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Bernardin Home Canning: Organic Strawberry and Blueberry Jam Sweetened with Stevia. #recipe

Bernardin Home Canning. If you are like me, the thought of canning is something you’ve always wanted to do and while it sounds amazing, it can be a bit scary too. Especially if you’ve never canned like me. But, I learned that all of my fears and apprehensions about canning at home were completely unfounded. […]

Cook More, Save More with Whole Foods Market: Mama Milagro’s Chunky Cream of Potato Soup & Chicken Pita Value Meal! #recipe

Cook More, Save More with Whole Foods. Sounds good to me. Well, I love eating wholesome meals and fueling my two girls’ little bodies. But, I also love a bargain. We do most of our shopping at Whole Foods Market, they always have weekly coupons to save money while eating whole foods. With the busy […]

Squishy Snak Paks: Helping You Make and Store Delicious, Healthy and Organic Snacks That are Good to Go! #recipes

Squishy Snak Paks Rock! Both of my girls are huge fans of fruits, give them any fruit and they absolutely fall head over heels for them. Any time of the day. Now veggies on the other hand, they eat and enjoy but, not as much as the fruits of course. My daughters both enjoy the […]

Earth’s Own Almond Fresh Moist Banana Bread Recipe!

Almond Fresh Moist Banana Bread Recipe! One of the many things that I love doing is baking and since I love doing it pretty often, I like to find healthy ways to make our favorites! We are an almond milk drinking family, if you look in our fridge, you will find vanilla, chocolate and unsweetened almond […]

Organic & Natural Strawberry Delight Recipe. #CBias

We were on a mission. This past weekend Hubby, the girls, my Pops and I set off to Walmart. I had the #EqualCanada opportunity to shop for Equal, a sugar alternative and what better time to get a sweetener than when I owed my sister dessert? We went to the sweetener aisle and searched high […]

Baby’s First Organic Birthday Cake Recipe. #recipe

We spend the entire first year of our baby’s life doing what we think is best for them nutritionally. Make sure they take vitamin supplements if they need them, breastfeed or provide formula for nourishment and when the time comes we make organic babyfood so that they have clean food in their bodies. Whatever options […]