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Do You Have a Smart Home? Technology is Helping Canadians Live an Easier & More Sustainable Life. #TeamTELUS

Live a More Sustainable Life. Do you have a smart home? Lessening our carbon footprint as a family is something that is very important to us. We practice reducing, reusing and recycling and try do our best everyday in and out of our home. I am passionate about taking care of our planet and I […]

Youth Will Stand Up Against Cyberbullying with YOUR Help. #TeamTELUS

Cyberbullying. Today’s youths have a much larger and more prevalent social issue to deal with than we did growing up. Even though bullying has always existed; with the digital age being all that the new generations know, it’s a breeding ground for another more serious form of bullying–cyberbullying.  Having two girls growing up in a […]

4 Tips to Get Active & Move Towards Health! #MoveToHealthy

Tips to Get Active! I think it has been many years since I’ve made a resolution in the beginning of a new year. I think goals should be made regularly and when you accomplish those, keep moving forward towards maintaining them or embarking on new ones.  But, for those who do make yearly resolutions, it’s […]

Unplug for the Holidays Because Sometimes, the Best Present is Being Present. #HolidayMode

Get Into Holiday Mode.  We live in a digital world and we are more connected virtually than ever before. If you know me, you know that I love ALL technology and there is never a gadget that I don’t want to try! Life is even busier during the holidays, in fact, it’s the busiest that […]

Companies Who Get It Right Are Refreshing. Isn’t It Time to Expect More? #TeamTELUS

Companies Who Get It Right.  Great customer service starts from the ground up. Many of you know that I am a big fan of TELUS. They are a company that is completely captivated with improving customer service every day. You can learn more about TELUS and how they are putting customers first at www.telus.com/expectmore. Not all […]

Is My Child Ready for a Cell Phone? #tips

Is My Child Ready for a Cell Phone? Odds are if you are here, you’re looking for answers, reassurance or maybe another Mom’s opinion. Well, back to school season is a busy season as it is but, it is also a leading time where your kids will certainly be asking “Can I have a cell phone?” It […]

After All These Years, We’re Making It Official. I’m Excited to Be a TELUS Advocate. #TeamTELUS

We’ve Made It Official. I’m so happy to announce that I’ve been asked to join the TELUS team. The #TeamTELUS team of advocates along with 14 other influencers across Canada. Many of you know that I am definitely a huge fan of TELUS as well as a very satisfied consumer first. Most importantly, one thing […]

TELUS US Easy Roam™: $7 a Day to Cross-Border Talk, Text and Browse! #travel #TeamTELUS

It’s Finally Here! TELUS US Easy Roam! Like many of you  may know, I am a border city girl and since I am literally a bridge away from another country, I play there often. In fact, I consider the US my second home because of how often I go over and how much I did […]

Mobile CyberCrime is On the Rise: Here’s Some Tips to #BeAppSafe!

CyberCrime is On the Rise! Smartphones are a part of our every day lives. In fact, most of us use them to do everything. That goes for paying bills, transferring funds and shopping–literally everything! In some cases critical to our jobs, apps can access and use an incredible amount of our personal information–without our knowledge […]

The TELUS FitBit Challenge: Hitting 2nd Place & Working Towards My Goal to Continue the Momentum Towards Better Health. #EveryStepCounts

The TELUS FitBit Challenge. Wearable technology that tracks your fitness. Not to mention, it screens your calls and in my opinion, a completely and totally awesome feature. I never thought that a piece of technology would motivate me to get up and get moving. I believe there are a lot of factors that have contributed […]

TELUS, Free the Children and We365 App: Inspiring Youth to Use Their Phones for Good and Change the World Every Day! #We365

We365 App. It changes lives. Through TELUS’ partnership with Free The Children, they are helping to inspire and build a community of young leaders dedicated to making the world a better place. Since 2007, TELUS and their team members have provided more than $12 million in support of Free The Children, including their support of […]

We Day Waterloo 2014: Every Young Person Has the Power to Change the World. #WeDay #ChangeIsInYourHands

We Day Waterloo 2014. Inspiring. Every young person can make a change and anyone who has the desire can make a change. We Day works hard and supports this potential by educating today’s students about the greatest local and global issues of our time.  What is We Day? Youth coming together to make the world a better […]

TELUS Device Care and Device Care Premium: Protect Your Phone and Have Peace of Mind for Only $6/Month. #tech

TELUS Device Care. Because, well, we all need peace of mind. Especially when it comes to our phones, they are our lifelines and if for some reason something happens to them, it can really have an impact on our daily lives. I don’t know about you but, I use my phone everyday to check, read […]

TELUS Travel Passes: Helping You STAY Connected, Wherever You May Roam. #travel

TELUS Travel Passes. They rock. Recently, I traveled to Miami, Florida for BlogHer Food ’14. It is a social media and influencer conference and it revolves around one primary component, food. Now, with that said, you better believe that the name of the game is to enjoy it, photograph it, write about and SHARE about […]

Ten Tips for Traveling Smart with Your Smartphone from @TELUS. #tech

Ten Tips for Traveling Smart with Your Smartphone. The Polar Vortex has hit us hard and our winter has been harsher than ever. With March Break coming up, what better time to pack your suitcases and head down South to get away from the bitter cold. Simply because there is nothing like warm temperatures, white […]