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Ontario Needs #BirthCentres Now

Guest Post from Rebecca regular contributor on  Little Miss Kate I have been so fortunate in my life to have been under the care of some truly wonderful midwives. So, when I saw their recent campaign to get birthing centres in Ontario for Ontario families, I knew that I wanted to support them the same […]

Infant Ear Piercing: My Daughter Takes Her Earrings Off!

Infant Ear Piercing. It continues to be a topic of high debate amongst moms. I fully understand that placing your child in pain deliberately is absolutely the last thing any mother willingly wants to do. But, for those moms who choose to pierce their daughter’s ears, they just may run into a few snags along […]

Infant Ear Piercing: 7 Helpful Aftercare Tips.

A Baby with Pierced Ears? Oh My! I love the mixed opinions that I receive when I’m out in public and random people stop and gush at a little baby, my little Mimi. They go on and say really nice things and I reciprocate with a polite thank-you and a genuine smile of appreciation and then sometimes, […]