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Lincoln & Maverick Rocked the Nutram Optimum Transition Challenge! #NutramOTC

We Rocked the Nutram Optimum Transition Challenge!  As many of you know, we have taken the Nutram Optimum Transition Challenge! We are happy to report that Lincoln and Maverick rocked it and have fully transitioned into their way to better health. They were able to do so by using a formula that worked for them. In fact, […]

7 Must-Have Stocking Stuffers from Be Delectable and Hard Candy Holiday Collections! Give the Gift of Fabulous!

Must-Have Stocking Stuffers. The holidays are a time for giving and one of my favorite things to do on Christmas morning was always to run down the stairs and check our stocking to see what knick knacks or sweets were found inside. Times have changed, I’ve gotten a lot older but, I still love to find […]

Bernardin Home Canning: Organic Strawberry and Blueberry Jam Sweetened with Stevia. #recipe

Bernardin Home Canning. If you are like me, the thought of canning is something you’ve always wanted to do and while it sounds amazing, it can be a bit scary too. Especially if you’ve never canned like me. But, I learned that all of my fears and apprehensions about canning at home were completely unfounded. […]

Burnbrae Farms: Learning About Eggs, Chickens and Nutrition. Taking a Tour of Burnbrae Farms & Changing My Perspective. #BBFarmTour

Learning About Eggs. Last week, the very hospitable Hudson family invited a group of 12 bloggers and myself to visit their family farm and to learn all about eggs. My experience at Burnbrae Farms was absolutely amazing. It really opened my eyes to the way I’ve always thought the egg industry to be and how, as a consumer, have […]

Take Part in the Pure Via Sweet Life Twitter Challenge! #PVSweet

Pure Via Sweet Life Twitter Challenge! Join In! Who doesn’t love a taste of sweetness? Whether it’s a kind gesture from a stranger, a loving message from a friend, or a delicious treat. While I love a kind gesture, I happen to love a tasty treat. To celebrate the sweet things in life, Pure Via™ Stevia […]

Cook More, Save More with Whole Foods Market: Mama Milagro’s Chunky Cream of Potato Soup & Chicken Pita Value Meal! #recipe

Cook More, Save More with Whole Foods. Sounds good to me. Well, I love eating wholesome meals and fueling my two girls’ little bodies. But, I also love a bargain. We do most of our shopping at Whole Foods Market, they always have weekly coupons to save money while eating whole foods. With the busy […]

LittleEcoFootprint: Unboxing May’s Mother’s Day Box, It Will Help You Relax, Indulge and Celebrate YOU, You Deserve It!

With LittleEcoFootPrint… The Month of May was all about YOU. Yes, you, the mother’ that make it all possible. LittleEcoFootprint sure treated all Mommies to a most excellent and special Baby Box for Mother’s Day! It was very thoughtful and big ups to all the box sponsors and LEF of course! Indulge and Relax. With […]

Take Control with PGX Daily: @PGXDailyLife Helps Keep Your Appetite Under Control and Promotes Healthy Weight Loss and Management!

Take Control with PGX Daily! When I was offered to take part in a testing of PGX for a period of 2 months, I was more than happy to participate and give it a whirl. My weight has always fluctuated and I have always had a good handle on what foods to eat and what […]

LittleEcoFootprint: Unboxing the April Baby Box, Full of Natural and Organic Goodies for Baby & Yummy Treats for Mom!

LittleEcoFootprint and The April Baby Box! This month’s box was with no doubt, filled with goodies as always! It was super exciting to receive lots of things for myself and Mimi, of course! I am always amazed by the value you get from this baby box subscription because you get a lot of bang for […]

LittleEcoFootprint March Box: Unboxing the @LittleEcoFoot March Box and Revealing Tons of Goodies for Little Ones!

The LittleEcoFootprint March Box! Happy Easter from LittleEcoFootprint with another home run! This box had great products from Boské Kids, Buncha Farmers, Carré Jaune, Crayon Rocks, ecojot, First Foods Organics and John Masters Organics. Michaela was super stoked with the box this month as there was tons for her to enjoy. [dividers style=”1″] Let’s Get Into It! [dividers […]

LittleEcoFootprint: Unveiling the February Baby Love Box–It’s Fun, Organic, Natural and Eco-Friendly!

LittleEcoFootprint February Baby Love Box is Awesome! If you read back in January, where I shared that a great company, LittleEcoFootprint, was set to launch in February and guess what? The day has come! What is LittleEcoFootprint? LittleEcoFootprint is a monthly subscription box for mom and baby (newborn to 3 years), delivered to your door […]

Buying Local: The Ontario Table

Buying Local: The Ontario Table The Ontario Table is not only a cookbook by Lynn Ogryzlo but an account of a two-year journey of Lynn and her husband Jon, through our great province. From Windsor to Niagara Falls Ontario to Ottawa, the couple trekked through the valleys and fields of our region while researching homegrown […]

Earth’s Own Almond Fresh Moist Banana Bread Recipe!

Almond Fresh Moist Banana Bread Recipe! One of the many things that I love doing is baking and since I love doing it pretty often, I like to find healthy ways to make our favorites! We are an almond milk drinking family, if you look in our fridge, you will find vanilla, chocolate and unsweetened almond […]

LittleEcoFootPrint: Discovering and Trying New & Safe Eco-Friendly Products for You and Baby Each Month!

Be SAFE with LittleEcoFootprint! Once you become a mom or a parent, you realize the dangers of the world all around you. From everyday dangers that we are all surrounded by, down to ones that you may not be aware of until you have children. Ones that are as simple as the toys and products […]

My Skin Routine: How to Have Clear and Fresh Skin All Year Long with Neutrogena! #FreshSkin

Cold weather and Fresh Skin? Yes, it’s possible! Autumn and winter are the busiest months in our household, from birthdays, anniversaries and the holidays–it’s hectic! I’ve been blessed with skin that is pretty clear and requires little to no maintenance, I find the less I use the better. Usually, I keep my skin fresh and […]