When I had the opportunity to try out the BlackBerry Q5 from TELUS, I was stoked. I have never owned a BlackBerry in my life and of course, there’s always mixed reviews. There’s people that are die-hard BB fans and then there’s people who aren’t. This BlackBerry is […]

TELUS Tackles Online Exploitation: TELUS WISE (Wise Internet and Smartphone Education) Helps Canadian Families Young & Old to Develop Safer Online Habits. #TELUSWISE

TELUS WISE. It’s a unique program available to Canadians for FREE, offering seminars and online resources that will help keep all members of Canadian families safer online. Whether it’s protecting children from cyberbullying and sexual exploitation or keeping elderly safe from financial fraud and identity theft, developing more online-savvy is critical to a family’s overall […]

This July, @TELUS Wants You to #KeepItInYourPants! July is Cellphone Courtesy Month. Practice Good Cell Phone Manners, The World Will Thank-You!

@Telus Wants You to #KeepItInYourPants! Your cell phone, that is… We all know how that our phones keep us connected, social and in the know. It’s the fastest form of  communication and you can literally be connected with people and brands worldwide at any given moment. TELUS are clearly enablers of constant connectivity and admittedly […]

CDMN is Coming to Toronto: Canada’s Only National Digital Media Conference to Connect, Collaborate and Commercialize! #CDA30

The Canadian Digital Media Network Conference is Coming to Toronto. On May 14th and 15th, that is. Considering myself a digital woman and knowing the importance of social media and recognizing the growth of it, I’d like to think that I am not the only one. Obviously, I am not and there are so many […]

Kinder Canada: Barbie and Hot Wheels Have Arrived! #KinderMom

Girls Will Be Girls… But, don’t always have to be. Well, as many of you know, I am blessed to have two special little girls in my life. In this house, we are the majority and well–we ARE girly! Kinder Canada has invited me to share with you guys how girls will be girls and […]

Chicken Soup for The Soul Chronicles: Here Comes the Bride. #ChickenSoupForTheSoul

All Dressed in White! Weddings are life changing, life altering and memorable. I am lucky enough to be married to one of the greatest men on Earth. He’s amazing and together we have plenty of stories to share! Actually, this week we are in sunny Florida renewing our commitment to one another and I’ll let […]