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Food Basics Customers Can & WILL Have it All this Holiday Season + Giveaway! #HaveItAllAtFoodBasics

Everyone Deserves to Have it All! I will be honest; grocery shopping is not my favorite thing to do. But, one thing I do love doing is saving big bucks when I shop. I can put the savings towards something else, whether it’s treating myself to a new book or journal, taking the kids out for […]

Bake It Possible & Bake Your Way to a Chance at $10,000 + Giveaway! #BakeItPossible

Bake It Possible. One of my absolute favorite things to do is let loose in the kitchen. In fact, baking is my forte and what I truly enjoy doing in the kitchen. I used to make custom fondant cakes and cupcakes for friends, family and clientele. To this day, I still make the girls’ cake […]

Find Balance for School Lunches with Brown Rice Rice Krispies Squares! #ApproveThisLunchBox

Brown Rice Rice Krispies Squares! It’s safe to say that school is in full swing, we are in our second week and we say bring it on! To be honest, as much as I loved the lax nature of summer, I do appreciate a good routine and more day-to-day structure. One of the many things that […]

6 Delectable Things You Never Knew You Could Do with Nutella! #recipe

6 Delectable Things You Never Knew You Could Do with Nutella®! It really isn’t a secret that Nutella® is basically one of the greatest things that has ever been created on this planet. At least to me it is and it is something that is always stocked in our pantry. It really does make pretty much any recipe taste better! If […]

Banana Cream Pie Ice Pops Recipe: Keep Cool with Food Blogger Ambassador and Culinary Registered Dietitian Abbey Sharp’s Creation! #recipe

Stay Cool with Banana Cream Pie Ice Pops! To help Canadian chefs turn their ice pops into the culinary talk of the town, Kellogg’s® All-Bran® has made it easy to add a hit of fibre – one of the year’s hottest food trends – to some of our favourite recipes. Despite its known health benefits, […]

Flipp Summer Food Challenge: Saving Money on Groceries + 30-Minute Baked Penne with Italian Sausage Recipe! #FlippFoodChallenge

Flipp Summer Food Challenge! Summer is in full force and along with the sunny skies and mostly pretty awesome weather comes delicious food. Often times summer meals and BBQ’s can get pricey! Being able to put wholesome, delicious and affordable meals on the table can be a challenge–but, it doesn’t have to be! When it […]

Have You Ever Had a Sandwish? #SUBWAYSandwish

Have You Ever Had a Sandwish? When hunger strikes and I can feel my stomach rumble, I start envisioning warm, toasty, cheesy, fresh goodness that is perfectly topped with crispy veggies and savoury sauce. I have a Sandwish and everyday, it’s something different. It gets me to thinking what could satiate this hunger and craving. […]

Add a Little Joy to Your Summer: The Nutella Truck Tour is Back! #AddALittleJoy

The Nutella Truck Tour. Just in case you didn’t know, Nutella is life. It really is an ambrosial ingredient that makes any type of dish that much more incredible. So if you are a Nutella connoisseur like me, mark your calendars because the Nutella Truck tour is underway.  The tour kicked off in Burlington, ON on June 16 and will be making […]

Have a Summer Patio Brunch à La Sally’s Cereal with FREE Menu & Place Cards + Giveaway! #SallysCerealDIY

Sally’s Cereals! In our house, we eat all of our meals together and since breakfast is THE most important meal of the day, we love our cereals. One thing that I take great pride in is having my cupboards perfectly stocked and tidy. My labels always face out and I love having everything in its place. Our cereals […]

Post Foods’ Search for Goodness: Nominate Someone Who Helps Their Community & They Can Win $10,000! #SearchForGoodness

Search for Goodness! Seeking goodness in this world can often be a difficult task. Almost always, the not-so-good things are what make headlines and the really great and amazing things often fall by the wayside. Post is looking to change that and for the fourth year in a row, they’re searching for goodness on SearchForGoodness.com. They’re asking […]

Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake Inspired by Voortman + Contest Alert! #InspiredByVoortman

Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake! You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! Am I right? I know I do, especially with the warmer months ahead of us. After all, what is a better treat for those dog days of summer than good ole ice cream? No matter what shape or form, it is […]

Premier Protein Will Keep You Going When You Need It Most.

Premier Protein. With the first month of the year over, most of us are trying to stick it to 2015 and get healthier. One thing is for sure, you cannot do it alone and you often need many tools to achieve your goals. That means finding the right supplements that can help you get there […]

Make These Coconut White Chocolate Festive Bite-Sized Rice Treats & Give Back This Holiday Season! #TreatsForToys

Festive Bite-Sized Rice Treats! Something so small and delicious can really make a difference in a child’s life. So, this year, when you are thinking of what you should bring to your staff party or annual Christmas party, how about making something that gives back? We decided to make super cute and festive (not to […]

Mediterranean Mini Quiches Recipe Made Creamier with Sabra Roasted Pine Nut Hummus! #TastemakersCAN

Mediterranean Mini Quiches. I am all about delicious food that packs a nutritional punch. When it comes to making breakfast or snacks for the girls, I always make sure I add “secret ingredients” that not only heighten the flavour but, increase the nutrition. Mimi tends to be a bit pickier and it is a bit […]

Ditching Your Doubt: Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt and Own It + $150 Giveaway! #OwnIt

Inhale Confidence and Exhale Doubt. This week I’ve taken back the power in my life. If you’ve been following me for a long time, you’ll notice the shift that happened a couple of years ago. I had been all about natural, organic and clean eating and while my kids still eat this way, I’ve been much more […]