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SELF & Smartfood: The Top 10 SMARTest Cities Are Named! Find Out How to Eat Smarter This Summer With These Yummy Recipes!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Eat SMART. Chef Jody Denton, Executive Research Chef at Frito-Lay’s Culinary Innovation Center has named the Top 10 SMARTest cities in the US. What does SMART stand for? Well, each letter stands for a specific area of focus: Savvy, Motivated, Accomplished, Responsible and Thoughtful. The Top 10 SMARTest cities ranked by Smartfood and SELF magazine […]

CityPASS San Francisco: The Aquarium of the Bay, Touch, Feel and Explore the Creatures That Live Under the Bay! #CityPASS

The Aquarium of the Bay. Yeah, it’s all kinds of spectacular. So spectacular in fact, that hadn’t my Hubby slowly guided me out, I would have been there until closing time. You see, I am very afraid of getting into deep water but, I am deeply fascinated with the animals that call the ocean their […]

CityPASS San Francisco: Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise is Exciting, Thrilling and Informative! #CityPASS #SanFrancisco

Cruise the Bay in a Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise Ship! As soon as we were able to take the streets of San Francisco and after all the business was done, it was time to play! You know how much we trust and love CityPASS and we couldn’t wait to get started! We decided […]

Kikk-ing It Up with Kikkoman in San Francisco: Meeting the Soy Sauce Guru, Chef Helen Roberts and Learning New Cooking Alternatives That Blew Me Away! #KikkomanSabor

Kikk-ing Up the Flavor in Life! Kikkoman does that. This past week, I was able to travel to San Francisco to meet Chef Helen Roberts and the Kikkoman team. You may remember that Chef Helen selected my recipe that was created using Kikkoman sauces and this past week I was given the opportunity to go […]

CityPASS San Francisco: Rich Culture, Fun and Romance for One LOW Price! #CityPASS #SanFrancisco

CityPASS is amazing. It is also why I left my heart in San Francisco. Cliche? I know but, really, in 5 days my husband and I were able to take in a city full of rich culture and heritage, romance and diversity. The CityPASS is a booklet that is offered for Toronto, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Houston, […]