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Antarctica: Planning the Trip of a Lifetime!

Two penguins are pictured standing together on an iceberg. This article covers Antarctica.

Antarctica: Planning the Trip of a Lifetime

No matter if you are an explorer or a casual traveler, there’s a good chance you’ve always wanted to visit Antarctica and spend time among the penguin colonies.

It is the most challenging, most interesting, and most memorable vacations you will ever experience. Here are a few tips to make your journey even more rewarding.

Experience Antarctica To the Fullest

We, humans, are constantly looking for new things to see and interpret, and our hunger for knowing the world is never really fulfilled.

You might anticipate a lot of things and make guesses about this icy wonderland, but the actual experience is going to be nothing but visceral.

It is important that you let yourself experience Antarctica. You must get down on the land, feel snow under your feet, hold ice in your hands and let the air fill your nostrils.

The pleasure that you will derive from this experience cannot be substituted by anything else in the world.

Free Yourself of Preconceived Notions

Visit Antarctica as you are going on a blind date. It would be great if you do not pour yourself into pictures of Antarctica and build up expectations based on other people’s experiences.

Experience the continent in a fresh, unadulterated vision and fill your heart with awe.

Be Physically Prepared

Sailing to Antarctica demands physical strength as this expedition will test your body. The fitter you are, the freer you’ll find yourself to appreciate the breathtaking experience.

If you feel you are not very fit physically, you should train your body months before you leave for Antarctica.

Yoga, Pilates, and strength training will help you improve balance, enhance confidence and give a boost to your stamina.

If training isn’t possible, you should try to make active choices in your day-to-day life. Things as small as taking the stairs instead of the elevator will make a difference.

Take Care of Your Digestion

The journey to Antarctica would involve long flights, a sudden shift of diet, and the need to acclimatize yourself on the flight. All these things might wreak havoc on your digestive tract. Taking daily fiber supplements should take care of your digestion.

Brace Yourself for the Weather

The temperature usually hovers around zero degrees during summer, but it can drop lower too. Focusing only on the cold and layering yourself up with clothes isn’t the solution. Overdressing can make you sweat, which in turn will make you cold due to moisture.

Avoid Falling Sick

Avoiding sickness on a trip can be tricky and requires vigilance on your part. Hand sanitizer should be your constant companion and you should be careful at the buffet. Even the smallest act of carelessness can land you in trouble.

Respect Nature

The creatures that you witness in Antarctica are trying to survive in the harshest climates and it’s your responsibility to be respectful when you are in their space.

You should maintain silence, stay off penguin highways, and not edge too close to the seals to take photographs. This will make you an environment-friendly visitor. You never know, it could bring you good karma!

Control Your Inner Photographer

Taking photographs is an incredible way to understand a place and preserve its memories.

But getting obsessed and clicking too many photographs will keep you from experiencing the wonders of this region. You should spend time getting to know Antarctica before you start capturing it.

Get Up Early 

The summer solstice happens in the month of December when there are just a few hours between sunset and sunrise, and the continent is a well-lit spectacle for the rest of the time.

While it’s marvelous to look at throughout the day, dusk and dawn are the finest hours to experience. Therefore, set a super early alarm and get up on time for the sunrise.

Spend Time on Land 

The usual time on the shore is generally never more than 90 minutes at any location. You should take up kayaking, photography, or snowshoeing workshops to give yourself more time on the land. It will give you an opportunity to really connect with Antarctica.

Traveling to Antarctica is once in a lifetime experience. However, it goes without saying that, like all travel, this region comes with certain risks. Acclimatizing to sudden climate change can be difficult sometimes. To ensure that your trip to Antarctica is stress-free, and you protect your investment, and yourself, you need to buy a travel insurance online policy.

Choosing the right travel insurance policy for your trip isn’t nearly as glamorous as choosing which flight or cruise ship you will take, but, it is just as important.

Be Prepared

This travel insurance online policy will cover you for accidents, sickness, emergency evacuation, loss of baggage and belongings, as well as other alterations to your pre-booked travel plans.

When traveling to this remote destination, there will be many things that are outside your control, and when you buy a travel insurance-only policy, you will be covered against such unforeseen events.

Having this insurance coverage will provide you with peace of mind and set you off to explore the icy wonders of this incredible continent.

Have you ever been to Antarctica?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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