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Top 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Master Suite at 1464 Moon Valley Drive at Champions Gate! #globalresorts

Top 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Master Suite! By now, you must have taken a virtual walk-through 1464 Moon Valley Dr. and one of the best things a parent can have during vacation is relaxation. While sometimes we hope for it, vacations can take a lot out of you. After you’ve enjoyed the sunny […]

Kissing Your Child On the Lips: Do You Do It–Why or Why Not? #parenting

Kissing Your Child On the Lips. We’ve all had those tumultuous friendships that hastily and most ferociously enter your life and just as quick as they came, they are gone. But, nonetheless, a mess is left in its wake.  To spare you the details of the horrid friendships that happened in my life, which thankfully only happened […]

Celebrating Motherhood with SodaStream: Watermelon Orange Grapefruit MOMosas & Empowerment! #BubblesMyWay

Celebrating Motherhood with SodaStream. And I feel empowered. Motherhood is a gift, plain and simple, it is. Through my experiences, I have learned to appreciate the journey deeply and immensely and I thank God for this blessing. I really, really do. But, I am grateful for it because I am a Mom to two amazing […]

SkinPro Elite Serum Rx: Defend. Protect and Rejuvenate Your Skin! It’s an Anti-Aging Breakthrough! #beauty

SkinPro Elite Serum Rx. Plastic and Cosmetics surgeons say that it is an anti-aging breakthrough! Well, if that doesn’t say TONS about what this product is offering, it also helps to find out that SkinPro Elite Serum Rx is FDA registered, Doctor  recommended and Pharmacist tested. I usually opt for a more holistic way of […]

Get Ready to Shop: And Say I Love You, Mom with Shoppers Drug Mart! Plus You Can Earn Up to 20x Shoppers Optimum Points! #CelebrateMom

Say, I Love You with Shoppers Drug Mart! Mothers are special. Whether you are a mom yourself or you treasure the very special lady that brought you into this world, you can agree that they deserve to be celebrated! Sometimes we know EXACTLY what to get them or what to ask for and sometimes, well, […]

Kranich’s Jewelers: My Sparkling Wish List, Hubby Take Note!

Kranich’s Jewelers. The place where many a girl’s dreams come true. Well, they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. While I know there are so many other things that can make a lady happy besides diamonds. A lot of things that are not of material kind but, any girl would love to receive a […]

Top 3 Reasons You Should Consider Cloth Diapering. #ClothDiapers

Cloth diapers are making a come-back as an economical, environmental, and healthy alternative to disposable diapers. Today’s cloth diapers come with features like super-absorbent linings, Velcro or snaps for easy fastening, and more waterproof covers. They are as convenient to use as disposables, but can save you money while also saving your baby’s bottom and […]

Wordless/Wordful Wednesday: Merry Christmas! Wishing you all the Joy, Hope and Wonder of Christmas! #WW

Merry Christmas! Well, Christmas came early this year and last week the girls enjoyed Christmas the week before since we are doing some travelling. They both got one BIG gift and several little ones but, Christmas was low-key yet, memorable as always! Gabby got a few DVD’s, tons of lip glosses, electric tooth brush and […]

Bright Futures Start Early: Enter the Playtex Babies R Us Contest for a Chance to Win a $2,500 RESP!

<iframe id=”508eea4e161df” name=”508eea4e161df” src=”http://ox-d.sheblogsmedia.com/w/1.0/afr?auid=309806&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” width=”1″ height=”1″><a href=”http://ox-d.sheblogsmedia.com/w/1.0/rc?cs=508eea4e161df&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE” ><img src=”http://ox-d.sheblogsmedia.com/w/1.0/ai?auid=309806&cs=508eea4e161df&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE” border=”0″ alt=””></a></iframe> Motherhood. There really isn’t a handbook and especially if you are expecting your first child, the anticipation alone can be overwhelming. Though there is no handbook, there are many resources that you can find when you are entering the world of motherhood. […]

Nurturing is a Learned Behavior: Who Inspires You? #InspireCare

There is no handbook for being a mother. I believe that all women have a natural instinct to protect but, that in itself can be something completely different when it comes to protecting AND nurturing. I don’t know if many of you know my story, I guess it’s not typically one shares and when you […]

Dove Movement for Self Esteem: Hablemos! Dove Wants to Get the Conversation Started, Our Girls are Listening. #DoveInspired

Beautiful.  Did you know that only 11 percent of girls (ages 10-17)  are comfortable using the word beautiful to describe themselves? And that 72% of girls feel immense pressure to be beautiful that 60 percent of girls GLOBALLY (age 15 to 17) avoid normal daily activities such as attending school, going to the doctor, or even giving […]

Baby Gift Guide Event: Noodle and Boo Baby Shower in a Box Gift Set! ARV $165. (US)

It’s a Noodle & Boo Gift Set! Here is another great giveaway from the Baby Gift Guide Event! This is one just for my US friends but, I do hope that you have enjoyed all the US/CAN giveaways! You can find them all over on my giveaway page, here. What’s Noodle & Boo? Noodle & […]

Baby Gift Guide Event: Win a Beyond Bedding Crib Set by JoJo’s Designs! ARV $321.99 (US/CAN)

Beyond Bedding is beyond GORGEOUS! Well, here’s another great giveaway for both my Canadian and US friends! A Beyond Bedding Baby Crib Set from JoJo Designs! This gorgeous crib set is the perfect color, it’s stylish, girly and trendy! The purple goes perfect with the cherry wood too and can be matched with all colors […]

Baby Gift Guide Event: One Step Ahead, KidCo Go-Pod Portable Activity Center! #babygifts

The KidCo Go-Pod Portable Activity Center Keeps You One Step Ahead! I may not have a teeny baby like this anymore but, boy would this have been super useful! I am familiar with KidCo and their products and I have to say that I love them! This is just the first of giveaways from the […]

#BackToSchool Event: Listen Safely and Win 1 of 2 ETY•Kids5 Earphones!

ETY•Kids5 Earphones Rock! Literally. Or at least they play rockin’ tunes on your kid’s iPod or MP3 players! Here’s another great giveaway to help your child unwind at home and have some quiet time with the busy school bustle and listen to their favorite tunes. Did you know that these awesome earphones are a PTPA winner, […]