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Netflix Canada: King Julien New Year’s Eve Countdown Plus Watch All Hail King Julien, the NEW Series! #StreamTeam

All Hail King Julien! Last week, we pre-screened the first five episodes of All Hail King Julien, a totally original, totally hilarious and totally insane new series on Netflix! It premiered on December 19th and let me tell you, it is absolutely HILARIOUS! You may recognize King Julien, a favorite character from the Madagascar franchise. In […]

Netflix Canada: Laughter is the Best Medicine and November is The Month for Comic Relief. #StreamTeam

Laughter is the Best Medicine. November’s is the month to let loose. This month, I have a list to provide you and your family with comic relief when you need it the most – as cold and flu season hits. And it has been bad! There’s nothing more comforting for a kid when they’re not feeling well, […]

Netflix Canada: October is A Mysterious Month, Check Out These Halloween Titles! #StreamTeam

October is A Mysterious Month. Is it not? What better time that diving deep into mysterious things, take for example, some mysterious Netflix titles? There’s nothing like getting your family playing detective or solving a riddle! Following clues and discovering answers is a great way for kids to learn, taking a potentially boring subject and making […]

Netflix Canada: Getting Back to Basics for Back to School Season w/ Fun Titles. #StreamTeam

Back to Basics. We are well into the school season, we even had our very first PA Day this Friday. Both my girls have gotten ready for another year of pencils and books, it’s a good time for kids starting or returning to school to brush up on some basic skills. While the summer months […]

Netflix Canada: Holding On to The Dog Days of Summer and Checking Off Our Summer Bucket List. #StreamTeam

The Dog Days of Summer. We are holding on tight. August is the perfect time to do all of the things on your summer bucket list that you haven’t gotten around to yet, whether it’s camping, cottaging, hiking, or taking a road trip. We have been busy playing tourist in our own city and exploring […]

Netflix Canada: Watch These Great Made in Canada Shows & Embrace Canadiana, Eh? #StreamTeam

Made In Canada Shows. On Netflix? Yes, please! I don’t know about you but, all month-long I have been celebrating our great country. With patio dinners, summer evening walks, days at the beach and binge-watching shows on Netflix that were either filmed in, take place in or created in Canada. If you’re wondering, we even […]

Netflix Canada: Orange is The New Black and ME Time. #StreamTeam

Orange is The New Black. Yes folks, it’s back. And back with conviction. While our favorite shows may be on hiatus, Netflix has us covered with a selection of titles to get us through the summer months. And yes, that includes all-new episodes of one of my favorite Netflix originals – Orange Is the New Black Season 2 launched June […]

Throwback Thursday and Netflix: Find Old School Favorites on Netflix NOW! #StreamTeam #TBT

Throwback Thursday and Netflix. Yes, it’s a match made in heaven in my books. I am guilty of taking part in #TBT since I think it’s a healthy thing to look back, reflect and even LAUGH at yourself sometimes. I often post pictures to my Instagram of when my eldest was a little baby or […]

Earth Day 2014: 5 Tips for A Greener World & Learning Through Netflix. #StreamTeam

Earth Day  2014. For me, taking care of the planet that my kids live in is of utmost importance. After all, we all share this world. My family and I try to live eco-friendly lives by making small changes and decisions DAILY. It’s vital to teach our children not only the beauty of the world […]

Netflix Turbo FAST: Join the Turbo FAST Action Stunt Team with NEW Episodes & Enter to WIN a 6-Month Netflix Subscription & Prize Pack! #StreamTeam

Netflix Turbo FAST. If you all know about Turbo, you know that his tale is action-packed and filled with hilarious antics. The characters part of Turbo’s Stunt Team are out of this world funny and always jumping into a new adventure. Not to be outdone, Turbo and the team are revving their engines for all […]