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First I Was Afraid, I Was Petrified… #DentalDread

Then the nitrous oxide starting taking a bit of effect. Then the dental dread set in.  As I sat there in the dreaded dentist’s chair, awaiting one of the most terrifying procedures that I thought I would have to endure. I sat there and talked myself into not jumping out of the chair and getting […]

The Harlem Globetrotters in Flint, Michigan: They Came, They Played & They Rocked It Out! #GlobieFamily

It’s the Harlem Globetrotters in Flint, Michigan! We had the opportunity to be able to see the amazing Harlem Globetrotters in Michigan recently and they blew us away! They are making their way around North America and headed your way–check out dates, here. This was our first time EVER watching them and they were absolutely […]

Chicken Soup for The Soul Chronicles: Here Comes the Bride. #ChickenSoupForTheSoul

All Dressed in White! Weddings are life changing, life altering and memorable. I am lucky enough to be married to one of the greatest men on Earth. He’s amazing and together we have plenty of stories to share! Actually, this week we are in sunny Florida renewing our commitment to one another and I’ll let […]

Trash TV: Are You Addicted Too?

So, I have a confession. I may or may not have a tad addiction attraction to Trash TV. You may notice on my Twitter stream every Monday, Tuesday and Jers–I mean Thursday, my commentary on a few shows that are less than stellar in the virtue department. No matter how bad I tried NOT to […]

I’m Very Ill. Thanks Justin Bieber.

I’m Ill. Yes folks, I’m sick. I’ve caught what’s been going around internationally. I think I have Bieber Fever. Now, I’ve been able to fight it off for a couple years–even when Hubby found him on YouTube. He’s like, “Hey babe, check this kid out–he’s pretty good.” I half glanced at the screen and saw […]

Halloween Memories in 2010!

Halloween Memories in 2010. This Halloweekend truly was a busy one, a good kind of busy though. Gabriella decided to be a Princess and we dressed Mimi up as a Kitty cat. We took them to Science City. I had no idea it existed, I guess it’s a small building where they have educational fun […]

Creepy, Crawly Creations!

Creepy, Crawly Creations! Halloween is a great time to bust out your creative side. Holidays are big for me or I should say more so for my chillums, I go ALL out for them. Last time I got all handy and creative for a Halloween costume for myself was yearsssss ago (last year I was […]

All Hallows Eve. Happy Halloween Everyone!

All Hollows Eve. Halloween is a day when a kid can be whoever or whatever they want to be. They can possess any superpowers that they desire and a time when they can let their imaginations run wild. It’s certainly one of my oldest daughter’s favorite holidays, considering she can go out to gather treats […]

Silly Bandz: Canada’s Finally Caught the Craze!

Silly Bandz. As I stood patiently awaiting my little girl to burst through the doors when the last school bell let out, the cold air was hitting my face, it was no different from any other day. I chit chatted with the other moms and dads about the weather and the latest happenings of Grade […]

Mama Guilt.

Mama Guilt.  Ahh, Memories… Childhood is a period of our lives that is filled with no responsibilities, no worries, favorite TV shows, playing outside until dark and well, every kid has to have toys. I kind of dread going to Toys R’ Us with Gabriella. It’s a love/hate thing because I love making her happy […]