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Why You Need a Nest Thermostat to Save Money All Year! #tech

Why You Need a Nest Thermostat to Save Money All Year Round! I absolutely love my Nest Thermostat because it helps me to be eco-friendly and save money on my monthly utility bill too.   I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first pulled my Nest Thermostat out of the package because I thought […]

Why the Powerful & Portable LG P5 Bluetooth Speaker with MusicFlow is Everything + Giveaway! #tech

The LG P5 Bluetooth Speaker with MusicFlow is Everything! Music is a part of my everyday life. Something as natural and essential as drinking my morning cup of coffee, lighting a scented candle and writing. It is something that I must have and it’s non-negotiable. Not only can it alter moods, it transports you, it […]

Glide Effortlessly & Up Your Outdoor Play Game with Showcase’s Gravity Blade Hoverboard! #tech

The Gravity Blade Hoverboard. I think we all have been obsessed with the futuristic idea of gliding through the streets on a hoverboard since we saw Marty McFly do it, right? I know that I have certainly been obsessed. While the hoverboard that is available to us right now still has wheels, we’ll take it. […]

Break Free from the Cord & Clean Effortlessly w/ the Dyson V8 Absolute! #DysonClean

Break Free from the Cord with the Dyson V8 Absolute! Let’s talk about how many living and breathing people are in my home. We have two kids, two frenchies, my husband and me. With all of us under one roof, our house can get quite dirty quickly. I needed a tool that would help me […]

Enjoy Wireless Freedom with Stylish Vasa BLÅ Headphones from Sudio Sweden! #tech

Wireless Freedom with Stylish Vasa BLÅ Headphones! Music is something that is part of my everyday routine. I don’t think there has been a single day that I haven’t listened to or sang along to music in my 32 years on this planet of ours. Music is life. It can help you through the hardest times […]

The mydlink® Wi-Fi HD Day/Night Network Camera from D-Link: Monitor Your Home without Monthly Fees + Giveaway! #tech

The mydlink® Wi-Fi HD Day/Night Network Camera from D-Link! Home security is something that is of utmost importance in our lives. After all, we all work hard for our possessions but, when it is all said and done, it is personal safety that is much more valuable and irreplaceable. A home is not only made […]

Find Affordable Tech and Gadgets on Groupon Goods.

Find Affordable Tech and Gadgets on Groupon Goods! My daughter is highly-active and loves to train for track and field all-year long. That means she spends a lot of time on the track, treadmill and running around at the park. She is a busy body and absolutely loves to move. Along with that, she thinks […]

Charge Your iPhone with a NOMAD Horween Leather Charging Slim Wallet. #tech

The NOMAD Horween Leather Charging Slim Wallet. Yes, it’s totally a thing. Just as the name states, it’s a gorgeous wallet made with quality Horween leather and it is an Apple certified charger. That means that no matter where you go, you will possess the power to recharge your devices and that power is now […]

Add Style to Your Home Decor & Protect Your Devices w/ Mobile Fun! #tech

Bring Style & Mobile Fun Into Your Home. When it comes to technology, I’ve always liked functionality and aesthetic. It has to have a certain style but, most importantly–it needs to work. In our home, I like having pretty things but, I love having great technology and accessories that make life better. Who says you can’t […]

Have Peace of Mind with the Arlo Wire-Free Security System by NETGEAR. #tech

Peace of Mind with NETGEAR Arlo Wire-Free Security System. Knowing that your family is safe is the best feeling in the world. It’s even better when you can actually see any potential danger or theft that can occur when you aren’t looking. With the NETGEAR Arlo security cameras, you can do just that from just […]

The BB-8 by Sphero: The Droid You’ve Been Looking For! #tech

The BB-8 by Sphero. We are huge Star Wars fans in our house and for years (decades) we have watched the magic of Star Wars on the big screen, at home and in our imaginations. Luckily, Sphero has kept us fans in mind and with their advancements in technology, they have made it possible to […]

Creating DIY Decor & Showcasing Memories + Free PRINTABLES! #HPTreatsMoms

Creating DIY Decor! I am absolutely obsessed with everything shabby chic, frilly and pretty when it comes to home decor. Not to mention, I take a lot of photographs and I do not often get to display them. When I get some free time, I love to create decor using just my HP Pavillion x360 […]

7 Ways to Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day + Giveaway! #HPTreatsMoms

Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day. Some say that being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world, though what most fail to mention is that it is one of the most rewarding. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, work outside of the home or a little bit of both–there’s no denying that […]

Do You Have a Smart Home? Technology is Helping Canadians Live an Easier & More Sustainable Life. #TeamTELUS

Live a More Sustainable Life. Do you have a smart home? Lessening our carbon footprint as a family is something that is very important to us. We practice reducing, reusing and recycling and try do our best everyday in and out of our home. I am passionate about taking care of our planet and I […]

Take the Perfect Selfie with LuMee Smartphone Case + Giveaway! #tech

LuMee Smartphone Case. Ever wonder how celebrities always manage to get the perfect selfie? Well dahling, I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s all about the lighting, the angle and now–the right phone case!  Enter LuMee, a phone case that has changed the selfie game. It was created by a professional photographer after being […]