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Wordless/Wordful Wednesday: Merry Christmas! Wishing you all the Joy, Hope and Wonder of Christmas! #WW

Merry Christmas! Well, Christmas came early this year and last week the girls enjoyed Christmas the week before since we are doing some travelling. They both got one BIG gift and several little ones but, Christmas was low-key yet, memorable as always! Gabby got a few DVD’s, tons of lip glosses, electric tooth brush and […]

World Breastfeeding Week 2012: Don’t Give Up!

World Breastfeeding Week kicked off yesterday! Although I am not breastfeeding and I won’t have this blessing again, they are moments in my life that I will never, ever forget. It is never easy getting started and it’s even harder if you are struggling and having a hard time with it. What most ladies don’t know is […]

Happy 2nd Birthday Jelly Bean!

Ahh, my Bean. Today marks the day that we welcomed our fiery little Michaela into the world! At 2:10 today, 2 years ago she made her way into our lives and it was one of the best days of our lives! Ever since then, it’s been an amazing and energetic journey! This little one has […]

8 Potty Training Tips: Get Started!

Potty Training Tips. Now that the holidays are over, I’ve decided to jump head first into potty training. Please send help. My little one (or not so little one) is now 21 months old. We started her off with the potty at 18 months old but, due a lot of travelling in the months of September and […]

A New Chapter–Breastfeeding & Weaning.

A New Chapter–Breastfeeding & Weaning. So, the day finally came. June 16th, 2011. What is so special about this day, you ask? Well, it’s the day that Michaela decided to stop breastfeeding. It was like any other day really, she had gotten to the point that she was only nursing for comfort and so her […]

Blessed To Have This Man.

Blessed to Have This Man. I’ve always said that it takes a great and special kind of man to father a child. It is easy to make a child but, it’s a journey and hard work to raise them. Today and everyday, I honor the love of my life. The man who has been there […]

Baby’s First Organic Birthday Cake Recipe. #recipe

We spend the entire first year of our baby’s life doing what we think is best for them nutritionally. Make sure they take vitamin supplements if they need them, breastfeed or provide formula for nourishment and when the time comes we make organic babyfood so that they have clean food in their bodies. Whatever options […]

CostumeSuperCenter.com Review!

Costume Super Center! My little Michaela Sofia is 13 months old now and even though she is growing, she’s still my little Bean. Though she has many a nickname such as Mimi, Meems, Gorda, Gordita, Fatty Girl, Bean Bean and because of a small similarity (if it’s humanly possible)… Piglet. Yes, Piglet. Why you ask? […]

Mimi’s First Hair Cut– Wordless/Wordful Wednesday!

A little reluctant at first but, she was quite curious as to what we had in store for her! Uh oh… “Why are they wetting my hair Mom?” Then the snip, snip, snipping started and Mimi was still. All done! She’s all smiles here with Daddy! I call her my little Pixie! Mimi’S First Hair […]

Baby-Led Weaning & What I’ve Learned Along the Way.

Baby-Led Weaning. Breastfeeding has been one of the most fulfilling and beautiful experiences I’ve had the honor and good fortune to have been able to do. To still have a nursing relationship currently with Michaela, to me is something very endearing. Mimi is a year and 2 weeks old and her need for breastfeeding has […]

Happy 1st Birthday Fatty Girl!

Happy 1st Birthday Fatty Girl! From the very first day that Dara and I decided to even talk about having another baby, I was more than euphoric of the idea of holding another baby in my arms. To be able to nurse and nurture another little life and to witness life enfold to a baby […]

I’m Very Ill. Thanks Justin Bieber.

I’m Ill. Yes folks, I’m sick. I’ve caught what’s been going around internationally. I think I have Bieber Fever. Now, I’ve been able to fight it off for a couple years–even when Hubby found him on YouTube. He’s like, “Hey babe, check this kid out–he’s pretty good.” I half glanced at the screen and saw […]

Breastfeeding Benefits Start on Day 1!

Breastfeeding Benefits. Just yesterday I was reminded of how much I love to breastfeed and that no matter what ANYONE thinks, I am going to nurse my baby whenever she needs to be nourished. Simple as that. Hubby and I had been out all morning running errands and though she had eaten her favorite organic […]

Organically Grown Baby Clothes– Gives Me Peace of Mind.

Organically Grown Baby Clothes. Only the best.  Like I’ve mentioned plenty of times, as a mother I only want the best for my children. Which mother doesn’t? So, the choices I make aren’t because they are the trendy or the “in” thing to do it’s because I have my kid’s health and overall well-being in mind […]

Halloween Memories in 2010!

Halloween Memories in 2010. This Halloweekend truly was a busy one, a good kind of busy though. Gabriella decided to be a Princess and we dressed Mimi up as a Kitty cat. We took them to Science City. I had no idea it existed, I guess it’s a small building where they have educational fun […]