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10 Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep for a Healthy 2017!

To make sure the products in this post are right for you, always read and follow the label. Thanks to Bayer for sponsoring this post. Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep. Making resolutions can be a daunting task. Especially if you plan to make a substantial change. That is why often times, resolutions are rarely […]

SPRI Cross Train Smash Ball + Father’s Day Fitness Gift Ideas for the Fitness Junkie!

Father’s Day Fitness Gift Ideas. I have to admit that I am one for the “dad bod,” there’s just something about it. However, I do give mad respect and props to dads who enjoy fitness and work towards being healthier. There is absolutely nothing more attractive than that.  Dara has returned to clean eating and […]

Premier Protein Will Keep You Going When You Need It Most.

Premier Protein. With the first month of the year over, most of us are trying to stick it to 2015 and get healthier. One thing is for sure, you cannot do it alone and you often need many tools to achieve your goals. That means finding the right supplements that can help you get there […]

4 Tips to Get Active & Move Towards Health! #MoveToHealthy

Tips to Get Active! I think it has been many years since I’ve made a resolution in the beginning of a new year. I think goals should be made regularly and when you accomplish those, keep moving forward towards maintaining them or embarking on new ones.  But, for those who do make yearly resolutions, it’s […]