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Why French Bulldogs Are the Perfect Breed for Our Family.

6 Reasons Why We Chose and Love Our French Bulldogs. I have always been a dog person. There’s something about their expressive eyes, the way they tilt their heads when you talk to them and the way they absolutely adore you. As a child I only had two dogs and none as an adult. We […]

Lincoln & Maverick Rocked the Nutram Optimum Transition Challenge! #NutramOTC

We Rocked the Nutram Optimum Transition Challenge!  As many of you know, we have taken the Nutram Optimum Transition Challenge! We are happy to report that Lincoln and Maverick rocked it and have fully transitioned into their way to better health. They were able to do so by using a formula that worked for them. In fact, […]

We Are Taking the Nutram Optimum Transition Challenge with Lincoln & Maverick! #NutramOTC

The Nutram Optimum Transition Challenge! Our dogs are part of the family. With that said, just as I want my kids and husband to always be healthy, I want our fur babies to be at their best too. That means choosing food and products that are quality and good for them. Which is the very reasons why […]

Officially Welcoming a New Member to Our Family. Meet Maverick the French Bulldog. #12PrintsProject

Welcoming a New Member to Our Family. In August, we decided to adopt an older brother for our little Lincoln. We are huge fans of French Bulldogs and when we saw Maverick, we fell in love. He’s a 5 year-old pure-bred French Bulldog stud and he actually has a litter on the way. Our family […]

Itchy Pet, See Your Vet! Seasonal Allergies in Pets, It’s Totally a Thing! #ItchyPetSeeYourVet

Itchy Pet, See Your Vet! Yes, folks. It is allergy season and I can tell you this for certain since I have dry eyes, sniffly nose and a whole lotta sneezing! With all the dust, pollen, grass, mold, dander and ragweed invading our air, it’s no surprise that not only humans are affected, so are pets! […]

The Grand Hotel & Suites Toronto: Experience Luxury, Elegance and a Feel of Home in Downtown Toronto. #travel

The Grand Hotel & Suites. Pure elegance with a touch of home. This March, we had the chance to take in Toronto and be guests in the Garden District of The Grand Hotel & Suites. I’ll be honest, I’ve heard great things about the hotel and I was very anxious and excited to stay. Driving up […]

February PetBox: Spoil Your Furbabies in the Month of Love & Year-Round! #PetBox

February PetBox. Yes, February is the month of love and though you should spoil your fur baby every month, show them EXTRA love this month. Why not? Well, I am happy to announce that Lincoln and I are PetBox’s newest Brand Ambassadors and we will be unboxing a PetBox each month and letting you all […]

Unboxing the January PetBox: Natural Products, Fun Toys and Personalized Goodies! #PetBox

January PetBox. Healthy treats, accessories and toys? Count us in! If you’ve followed along on my social media outlets, you’ll know that I am a brand new Mom to a fur baby boy, Lincoln. He’s a brindle French Bulldog and has completed our little family. With that said, he is spoiled and loved by all […]

Sponsored: NEW Misfits Dog Treats Are Here! Feed the FUNNY! #pets

New Misfits Dog Treats Are Here. Treats that your furry friend will absolutely ADORE. Doggies are man’s best friend, with that said–one of the things they specialize in is making you laugh. Does your fur baby do amazing tricks, chase his own tail and bring you the newspaper? Well, just like us, our dogs deserve […]