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Why the Powerful & Portable LG P5 Bluetooth Speaker with MusicFlow is Everything + Giveaway! #tech

The LG P5 Bluetooth Speaker with MusicFlow is Everything! Music is a part of my everyday life. Something as natural and essential as drinking my morning cup of coffee, lighting a scented candle and writing. It is something that I must have and it’s non-negotiable. Not only can it alter moods, it transports you, it […]

Add Style to Your Home Decor & Protect Your Devices w/ Mobile Fun! #tech

Bring Style & Mobile Fun Into Your Home. When it comes to technology, I’ve always liked functionality and aesthetic. It has to have a certain style but, most importantly–it needs to work. In our home, I like having pretty things but, I love having great technology and accessories that make life better. Who says you can’t […]

An Homage to a Good Year + Family Time! #12PrintsProject

An Homage to a Good Year. December was a great month, it is always a busy month due to the holidays and the month where I age another year. This month, I looked back on the year we have had and it was a good year.  This site is a huge part of our lives. […]

How to Style Your Dresser in 3 Easy Steps + Capturing My City. #12PrintsProject

  How to Style Your Dresser. Styling your bedroom dresser is a matter of preference of course but, it is also a lot like styling your mantle. In fact, it’s styling retail space you just have to take advantage of. It depends on the style of your dresser as well but, it is generally the […]

Give the Gift of Reading with I See Me: Personalized Storybooks, Ornaments & More! Perfect Gift for The Holiday Season. #ISeeMeBooks

I See Me. I think there is something special about personalization. In fact, I know that kids absolutely love to see or hear their names. So, what if you are able to give them books and even music that has their name as the star? To be honest, I don’t think that feeling ever goes […]

Gift Something Homemade: Make Mint Hot Chocolate for Two + FREE Printables. #NeverRunOut

Gift Something Homemade. The best thing about the holidays is the act of giving. I think the best kind of gifts are the ones that are made with love and home made. I love making small tokens for neighbours, secretaries, tellers–basically anyone who makes a difference in my daily life something small but, special. I […]

Discover the ONE Plus Dupray Steam Cleaner: Make Your Home the Cleanest It Can Be + Giveaway!

ONE Plus Dupray Steam Cleaner. I have to admit, I am a stickler for deep cleaning and when I get going–I make sure that it is done right. That almost always means that I need chemicals to do the job of disinfecting for me. While I try to use as little chemicals as we can in […]

Forget the Ladder, You Absolutely NEED the Original Elf Light to Decorate Your House This Year!

The Orignial Elf Light. Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday and decorating is something that I look forward to every year. I take care of the inside of the home by snazzing up the coffee table and the kitchen table and then we decorate the rest of the house as a family. But, what about the […]

mydlink Wi-Fi Water Sensor: Have Peace of Mind, No Matter Where You Go. #tech

mydlink Wi-Fi Water Sensor. Keep your home protected–no matter where you go! We travel often and whenever we do, we make sure we leave appliances unplugged and everything as secure as possible. We are also very lucky to have a great family who is vigilant and great neighbors. When it comes to securing one of […]

Honda Power Equipment: Getting Familiar with Honda’s Lawnmowers, Trimmers, Tillers and Generators. #CampHonda

Honda Power Equipment. Being a home owner brings about a variety of responsibilities. Not only because you want your home to look great but because you have responsibility as a citizen too. Having a beautiful, lush and rich lawn is definitely a source of pride for many homeowners and at Camp Honda, we learned about Honda‘s […]

4 Top Baby and Child Products Every Mom Should Have in Her Arsenal. #tips

4 Top Baby and Child Products Every Mom Needs! Being a mom is a tough job and it is most definitely one that comes with challenges. But, you know how they say that when you work hard, you reap rewards? Well, being a parent is just that. There are a lot of bumps along the […]

6 Technology She Shed Ideas from Best Buy That Will Rock Your World. #tech

She Sheds. Yeah, they are the next big thing. The guys in our lives have their man caves in the basement or garage but, where do us ladies really have our space? It is true that we put our wonderful touches in all of our living spaces (so do our husbands) but, we often don’t have a […]

Barnwood Frames with Posterjack: Reminiscing and Bringing the Ocean Home. #12PrintsProject

Reminiscing and Bringing the Ocean Home. With the Help of Posterjack Barnwood Frames! In July, Gabby and I had the chance to travel to New Brunswick. We road-tripped from Moncton and we were able to do 16 fascinating and tasty things all the way through. One of them was lobster fishing on a boat on […]

Back to School Tips with Crayola + A $50 Prize Pack Giveaway!

Back to School Tips with Crayola. It’s that time of year again and before you know it the big yellow bus will be rumbling down the street, you’ll hear classroom bells ringing and teachers will be calling attendance! Crayola knows how stressful the Back to School season can be and they want you to get a jump […]

Home Is in the Air: Finding Solace in Familiar Places and Enjoying Life. #MyHomeScents

Home is In the Air! There Really is No Place Like Home. Owning my business and working from home all week can be more draining then one would think. While I am blessed to have this opportunity of working from home, I still strive to keep my work office separate from our living spaces at […]