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My Family

My Family


This is my dear husband Darasak. He is definitely my biggest pillar of support. Aside from my family, he is my best friend and shares the joys of parenting alongside with me. We are holding down our fort in Ontario right now and enjoying every minute we spend as a family. We both share a passion for travel and we are always looking forward to our next vacation. He loves cars, technology, Instagram and food.  He helps me cover all of these topics on this site and you’ll see him throughout Whispered Inspirations.

My Family

Gabriella AKA Gabs, Peanut, Gabby & PeanPean

She is the feisty, intelligent, guitar lovin’, dance movin’  maven. Our bright bookworm! She keeps me on my toes and always puts a smile on my face. This little girl is the kindest spirit you will ever meet, patient and caring. She is a budding blogger herself and you can find her on Always Gabby. She loves to travel and giving a kid’s perspective on her journeys, products and services, recipes and much more. She was selected in a nationwide search to be a Kidcationer which she considers to be the coolest job ever.

My Family

Michaela AKA Mimi, Jelly Bean & BeanBean, Fatty Girl-  She is what I consider, my little genius. She’s a non-stop talkin”, walkin’ and fun-lovin’ toddler. She loves to dance and sing and is mama’s little spitfire. She’s feisty and keeps us all very busy. She’s her own little person and has a larger than life personality.

And this is it for our little family, we are complete.

Thanks for Coming!

Thank-you for visiting us and for allowing us to be a part of your day, we appreciate your continued readership and respect of all things shared on this blog. I am happy to share the joys, the ups and downs and the amazing things about being a family with you. Please do not hesitate to drop me a line, I always answer. I love meeting new people and love chatting!

Don’t be shy!

Til then, cheers m’deres!


About Nancy Polanco

Nancy Polanco is a doting mom to 2 girls and a proud wife. She is a freelance multimedia Journalist that is passionate about breastfeeding, living green and reviewing products that are family friendly! Author of Whispered Inspirations and contributor to many publications.

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