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Breaking Egg Myths Without Cracking the Egg + Twitter Party Alert! #EggMyths

Breaking Egg Myths. Eggs have always been a staple in our home. We use them to bake, for breakfast and as a snack. It’s amazing how much we rely on eggs on a daily basis in our home. Before I really knew a lot about eggs and before I toured Burnbrae Farms, I always believed only […]

Join Us For Tips On How to Teach Your Kids About Money at the #FinanciallyFit Twitter Chat on November 17th!

Teach Your Kids About Money. The sooner you teach a child about the value of a dollar and what it takes to earn it, the better. Growing up, I wish I had known a lot more about money and now that I have kids of my own, I try to teach them that sometimes you […]

TWITTER CHAT ALERT: Join Us at the #InsuranceThatFits Twitter Chat on August 24th!

#InsuranceThatFits. I am a firm believer that you should spend money on experiences, making memories and not things. But, with that said, while we love to travel and living life to the fullest, we do have possessions that we’ve acquired over the years through hard work and through our travels that we truly cherish.  They […]

RSVP for the Carefree Hacks Twitter Party & Make Life Easy & Be Entered to WIN Prizes! #CarefreeContest

Carefree Hacks Twitter Party! It’s coming! Let’s be honest, life is hard enough as it is. If we can find ways to make things incredibly more easy, why not? For me, getting the perfect winged eyeliner can be a bit tricky. But,  I learned a way that will give you the perfect wing, every time. You’ll […]

It’s The Great Canadian Blog Bash Twitter Party: Come Celebrate With Us and We Are Giving Away Almost $800 in All-Canadian Prizes! #TGCBB

The Great Canadian Blog Bash Twitter Party is Here! We usually kick-off the The Great Canadian Blog Bash with a BANG and throw an opening Twitter Party! This year we decided to close the event with a party that will start your summer the right way! We have had awesome sponsors step up for our […]

Twitter Party ALERT: Kikk Up the Flavor with Kikkoman. $700 in PRIZES & A Night of International Cuisine & Cooking Alternatives! #KikkomanSabor

Kikk Up the Flavor with Kikkoman! This Thursday on April 25th, 2013 at 9PM EST/6PM PST, we will be talking International Cuisine and how to use Kikkoman to liven up any meal! Special guest, Chef Helen Roberts will be in attendance to chat and discuss recipes, cooking alternatives and so much more! [animated_button align=”center” animation=”pulse” color=”orange” […]

Monopoly Live Like a Millionaire: Be the #First2AMillion with @ShesConnected’s Twitter Party!

Who Doesn’t Want to Live Like a Millionaire? Even if it’s pretend, it’s always cool! Now you can with Monopoly Live Like a Millionaire board game! Well, Monopoly has to be hands down one of my favorite games growing up and I cannot wait to play this game with my girls. . In the MONOPOLY Millionaire […]

Another @ShesConnected FABULOUS #SCCTO Twitter Party! Packed with INFO & Prizes!

It’s Party Time… Again and every last Tuesday of the month until November 27th! Be sure to join us and the rest of the ShesConnected Team while we chat, meet with brands and have a great time! And as any ShesConnected Twitter party, you can always expect the goodies and prizes! I can’t believe that […]