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Wishing You All a Blessed and Happy New Year! #HappyNewYear

Happy New Year! Greetings from sunny Florida! I want to thank-you all for your continued readership, friendship and support. This New Year’s Eve is very much special since Hubby and I are recommitting ourselves to one another and we are doing it in the most magical place on Earth tonight, Disney. It’s something that is beyond my […]

World Breastfeeding Week 2012: Don’t Give Up!

World Breastfeeding Week kicked off yesterday! Although I am not breastfeeding and I won’t have this blessing again, they are moments in my life that I will never, ever forget. It is never easy getting started and it’s even harder if you are struggling and having a hard time with it. What most ladies don’t know is […]

Happy Mother’s Day 2012!

Being a mom is hard work. No one ever said it would be easy but, it is really the best job in the world. I am truly blessed to be here to celebrate another Mother’s Day with my girls and my Hubby. Even more so blessed to be here every single day to see them […]

Happy 8th Birthday Peanut.

This day is special. It marks the day that I became a mother 8 years ago to a most beautiful, caring and patient little girl. So, if it’s okay with you guys, I’m going to gush about her today in this post. What she’s accomplished is amazing, she’s a brilliant artist who draws beautifully. She […]

Sisterly Love is Like No Other.

Sisterly Love! It’s those days when you truly see the love between sisters. Happiness. Laughter and bonding. You just need to capture them and treasure them. I took these today with my iPhone before our trip out to run errands. They were both having a blast running around with one another. Gabs was trying on […]

Guys, We’re Getting Hitched…

Again! Well, over the holidays and during my Birthday getaway–Hubby took me to “our spot”, got down on one knee and asked me to renew our commitment to one another and this time do it the way we wanted. No expenses spared. He even got me another ring! I was blindsided and totally not expecting it. He […]

Wordy/Wordless Wednesday! Back to School Edition.

Wordy/Wordless Wednesday! Back to School Edition. This has been a very trying week but, with lots of help, I’ve been able to slow down, take it easy and begin my road to recovery. My girls are such a large part of that, seeing them together brings tears to my eyes. I think that it just […]

Happy 1st Birthday Fatty Girl!

Happy 1st Birthday Fatty Girl! From the very first day that Dara and I decided to even talk about having another baby, I was more than euphoric of the idea of holding another baby in my arms. To be able to nurse and nurture another little life and to witness life enfold to a baby […]

Happy 7th Birthday My Peanut!

Happy 7th Birthday! I am in awe of the compassion, kindness, abundant love, understanding, forgiveness and euphoric joy and light that my little girl possesses. Seven years ago today, an angel entered my life. Gabriella Soriya Polanco. She has put purpose into my life, she is what drew patience and maternal instincts I never knew […]


Inked. I’m planning to do a lot of things this year and one that most people would never expect is to finish getting inked. I know. It’s a stigma. I’m tattooed but, I’m not a criminal, gang member, prostitute or a sailor (that one makes me laugh) and no, I didn’t get them done by […]

An Open Letter to My BFFL.

An Open Letter to My BFFL. I want to thank-you for being THE most amazing man on this earth. For enduring pregnancy, from running out to the store or cooking me all that I craved, to massaging my sore feet and most of all putting up with all the preggo hormones. From rubbing my tummy […]

Another Blessed Thanksgiving!

Another Blessed Thanksgiving. Every year we are thankful for all our blessings and we drink good wine, eat delicious food to our heart’s content and we enjoy the company of our loved ones. My daily motto is that we are all too blessed to be stressed. Simple as that. I’m thankful to have good health, […]

Autumn Bliss.

Autumn Bliss. It’s amazing what time can do for a person, how much it can really change them and how circumstances can really shape and mold a person’s present. Fall is in the air, the cool breeze has set in and the crispness of the air brings back that nostalgic aroma of all of Autumn’s […]


Mommyhood. Everyday I’m reminded that parenthood is no easy task. As well as everyday I learn something new. We are given the responsibility to raise little people and aside from the work it takes to get them here, raising them is a feat in itself. It starts when you begin to plan to bring a […]

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! Tomorrow is Father’s Day and what do I give the most amazing, caring husband and father? He says he doesn’t want a thing and doesn’t expect it. But, just because we are young doesn’t mean that we don’t work just as hard as any other parent. I think most times even harder. So, […]