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A Look Into the Job of VP of Security at The Wynn, Las Vegas & More! #WorkforceStories

A Look Into the Job of VP of Security at the Wynn, Las Vegas! Growing up I had many aspirations as do many children. At one time I wanted to be a doctor, other times I wanted to be an archaeologist, then an author and even a flight attendant. They made it look so glamorous back […]

Why You Need to Watch Miracles from Heaven: A Little Girl, Her Journey to Heaven, and Her Amazing Story of Healing.

Miracles From Heaven. It isn’t often you find a film that gives you hope, and makes you appreciate love, life, and all of the people in it. A story that makes you truly believe in miracles and that there really is a higher power. This film does just that. It is based on the incredible […]

Youth Will Stand Up Against Cyberbullying with YOUR Help. #TeamTELUS

Cyberbullying. Today’s youths have a much larger and more prevalent social issue to deal with than we did growing up. Even though bullying has always existed; with the digital age being all that the new generations know, it’s a breeding ground for another more serious form of bullying–cyberbullying.  Having two girls growing up in a […]

Ditching Your Doubt: Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt and Own It + $150 Giveaway! #OwnIt

Inhale Confidence and Exhale Doubt. This week I’ve taken back the power in my life. If you’ve been following me for a long time, you’ll notice the shift that happened a couple of years ago. I had been all about natural, organic and clean eating and while my kids still eat this way, I’ve been much more […]

Why You Need to Spend Your Money on Experiences, Not Things. #travel

Why You Need to Spend Money on Experiences. Not things. A lot of people are in constant pursuit of happiness. While it is true that money can make you happy, it does not really make you happier. While it may make things easier, it all comes down on how we spend our hard-earned money. After a […]

15 Things I Learned From Being a Young Mother.

All the Things I Learned by Being A Young Mother. Being a young mother was and still is a challenge. In fact, being a mother at any age is challenging. I was 20 years-old when I had my first daughter and although I had a lot to learn, any parent at any age does. I […]

Happy Birthday to Me: A Letter to My Formal 20 Year-Old Self.

It’s My Birthday! Man, I am 30 today. And in honor of a dawning of a new era, I decided to write a letter to my formal 20 year-old self. Firstly, I want to thank every single person who sent Birthday wishes. You all are amazing and have made my day. You guys have made […]

We Day Waterloo with @TELUS: Impassioned, Inspired and Motivated to Be The Change We Want to See In the World. #WeDay

We Day Waterloo. It was beyond amazing. I was invited to be part of the TELUS crew on November 20th and to take in the whole We Day experience in Waterloo. It was a day full of inspiration and fulfilling stories of tribulation and then triumph. I had the opportunity to bring my eldest daughter, […]

TELUS Tackles Online Exploitation: TELUS WISE (Wise Internet and Smartphone Education) Helps Canadian Families Young & Old to Develop Safer Online Habits. #TELUSWISE

TELUS WISE. It’s a unique program available to Canadians for FREE, offering seminars and online resources that will help keep all members of Canadian families safer online. Whether it’s protecting children from cyberbullying and sexual exploitation or keeping elderly safe from financial fraud and identity theft, developing more online-savvy is critical to a family’s overall […]

It’s My 29th Birthday: 29 Life Lessons That I Have Learned So Far! #LoveLife

What I’ve Learned. Yes, today I am 29 and I am thankful for the blessing of another year of life.  Pictured above is me, as I am, this past October when I was in Toronto for a conference. Well, I am one step closer to 30 and even closer to the realization and acceptance that I […]

Dove Movement for Self Esteem: Hablemos! Dove Wants to Get the Conversation Started, Our Girls are Listening. #DoveInspired

Beautiful.  Did you know that only 11 percent of girls (ages 10-17)  are comfortable using the word beautiful to describe themselves? And that 72% of girls feel immense pressure to be beautiful that 60 percent of girls GLOBALLY (age 15 to 17) avoid normal daily activities such as attending school, going to the doctor, or even giving […]

Share Your Simple with R.W. Knudsen: Be Entered to Win 1 of 3 $4, 500 Grand Prizes & More! [US Only]

Do You Have a Tip That Makes Life Easier? Well, R.W. Knudsen is looking for you! If you’ve never heard of R.W. Knudsen, for over 50 years they have created all-natural beverages the entire family can count on for simplicity. All R.W. Knudsen Family products are made from simple, all-natural ingredients without added sugar, artificial ingredients or preservatives. […]

I’m 28 and Forced to Become Sterile.

Dum Spiro Spero. It was a grey and dreary day, we even had a bit of snow that melted into a cold mist. A perfect reflection of what was to come. I headed to see my specialist for what should  be my last time. This is my respirologist and I was seeing him to follow-up […]

Read Your Labels: 7 Food Ingredients to Avoid.

Knowledge is Power. As many as you know, I have embarked on a journey to getting healthy and in the process, re-establish my clean eating habits. I realize what eating Frankenfoods has done to me in a matter of 5 months, the holidays, the parties and dinners, conferences and just girls days out. They’ve caused […]

The Secret Holocaust Diaries: Nonna Bannister

The Secret Holocaust Diaries. The Holocaust is something that I am deeply moved by. It’s something that has forever intrigued me and has drawn my attention since I was old enough to be aware of it. As many of you may know, I love reading and I am always on the hunt for a new […]