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Take Part in the Pure Via Sweet Life Twitter Challenge! #PVSweet

Pure Via Sweet Life Twitter Challenge! Join In! Who doesn’t love a taste of sweetness? Whether it’s a kind gesture from a stranger, a loving message from a friend, or a delicious treat. While I love a kind gesture, I happen to love a tasty treat. To celebrate the sweet things in life, Pure Via™ Stevia […]

LittleEcoFootprint: Unboxing the April Baby Box, Full of Natural and Organic Goodies for Baby & Yummy Treats for Mom!

LittleEcoFootprint and The April Baby Box! This month’s box was with no doubt, filled with goodies as always! It was super exciting to receive lots of things for myself and Mimi, of course! I am always amazed by the value you get from this baby box subscription because you get a lot of bang for […]

LittleEcoFootprint: Unveiling the February Baby Love Box–It’s Fun, Organic, Natural and Eco-Friendly!

LittleEcoFootprint February Baby Love Box is Awesome! If you read back in January, where I shared that a great company, LittleEcoFootprint, was set to launch in February and guess what? The day has come! What is LittleEcoFootprint? LittleEcoFootprint is a monthly subscription box for mom and baby (newborn to 3 years), delivered to your door […]

Buying Local: The Ontario Table

Buying Local: The Ontario Table The Ontario Table is not only a cookbook by Lynn Ogryzlo but an account of a two-year journey of Lynn and her husband Jon, through our great province. From Windsor to Niagara Falls Ontario to Ottawa, the couple trekked through the valleys and fields of our region while researching homegrown […]

Earth’s Own Almond Fresh Moist Banana Bread Recipe!

Almond Fresh Moist Banana Bread Recipe! One of the many things that I love doing is baking and since I love doing it pretty often, I like to find healthy ways to make our favorites! We are an almond milk drinking family, if you look in our fridge, you will find vanilla, chocolate and unsweetened almond […]

LittleEcoFootPrint: Discovering and Trying New & Safe Eco-Friendly Products for You and Baby Each Month!

Be SAFE with LittleEcoFootprint! Once you become a mom or a parent, you realize the dangers of the world all around you. From everyday dangers that we are all surrounded by, down to ones that you may not be aware of until you have children. Ones that are as simple as the toys and products […]

My Skin Routine: How to Have Clear and Fresh Skin All Year Long with Neutrogena! #FreshSkin

Cold weather and Fresh Skin? Yes, it’s possible! Autumn and winter are the busiest months in our household, from birthdays, anniversaries and the holidays–it’s hectic! I’ve been blessed with skin that is pretty clear and requires little to no maintenance, I find the less I use the better. Usually, I keep my skin fresh and […]

Baby Keba Clothing: Green, 100% Organic and Born to Hug! #HolidayGiftGuide

Born to Hug! Baby Keba’s 100% Organic Pima Cotton products are absolutely divine. If you aren’t familiar with this brand, you should be! This company was born from Makeba Gies and her dream to design baby clothing and accessories that are durable yet incredibly ultra soft to the touch. She set out to create a collection of  year-round […]

Get the Perfect Pout: No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner Giveaway! (CAN)

Want gorgeous, fuller and complete control over your lips? Then No Bleeding Lips Secret Liner is for you! In the next few days I will be reviewing this product but, I wanted to give you guys a head start on winning one of these for yourself! The amazing people of Loose Button is providing this […]

Organic Summer Blueberry Crumble Pie Recipe!

Nothing says summer like Blueberry Crumble Pie! Especially when they are in peak season and you picked them yourself! This past weekend we all went blueberry picking and made a delicious pie that is organic but, definitely save this one for special occasions and treats. People often think that when something is organic, it means that it’s […]

Fish Oil Ain’t So Bad Thanks to Ascenta NutraSea KIDS and NutraSea HP!

Fish oil has never been one of my favorite supplements. Well, to take. It’s definitely something I make part of my regimen because of the immense benefits that Omega 3’s possess, especially in brain function. In fact, as a child I remember running for the hills and hiding under my bed or in the bathtub […]

Weleda Invites You to Share a Special Moment with Your Little One…

  Have you heard of Weleda? Well, it’s a company that has been around for over 90 years and founded by a doctor along with a group of scientists and other physicians. They believed that a person should look at his or her body, mind and spirit as intrinsically linked to our world; all part of […]

Dads Deserve to Be Healthy: Gym Bag Full of Adult Essentials Giveaway!

My Hubby rocks! He’s a Super Dad and even super heroes need a little boost, right? The men in our lives deserve to be as healthy as they can be and Adult Essentials can help them do that! What man doesn’t love a good tasting gummy every once in a while, after all, many men […]

Healthy Organic, Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes! #recipe

Healthy Chocolate Cupcakes. Yes, you read that right. Chocolate deliciousness that is healthy for you. I made these cupcakes with the hopes of having a favorite dessert that is packed with nutrition and that my daughters would enjoy. One that isn’t full of empty calories, sugar, high fructose corn syrup and who knows what else! […]

Celebrate #VictoriaDay with #CANsnack Beanitos & Wholly Guacamole!

Warm weather is upon us! Even though the weather has been up and down and warm weather has eluded us, it seems that it’s getting warmer. At least we have a lot of warm days ahead of us and Victoria Day pretty much kicks off our summer-long BBQ’s and get togethers. You know what that […]