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16 Tips for Traveling with Baby for the First Time.

Sponsored by hydraSense®. To make sure hydraSense® products are right for you, always read and follow the label. Tips for Traveling with Baby. Traveling and seeing the world does not have to stop when you have a baby. In fact, you can still travel with wee ones, it just takes a bit more planning. Right […]

5 Top Family AND Adult-Friendly All-Inclusive Resorts! #travel

Top Family AND Adult-Friendly All-Inclusive Resorts! Planning a family vacation (as much as it is exciting), can be a little difficult. Aside from finding a great resort that’ll keep little ones entertained, it’s also worthwhile to find a property that caters to adults as well. After all, it is OUR vacation too! I was beyond […]

Start Checking Off Your Summer Bucketlist with Breakaway Experiences + Giveaway! #travel

Breakway Experiences! Summer is in full force and along with the sun and blue skies, everyone craves a little adventure. The best part is that there’s fun right in your city and beyond! One thing we love to do every summer is create a summer bucket list. One for us as a couple and another […]

8 Things to Do in Las Vegas on St. Patrick’s Day! #travel

Things to Do in Vegas on St. Patrick’s Day! St. Patrick’s Day is the one day that you try your luck of the Irish, even if you aren’t. Naturally, one of the best places to celebrate is Las Vegas. You may know it as Sin City and as one of the top destinations for shopping, […]

First Aid Kit Preparedness for March Break & Beyond!

First Aid Kit Preparedness for March Break and Beyond! If you’re heading out and going abroad this March Break, being prepared is absolutely essential. Moms don’t usually get a break during vacations and that’s why it is always good to plan ahead and anticipate any bumps you may face on the road. By doing so, you’ll […]

4 Tips to Help You Travel with the Low Canadian Dollar. #travel

Travel with the Low Canadian Dollar. Having a bad case of wanderlust and being Canadian isn’t easy right now. The Canadian dollar has plummeted which means that we are pay up to 30% more for things, that includes travel. But, just like me, Canadians are still showing a keen interest for travel in 2016.  In […]

Top Three Scuba Diving Destinations In The World! #travel

Top 3 Scuba Destinations in the World! Whether you’re a novice who’s never tried diving or if you’re a serial diver, it’s hard to deny that scuba diving is an incredible experience. For swimmers and nature lovers, it offers a whole new immersive experience to your standard splashing about. While tourists love the opportunity to see […]

Why You Need to Spend Your Money on Experiences, Not Things. #travel

Why You Need to Spend Money on Experiences. Not things. A lot of people are in constant pursuit of happiness. While it is true that money can make you happy, it does not really make you happier. While it may make things easier, it all comes down on how we spend our hard-earned money. After a […]

Fantastic Tricks to Make Traveling Cheaper. #travel

Make Traveling Cheaper. Why not see the world? For many of us, traveling is just a distant dream that not all of us can afford. But there also is some ways how you can make traveling a lot cheaper without spending too much time or effort trying to do that! Intrigued? I hope so! Below, […]

Have Peace of Mind and Travel Safe with Allianz Travel Insurance. #travel

Travel Safe with Allianz Travel Insurance. Many of you may know that our family has the wanderlust bug, we want to travel as much as we can. For example, we want to see new places, experience new things and food and learn all about culture along the way. This often means that we step out of […]

16 Tasty and Fascinating Things to Do in New Brunswick! #travel

16 Fascinating Things to Do in New Brunswick. Earlier this month Gabby and I had the pleasure of visiting New Brunswick. Along with a group of Canadian influencers, we jumped in a car and road-tripped through New Brunswick. From Moncton, New Brunswick to Saint John and mostly everywhere in between. Along the way, not only […]

TELUS US Easy Roam™: $7 a Day to Cross-Border Talk, Text and Browse! #travel #TeamTELUS

It’s Finally Here! TELUS US Easy Roam! Like many of you  may know, I am a border city girl and since I am literally a bridge away from another country, I play there often. In fact, I consider the US my second home because of how often I go over and how much I did […]