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Small Voices, Big Dreams: How Education Helped Me Find My Voice. #smallvoices

Small Voices, Big Dreams. Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. My unadulterated desire is to do both during my time on this earth. From the very first moment that I took pen to paper, it became my passion. I wanted to use my voice to inspire others. With it, I could create […]

6 Reasons Why Using Your Own Money Makes Life Better!

Using Your Own Money Makes Life Better! Having grown up in the pre-debit card days, I got used to filling out slips to deposit and withdraw my hard-earned money. Carrying money was the norm and when Interac* came onto the scene, well, I adopted it early and was addicted quickly. It still had all the […]

Trying New Things and Conquering the Goals We Set for Ourselves. #12PrintsProject

Trying New Things. In September, we had the pleasure to attend Camp Honda in Muskoka. We were able to drive up in a pretty sweet Honda Pilot and pretty much “glamp” at the historical Windermere House. There we were able to experience everything that Honda has to offer and the Honda team had a weekend […]

Adobe PhotoShop Elements + Premiere Elements 14: Capture the Moment NOW & Perfect it Later. #BestLifeEver #PSE

Adobe Elements 14. I consider myself something of an amateur photographer. I enjoy taking pictures, best of all, I revel in capturing memories. Since I am a journalist by trade, taking pictures is part of the job description. I appreciate leading lines, rule of thirds, framing and more. By all means, I am still learning everyday […]

Home Is in the Air: Finding Solace in Familiar Places and Enjoying Life. #MyHomeScents

Home is In the Air! There Really is No Place Like Home. Owning my business and working from home all week can be more draining then one would think. While I am blessed to have this opportunity of working from home, I still strive to keep my work office separate from our living spaces at […]

15 Things I Learned From Being a Young Mother.

All the Things I Learned by Being A Young Mother. Being a young mother was and still is a challenge. In fact, being a mother at any age is challenging. I was 20 years-old when I had my first daughter and although I had a lot to learn, any parent at any age does. I […]

Celebrate Mom with a Gift She’ll Treasure from Showcase! #MothersDay

Celebrate Mom. They say that Mom’s have one o the toughest jobs in the world. In fact, some would argue that it is THE hardest job in the world. After all, we don’t have sick days and work 24 Hours a Day, 7 Times a Week, 365 Days a year and only get paid in hugs, […]

Sponsored Video: Knorr Taste of Home. What Is The Greatest Flavor on Earth?

Knorr Taste of Home. What is the greatest flavor on earth? Well, it may be your Mom’s apple pie or maybe it is your Dad’s meat loaf. Or perhaps it is your older sister and that delicious grilled cheese with tomato soup that she would make for you. Taste is one of our most pleasurable […]

Looking Back at A Time’s Past and Wishing for Vintage Pieces. #FirstCrush

  Wishing for Vintage Pieces. I must confess I am obsessed with fashion’s past. There’s something intoxicating about the ‘30s, ‘40s, and the ‘50s fashion era and seeing Greta Garbo, Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly and Barbara Stanwyck’s beautiful dresses and perfectly waved hair. And wasn’t Lucille Ball stunning? The ‘40s and ‘50s only progressed and became […]

TELUS, Free the Children and We365 App: Inspiring Youth to Use Their Phones for Good and Change the World Every Day! #We365

We365 App. It changes lives. Through TELUS’ partnership with Free The Children, they are helping to inspire and build a community of young leaders dedicated to making the world a better place. Since 2007, TELUS and their team members have provided more than $12 million in support of Free The Children, including their support of […]

Fighting Back with Tylenol Arthritis: Enjoy the Small Meaningful Things in Life Again. #TylenolArthritis

Tylenol Arthritis. It can help you fight back. Arthritis can be extremely debilitating and make every day activities a challenge. Arthritis is something that runs in our family and watching my Dad fight through pain is hard. He suffers from arthritis in his neck and shoulders and lifting, sitting for extended periods of time has […]

Kissing Your Child On the Lips: Do You Do It–Why or Why Not? #parenting

Kissing Your Child On the Lips. We’ve all had those tumultuous friendships that hastily and most ferociously enter your life and just as quick as they came, they are gone. But, nonetheless, a mess is left in its wake.  To spare you the details of the horrid friendships that happened in my life, which thankfully only happened […]

Netflix Canada: Holding On to The Dog Days of Summer and Checking Off Our Summer Bucket List. #StreamTeam

The Dog Days of Summer. We are holding on tight. August is the perfect time to do all of the things on your summer bucket list that you haven’t gotten around to yet, whether it’s camping, cottaging, hiking, or taking a road trip. We have been busy playing tourist in our own city and exploring […]

Back to School with Sears, Plus a $100 Sears Gift Card FLASH Giveaway! #RockTheHalls

Back to School with Sears. Summer flew by so quickly this year, while we are still in summer mode, there is no doubt that the “Back to School” season has crept up on us this year. We are 2 weeks away from starting the new school year and while I am feeling a bit melancholy […]

Photojojo iPhone Lenses: Helping Me Capture the Beauty In the World Around Me! With Them, The World Is My Oyster. #tech

Photojojo iPhone Lenses. The world is yours for the taking. If you are like me, your phone is your lifeline. Not only does it help me to run my business, to stay in contact with friends and family. It’s also a medium to help me produce and share my creativity with the world. I absolutely […]