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5 Minute Make-Up Looks from Marcelle & A Fabulous Marcelle Giveaway for 2 Lucky Winners! ARV $160 Each! #MarcelleMoms

5 Minute Make-Up Looks from Marcelle. Whether you like dramatic looks or you opt for a perfectly natural look, you have to admit, make-up kinda rocks. I may not wear make-up as much as I used to and having two kids, my make-up routine has changed a lot. While I still enjoy going all out […]

Selena Gomez Nicole by OPI Holiday Gift Sets: Get Ready for Very Merry Holiday Looks! #naildesign

Selena Gomez Nicole by OPI Holiday Gift Sets. Can you say fabulous? We had the opportunity to test out the gift sets from Selena Gomez and Nicole by OPI, we were just a bit excited. The colors are deep and rich and we could totally picture rockin’ the holidays with these shades. Each gift set […]

How To Make a TOMS Clutch Purse: Repurpose Your TOMS Shoes Flags with Style! #DIY

How To Make a TOMS Clutch Purse. It is really quite simple. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t sew frequently and isn’t much of a crafty person. The only thing I have going for me is my love for the planet and my obsession with TOMS. That and I have quite a few […]

Despicable Me 2 Minion Nails: Assemble an Army of 10 Minions in 3 Easy Steps! #naildesign

Despicable Me 2 Minion Nails! In 3 Easy Steps! My niece was my muse and inspiration for this look but, to be honest who doesn’t love the Minions? The movie was super hilarious and I love how the focus was largely on the minions, it’s their turn to shine. I think what makes this look […]

Nail Tutorial: OPI’s Euro Centrale & Modern Family Tape Mani! #tutorial

Be Retro Yet Fabulously Modern with This Tape Mani! I am happy to share that Whispered Inspirations has an official nail artist, Susana, who will be sharing swatches, looks and tutorials for all of you to be inspired! She achieved this particular look by using OPI’s Suzi’s Hungary Again from the Euro Centrale Collection, Stand […]

Nail Art Tutorial: Be Regal. How-To Make a Marble Nail Design! #NailArt

Be Regal. This is a super easy and quick design that anyone can do. It also doesn’t require any fancy tools to make this regal and royal inspired design. My dear sister is quite the nail artist and has shared this nail art tutorial for all my readers! You can check out tons of her […]

Looking for Halloween Crafts for Your Ghosts & Ghouls? Make These Silly Rockets Jack O’Lantern Halloween Treats! #DIY

Rockets Halloween Candy Rocks! That’s right folks, you know when you see Rockets Candy in stores and simply pick up the bag, you can smell that delicious and most nostalgic smell through the bag. Well, when you do that, you know Halloween is right around the corner! Fun fact: Did you know that in the […]

Hard Candy Cosmetics: A Review & Quick Make-up Look!

I adore make-up! I have to admit, as of late, I don’t have the time I used to have to do my make-up. Though I have no qualms about leaving the house without make-up, there’s days that I want to wear it for myself and to feel good! I have always been a Hard Candy […]